Monday, November 14, 2011

Fulfilling life !

Leisure is basically relaxation -doing our own thing -things which we like . Leisure is like a paid holiday ! In these stressed times,we pine for relaxation.

I have a washing machine,a microwave ,a mixer grinder ,a computer ,etc -many gadgets to make life easy for me.Out of these ,the washing machine is arguably the best as it has made me independent of my maid for washing clothes.I can put on the machine at my convenience.I can also wash ,towels,curtains,woollens, bedsheets- in fact, all types of  fabrics-thick & thin.Moreover ,the machine wrings the clothes so dry, that it just takes a few hours to be completely dry.Earlier ,the clothes would be dripping water all over the house & one could sense a monsoon session in progress ! In our matchbox size flats,this is a pre -essential !

With the assistance of Surf Excel Matic,my washing problems have decreased many times over.I have to just rub it on the stain ,grease mark etc  & put it in the washing machine.After the washing cycle is over ,I have to strain  my eyes for the fabric which had got  stained ! This also means, that now ,I have more time at my command than before.I have more time to unwind.I save money as I can wash stained clothes at home instead of giving the clothes to the laundry.

There are lots of things that I do in these extra hours that have become available .I am a book lover .I love reading.I have plenty of books & also keep adding to my bookshelves.I read books many times to relax & recharge.They widen my viewpoint & also add new perspectives.I love reading thrillers,humour,politics etc.

I watch reruns of shows on the idiot box if I have missed my favourite ones.I  also chat with my chums on the net .I have started blogging too & that also needs that I continue reading a lot.Blogging has its rewards & how ! I am a participant, in this Surf Excel Matic contest wherein I have to list out things which  I would do if I had two extra hours in a day !

I am in this contest to win prizes & get famous ! Also ,I make it a point to read blog posts of other contestants & promote their posts so that they in turn, promote mine ! I may not win .Still, this ensures that people, visit my blog.This in itself, is great, in this age, when it is difficult to command attention even for a few seconds ! All this reading on the net keeps me up to date !

My leisure has made me seek avenues to improve myself.One of this has been my improved cooking.From a reluctant cook to an innovative one,I have travelled far ! I even have a blog wherein, I note down my recipes with snaps of the dish ! I now  find time to pray & draw rangolis which I click & put on to my blog.My Deepavali rangolis turned out pretty well & got compliments !

Since my housework has eased ,I recently applied for a home based job opportunity.I  was initially skeptical about my sincerity.I felt, that after a long gap from work,I may be unable to do justice & that too from home.I have proved myself wrong ! I am thrilled to be working & I continue to add new tasks for myself.

Like yesterday evening only,I attended a meditation session.I got a CD there & I practised it in the morning.This will relax me further & make me more productive. I plan to continue my meditation to recharge myself on daily basis ! All said & done ,extra hours for me has improved & rejuvenated me ! I am happy now with my self .

All this has been possible,  because of the many gadgets that I have & products like Surf Excel Matic ! I am sure ,many can find a renewed zest for life once they are able to relax & enjoy life ! Then life will be like child's play ! We must have the inclination,then obviously ,we will find  the time for our passions,hobbies,ideas etal.This would make life truly fulfilling !

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