Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roti,parathas,puris & all

I finally bade goodbye to my maid -the one who has been making rotis for us.She was in communicative for being absent & off late, had been flaunting her absence as her license.My daughter needs rotis for her school dabba & hence,I am at a loss early in the mornings, if ,I have to whip up anything for my fussy kid .This, after endlessly waiting for the servant is just too much.

This was a bold decision by my standard-bidding adieu to the bai that is.Now,I had to begin making chapatis & I did start but with what results ! The dough would be done in a jiffy but the rotis would take tremendous efforts.But the efforts never showed up -I mean,the rotis were hard & tough to bite into.Then,I remembered, that the grocer had given me Punjabi atta -something ,I am not used to.I keep forgetting that I am not used to any atta -actually, not used to any roti making.Anyway, the causes of the hard rotis had been identified.This was a necessity, as I was sure ,that I was not responsible for them turning out that way.

Next day,I made the atta & then waited for it to soak the water for more than an hour before I embarked on this task.But again,it was a disaster- I used an aluminium tawa & it had got worn out & the rotis got unevenly baked.If the vessels are so bad,how can anybody make good rotis ? I took this also in my stride -you should applaud my positive attitude but, then my family has slowly turned very negative about my chapatti making adventures.My daughter, who devours chapatis mornings,noons & nights avoids them like never before.My dad made encouraging remarks for some days but, eventually, gave up as he was unable to express his appreciation, sorry, apprehension of eating them ! My hubby tried to act very considerate & told me,"Why take the trouble -keep another bai."Actually,he meant,"Why are you troubling all of us-please spare us this ordeal -of eating your rotis."I refused to hear through his pleas & continued with my attempts.

Next,I thought, that maybe, parathas, will be easier & ventured into that.They turned out to be fairly better but I have this problem of over sweaty hands & so ended up using a lot of atta to expand the paratha size .Obviously,the parathas were either too dry or when I had applied oil generously ,too greasy.But you should know that sweaty palms are a real problem for a housewife & if you don't,then better learn from my case study.I also tried making paneer parathas but had to give up as the smoke filled house alarmed the family.They were petrified, that, my paratha making had gone so haywire that the whole house was on fire ! Really, with your own people being so non-cooperative,how can anybody ever learn to cook parathas,rotis etc ?

My mother suggested, that I should try making puris but you see, I am too health conscious to try such greasy dishes.I am the ideal daughter,sister, wife & mother who will make only light dishes-cholesterol free for the family .But,I am not averse to consuming puris myself, so lovingly prepared by others as I am against showing attitude.Never mind, that puris are high in bad cholesterol but, then, the trick is in moderation in eating,isn't it ?

Moreover,I have these nightmares of toppling the frying pan brimming with oil on the boil et al. And ,I opined that, if, I tried frying puris,there could be a daylight disaster which my family may not survive.So,I went back to making rotis -of course, I am still learning.My family is still trying hard-harder than me -to cope up with eating them.Thankfully,oral health week is being celebrated now & my family made a beeline for the same.You see, for biting into such rotis,it is advisable, that their teeth as also their jaws are in strong shape.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Letter writing.

Recently,I read in a magazine about letters written by Siddarth Shanker Ray to late Indira Gandhi & as I read the article ,I got. nostalgic.I recall, that, as a child,I used to write regularly to my aunt & later, to her sons as they were both younger than me.But slowly & surely,this all just died a natural death.Partly,because my uncle would not have a girl teaching his boys anything, no matter, even if, she was a cousin sister & also because,I had got busy with college.

I also used to write letters to my friend who had gone away to another town & I continued penning letters while, I was in hostel.I used to pen emotional letters, when I got married ,pining for my parents as I realised , that a job & housework was a very tedious combination, especially, after marriage.

I have read quite a few books which are only a collection of letters-from the Mahatma to Rajkumari Amrut Kaur,Nehru's letters to Indira,etal.Reading those letters transfers one to a bygone era-they are so very simple & emotional.One does get spellbound when one goes through correspondence of that age.In the modern times,I have read a book by Shobha De titled " Speed Post " .It is a collection of letters addressed by her to her children -natural as also   adopted about various topics.I liked the empathy & the sensitivity of the book very much.

