Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Secret .

Nandita was worried.She had to visit Chennai in the May heat.Last time around ,the May heat & humidity in Chennai had tanned her skin & acne had broken all over her face.There were blackheads to contend with too.It had taken months for her skin to get back to normal.Nandita knew that she will have to go to Chennai no matter what happened.After all ,this was a family wedding.She sighed.

She started preparations .She sorted out her clothes & the kids wardrobe as well.Her hubby also started his own packing.She gathered other things like the camera,the mobile charger,essential medicines etal. Her hubby had  booked the tickets earlier.

Nandita wanted to look her best at the wedding.Her husband jokingly remarked,"The bride is somebody else."She wanted  her facial done.She loved facials.Her face & back got a much needed massage & her face felt refreshed.She had got her hair colored with mehndi.It had given her hair a brownish red tinge which she loved.Nandita went to her favourite beauty parlour to get her facial done.There she met Kyra ,the new beautician.She looked stunning with a radiant skin which glowed .Kyra used to travel to work from quite far.She looked fresh.Nandita asked her,'How do you manage to look so fresh after travelling to work ?" Kyra smiled ,"I will tell you a secret-I use Lakme Sun Expert Fairness lotion with SPF 50+++.It makes me stay fresh all day long even  outside, under the harsh Sun."Nandita was not the one, to be easily convinced.She told that her skin was very oily & the sunscreen lotions had never worked for her.In fact ,these lotions had made it worse.Her skin would appear to be so greasy that she had sworn off all lotions,creams etal.Kyra assured her that Lakme Sun Expert UV Fairness lotion was non greasy - in fact, it contained extracts of cool cucumbers & lemongrass to pamper skin.Nandita brought the lotion & tried it the very next day, just to see if it was all that, it promised .

Nandita was amazed that it was absorbed so fast by her skin.She needed a miniscule amount to spread on her face & neck.She stepped out to make her last minute purchases.When she returned,she rushed to the mirror to see if she looked the same as she had when she left home.Nandita was surprised.Her face did not look greasy at all.She felt fresh even after being under the sun for two to three hours.

Nandita packed her Lakme Sun Expert UV Fairness lotion for her Chennai trip.She applied it relegiously daily after bath throughout her outing.At the wedding ,all were looking at her.They complimented on her skin which glowed.Some teased her & asked if there was some good news.Finally ,she blurted out the Secret.The Secret of applying Lakme Sun Expert UV Fairness lotion.They found it hard to believe, that it was so simple & the results were so fantabulous !

After the wedding ,she  accompanied her family to many outings in & around Chennai .They travelled to Ooty,Cominbatore ,etal.She was always armed with Lakme Sun Expert fairness UV lotion .She enjoyed all her outings like never before ! Even though the temperature at Ooty & Coimbatore ,Chennai were miles apart,her skin never showed it. Finally ,it was time to return.When she was back ,she realised that she looked more radiant, than when she had left home ! There was no acne & no tanning.Her skin texture had smoothened & it was evenly toned ! It was simply fabulous ! She smiled - she had found a companion for life - the  Lakme Sun expert Fairness UV lotion.In fact ,Nandita had decided to consult Kyra on other beauty products from Lakme.Since her skin was being  so wonderfully protected by Lakme Sun Expert Fairness UV lotion , she was sure lipsticks, foundation, kajal,nail polishes by Lakme would also suit her !

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Net mania on the mobile !


I am hooked to the net, like others.I chat ,share & browse the net for hours together.It is an addiction, so bad ,that when I am away from the net ,I feel disconnected .In other words,I am having withdrawal symptoms !

I have fun on the net- I am sharing information with my friends & like minded people.I get news, the moment, it gets made -the net is so fast ! This is, what is, so exciting ! Moreover,I can chat with with my friends on skype,google talk ,facebook etal -even my friends who are abroad ! Distances have melted & the world wide web is there, in our own homes - in fact , in  our rooms !

I used to worry about my being disconnected when I would travel from home.Now with the vodaphone service ,that is no longer true. I can continue my chat with my friends & keep then updated & get them envious about all the fun, that I am having as I travel.I can even pay my pending bills,recharge my mobile on the go ! I can listen to music & upload photos of places which I visit.Then sharing them on the net is just an app away ! This is Life !

The Vodaphone dog is so loyal & helpful -always there for us: Main hoon na ! It assures us, that it is there always-willing & ready to help us get on, in this net savvy world !

The numerous apps keep me in touch with the world wide web .The alarm on my phone wakes me up.Reminder notes help me greet my friends & dear ones on birthdays & anniversaries.Reminders also assist me in functioning better.I can read reviews of movies & books on the phone .This helps me decide which ones are worth my time.Then another app & my movie tickets are booked !

My kid loves the games on my phone & is always fiddling with it.I love reading & can read so much.Moreover, as net & the mobile get connected,I can share what I read, with others ! The exchange of ideas makes our lives so worthwhile !

I have even got some interesting offers on the net through my cell ! Now ,that is what I call Paisa vasool !  Where ever we are in the real world,we can access the world just by pressing a few buttons & sometimes ,just a button ! The cell has made us all Super Humans vide the net !

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