Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Go the green way ....Pratsmusings......

I am the secret elf, to review Pratsmusings. Such  a wonderful blog it is ! The byline sums up her funda of life " Stay Green .Be Happy ! "

Her blog is nicely divided into four categories :Lifestyle,DIY,Kids & tots & For home.She is a stay at home blogger with two hyper twins who are boys ! She is  on a mission, as her blog gives fine details about going organic.

Image copy pasted from Pratsmusings.

Pratibha G is gung ho about organic & green living.In Lifestyle ,she blogs about de cluttering which is a boon in these times as we have such small flats.We must recycle so that we waste not  & want not. Her de cluttering ideas have been featured in Deccan Chronicle.

She has  Whimsical Wednesdays wherein she posted pictures clicked by her ! And it is obvious that she has an eye for what makes for a superb click !

Her DIY ideas are so simple & easy that they can be tried by all.She writes about everyday common ingredients like honey,cinnamon.I love them both & Pratmusings enlightened me on how both these simple things can  heal my acne,help me detoxify ,add aglow to my skin & so much more !

She does brand reviews as well .Her reviews are frank & useful.She informs in her blog ,that she found a particular product too much aromatic & some products which she uses again & again.These are really useful tips.She endorses after a detailed research & usage.This is so positive & so thoughtful of her !

She blogs about organic clothing for children ,immunity in kids, etal. The knowledge, she shares is invaluable to parents as we all are too pressed for time & yet want to give the very best to our generation next !

She has some great ideas about gifting for festivals,arranging  our homes & many more ...simple & easy steps to have neat & tidy surroundings !

And the best thing is, that everything she writes is,  about going green ...going back to nature ! I am sure, many have benefited from  her blog .And many like me, who have discovered her blog recently, will continue to gain, from her ideas !

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