Letter writing is a forgotten art today.What with emails,cell phones,chatting,etal,nobody writes or receives letters.Except,perhaps, for business letters related to work.There was a play which had made quite an impact as it was about letters lovingly exchanged between two persons over a long period of time. It was enacted by two great actors & even the director was famous.

Now,even, I do not write letters as I am on the net most of the times & chatting is so easy & personal.Moreover,talking on the net is free in some instances & voices do sound sweet in this lonely world.Moreover,one can keep the video on & see the person.But still,something is missing.

Recently,my daughter had a homework in which she had to answer questions about the cost of a postcard,an inland letter & a postal envelope.I was in a fix-I have not used any postal stationery since ages.So,I asked my Dad & she got her answers.

I do write letters occasionally -whilst sending rakhis by courier but then the letter is an accompaniment to the rakhi.I do send personal emails through the net but these are becoming very rare as days pass by.

I remember, that I would be eagerly awaiting letters in those days gone by.Things have changed but maybe not so much.Now,I enthusiastically keep checking for forwards in my mailbox.

Friday, October 23, 2009


The election results were known by many if not all.The saffron brigade was unable to project any viable alternative & another part of them ( read MNS) was just waiting to divide the saffron vote bank- never mind that this was what was needed for the Congress-NCP win in Maharashtra.Now,one, has to not delve too deep to find out as to whether MNS is a paid ally of the Congress,NCP or is just playing along.

So,we are in for another term of misgovernance -not that any other party is bad at it but then Congress is excellent at this job- after all practice makes one perfect ! Really,has the ruling party combine been up to any good ? Farmers continue to commit suicide,prices are spiraling upwards into the space now ,crimes are increasing,& so on.Our woes continue unabated- then,why did people vote for this ? Maybe, because of TINA ( there is no alternative).

Maybe, there is another reason- the EVMs.The electronic Voting machines have been dubbed by some as Electronic Victory Machines- for the Congress, that is.But for these EVMs,Congress would never have made a comeback.It appears that, at some polling booths-yes, this is as per eyewitness accounts- any button pressed on the EVMs means votes registered for the Congress ! Such a nice set up-this is.That's why,there is so much support for EVMs by the Congress.The Congress has publicized that EVMs are tamper proof. BJP & others have staunchly opposed this by saying that EVMs can be tampered with ( but as they are still learning to do the same ),they have cried foul !

Come to think of it,EVMs manipulated to make a particular party win at an election is the ultimate fraud or scam ! Isn't it ? This is even bigger, than bogus voting,booth capturing etal.For once,it is so subtle that one hardly notices it & proof is hard to come by.Voters are not needed at all.Anybody -even a candidadate can press a button & the party wins by absolute majority ! EVMs were preferred as in a large democracy like ours,the number of voters & obviously votes was too staggering for counting.But the manner in which EVMs are being tampered with to ensure gain for a party is the mockery of democracy !

The election commission should step in & check this for, in the finality,it is the responsibility of the Election Commission that elections are free & fair.EVMs are a challenge to the authority of the commission if they are being misused as alleged.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Office wife ? !

This blog post was published in Hindustan Times Cafe - in their column WEGOTMAIL on 1st April,2010.

I was on the job after the induction training of three months.I was naive to office gossip.Very soon,I started hearing a word -"office wife".I had no clue what it meant.Moreover,I was next to the Branch Manager,in hierarchy & hence,all staff kept me at a safe distance.

In the set up that existed,there were two persons who were in charge of upkeep of  office records.Both were  kaamchor.So,all had to help themselves when it came to looking for records.In fact,the two people mismanaging the records was taking a toll on all .

Sometimes,we had to take the help of one or the other of the two for a document.This would lead to more problems.The sought person would make us beg & the other one would sulk.So,all of us were on constant tenterhooks -appeasing them no end ! But all our efforts had had no effect in keeping the office records up to date or for that matter,the office ambiance.

One of the record keepers was very close to the office boss.He would go & report to the boss everything that was said outside the boss's cabin.He would also add his own tit bits to make it more spicy. He felt, that he was answerable to the boss only & nobody else.So ,every time, we needed any records,we had to get it from him but via the boss as the particular record keeper swore by the proper channel.As he was boss's chamcha , all in office had nicknamed him as the "office wife " of the boss.

The office wife was seen constantly rubbing a fairness cream onto his face to get that promised fair complexion.When he was free from this exercise at getting that advertised complexion, he would be on the phone to Head Office -urging & pleading with union leaders for a transfer to join his wife in another town.The telephone bills were stupendous but as nobody wanted to earn the wrath of the Boss vide his office wife,all kept mum.The boss kept the office wife in good humor, as in return,he was getting updated on all the office gossip.So, it was a mutually beneficial relationship.

Finally,the office wife got his desired transfer & we were all relieved.Coincidentally, very soon,the boss was also transferred to a branch in a neighboring suburb !

Now,if the boss was a lady, her yes man or woman, would be aptly called "Office hubby."Isn't it ?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spartan living.

My father has been getting a pension which has suddenly been given a handsome raise -in fact,he remarks, that he is getting more pension than his salary.He could never have imagined in his wildest dreams that he would be drawing such a sum as this.

But his habits are as thrifty as ever.He travels by public transport though he is more open to travelling by autos & taxis on my mom's insistence now.He still goes to nearby places by walking or what he calls by bus number 11 that is by his own two legs ! He goes & buys his clothing at sales only - & that too only those pieces which are on maximum discounts.

Not only that,he makes it a point to quiz us on our mode of transport-public or private.If it is private,then,we are in for a long lecture on how he has failed to instil any spartan values in us despite the best of his efforts.Even if we have used public transport,he is ready with tips on alternate routes which will save time as also money.He has never accepted that we are grown up & have kids of our own !

He will give directions to the auto or taxi driver on the shortest route & if the driver ignores that then,we all are in for a big argument at the time of paying the fare.We have told my dad that this is embarrassing but he believes, that, such drivers are taking us for ride & with persons as gullible as ourselves,their tribe is on the rise.

My dad has taken up to fruits in a big way & insists that we should also partake of them.His persistence makes all this feel like nagging us but he continues.He opines that we should not neglect our health like he did.He also states that we are giving our kids all the wrong foods like bread,biscuits,burgers etal though this is all only once in a while.

He has got an expensive watch now at the age of seventy five & proudly shows it off.He is quite lean but is thankfully able to take the weight of the savvy wristwatch.

Like him,we also live frugally but cannot match up to him.I feel this may be due to the fact that we feel,we can spend as we are earning more than what my dad did & also because money is losing its value so rapidly.How much so ever,we may save today-it will have hardly any value tomorrow-so we would rather spend it today.My mom has another take - she feels, that parents should spend most of the money-if they leave fortunes for their offsprings-the offspring will just wste it away & never learn to earn!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fussing over brinjal !

I am unable to understand this fuss over the brinjal- BT. BRINJAL.

Brinjal is a vegetable that I loathe & hence, genetically modified or not,doesn't bother me one bit even.I find brinjal very tasteless.Yes,I had tasted it while ,I was a kid & can't recall any thing very pleasant .So, I eventually gave it up.

I find that the brinjal is a very mushy vegetable especially,when it is part &  pracel of sambhar or gravy .As such,I am forced to even refuse the sambhar or the gravy.It mixes up so very much with the whole of the dish that I cannot eat the remnants without separating the baingan.Therefore,I have to abstain from eating the whole dish. So,please heed my advice & do away with this tasteless veggie.

It is also called eggplant- the name itself is non- vegetarian.I somehow have a feel, that, the eggplant appears like fish when cooked - I am a vegetarian &  hence, this puts me off further.The consistency of the veggie along with the seeds when cooked just gives me the creeps !

When the brinjal is cooked alone as in the brinjal bharta or in the bharwan baingan ,I am dead sure,it must be awful ! Really,I fail to understand, how, somebody can relish any preparations made from the baingan !

My friends have tried to make me develop a taste for this vegetable but you know, I am a tough cookie when it comes to baingan &  everything associated with it.One of my chums told me that she had this aim to make me eat baingan.I was amused as I felt that one should have a better goal in life other than making one develop a passion for baingan !

I love undhiyon but that too without the brinjal.One of my friends got surti undhiyon for me sans brinjal.She especially requested the cook not to add baingan to the dish. She is my best friend now for obvious reasons !

I am at a loss to make head or tail of this hullabaloo over the genetically modified baingan.On the contrary,I am of the opinion, that all humans should be genetically modified so that they have better tastes !

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dressing down.

I am a lazy person.I want to go to all places in my home clothes if I am given a choice.No,I am not in a gown whilst I am at home.I wear old,faded or what  you might call discolored cotton or khadi salwar kameez at home.This is a modest description-the salwar kameez is so bereft of color that one  might wonder as to how anybody can still wear it but then ,you know, I am like that only.At places, where it is still having some color,you will notice, that they are actually stains of turmeric,coffee,tea,etal.On second thoughts,this goes to prove, that, I am the cook in the house-that is, if, you have any doubts, after observing my culinary skills or rather lack of them.

I used to wear gowns at home like others whilst in College but outgrew them after I had to manage the home front.I found that if I am wearing a salwar kameez,it is easy to just don a chunri & get out of the house on sudden errands.This is not possible, if ,I am wearing a gown as I will have to change into something more decent & then you know, precious time is lost.Moreover,it makes economic sense to wear old salwar kameez at home. I am often at a loss as to their use after they have become faded & worn out.Moreover,gowns cost a reasonable amount & if I can avoid buying gowns,I can save a little.Some wear gowns as they find them to be more comfortable whilst doing housework in a hot & humid climate.But for me,this is a consideration which hardly matters as the economic benefits far outweigh any other concerns.I am being green this way, as I am recycling my old clothes.I am also promoting thrift by this action. I am organic as well,as I prefer to wear cotton.So,you see,the benefits far outweigh any loss or losses whatsoever.

I keep wearing the old salwar kameez till they are in tatters & then ,I try to use them as wipes for housework.Recently,I also borrowed old faded cotton trousers from my dad & got them altered for wearing at home.Trouser are fine when worn in winters as Mumbai is pleasant only for three months.Trousers serve another purpose-they come with pockets which can hold a mobile ,home keys,a small wallet etc.I find the trousers especially useful, as I can keep my mobile FM radio in the pockets & plug the earphones & enjoy music as I stroll in the evenings.

My friends & relatives continue to chide me for my dressing sense or rather its absence but, I am too laid back to even react to it.The result, is that sometimes,people do mistake me for the servant in maid but then,I have learnt to take all this in my stride as I go by the saying,"Simple living & high thinking ."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The spirit of enterprise.

The eminent jurist Nani Palkhiwala had an annual ritual of giving his comments on the Government budget & while I was in college,I regularly used to attend his speeches with my father.It was in one of these meetings that he dwelt on the "spirit of enterprise."He was of the opinion, that, in our country,the enterpreneurial spirit is hardly encouraged unlike in America wherein many Indians are able to rise fast because of their spirit of enterprise.

I feel that Mumbai is full of such people who are enterpreneurs.Maybe the city with its high spending levels forces all to become enterpreneurs.It becomes a battle for survival & hence, all have to rack their brains & make jugad to have a minimal living.The spirit of enterprise is so very evident all around in this metro.

During Deepavali now,the shops will remain open throughout -even on the weekly off days so that people can shop.This is missing in Pune where the shops remain closed daily in the afternoons as all enjoy power naps ! This is a ritual, which Pune cannot do without-come Deepavali or what have you.I remember, that, once, I had gone to a shop for buying some pattice for breakfast & I was forced to return empty handed as I had not carried change & the shopkeeper wanted the exact change.Maybe, the people living in other places are santust ( satisfied) with whatever they have.They do not crave for a better life for themselves.So obviously,they do not work towards a better life for others as well.

Pune is just another example-Chennai also is like that only.I know, that, many women there also go to work but many give up as there are no proper creches for taking care of kids.There is no professionalism.Some creches start but will close on any day -such attitude can only lead to chaos.Bangalore also is a similar case study- all autowallahs there are ready to make a fast buck.After sunset,they will charge a fortune to take you to the destination.They will take money extra for luggage & so on.

In Mumbai,autowallahs do charge you extra, but after midnight, & all go by metre.It is Pune, wherein, all the auto metres are manufactured but the autiowallahs here have numerous rate cards.One of my friend says ,"Each autowallah in Pune has his own auto rate card."Except in Mumbai,no autorikshaws go by the metre reading while charging fares -Surat,Baroda,Bangalore,Chennai etal.Maybe as one cliched saying in the Reader's Digest went,"It is not that people are not ready to do an honest day's work.It is only that they want a week's pay for it."

I wish, all other towns & cities could take a cue from Mumbai & salute the enterpreneurial attitude-that will work wonders & solve many of our problems.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Phatakas-a curse.

I hate phatakas - I only light up phuljhadis & the snake but this year ,I am going to abstain even from this.

There are many reasons- one, is that, I am petrified of hurting my self whilst I am lighting the phatakas.Another, is that, thousands of children work in dingy factories in Sivakasi to produce these firecrackers just to survive.These children have no insurance -no safety devices which will prevent any injuries while they are at work.Children are employed as they are paid meagre wages & have nimble fingers.So as it is with every industry, the main concern here is profit.The adults in Sivakasi are hardly in a condition to go & work as they have been maimed & rendered sick & useless by working in the same industry while they were kids.So they send their kids to work & so the vicious cycle continues unabated.

While ,I studied in law college,I remember watching a film -a documentary by Ananad Patwardhan on child labour.The Sivakasi furnace,the glass bangle furnace ,the carpet weaving industry all these & more employ children.

I know ,you may feel that if we stop buying firecrackers,how will it help these unfortunate kids ?I think,when the demand decreases,maybe production will come down & less kids will get employed. In a few years,maybe the kids would no longer be employed at Sivakasi in this hell of an industry.

The firecrackers cause pollution - noise as well as smoke.Many asthama patients will vouch for this.They find it difficult nah almost impossible to breathe.The decibel levels produced by the phatakas will slowly but surely, cause loss of hearing. Many -adults as also children are injured as they light up the firecrackers.So you see,there are umpteen reasons to give up phatakas.

By this blogpost,I request -plead that let us not buy phatakas ( firecrackers) for a few moments of pleasure .Remember, when you light up phatakas,it is your money going up in smoke ! If you want to spread joy & prosperity this Deepavali,please donate to charity ,your maidservants kids etal.If you don't feel like doing this even,-please at least abstain from lighting phatakas.

If you cannot commit,the minimum to do is omit to light up firecrackers.

Let us make a beginning-the rest will surely follow.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Expiry date.

A day before, my brother took out an ice cream box from the freezer & exclaimed," Why is this ice-cream just like that- only little has been eaten." My bhabhi immediately said,"I think,we better not eat it as it is months since we got it."My brother examined the expiry date & was relieved to note that it was past one month only since the expiry date.It was sitaphal ice cream( custard apple ice-cream)

I ,my brother & dad were for consuming the ice -cream.We have a middle class fixation of consuming eatables only after the expiry date is over.Moreover if the eatable is thrown away only because of the fact that it is beyond the date of consumption,then it is a drain on our pockets & since we cannot allow that ,we eat it up.It will affect our well being which will eventually lead to a hole nah many holes in our pockets as we visit doctors never bothers us at all.

My bhabhi & mom were totally against consuming the contents of the box but the majority nah the financially viable option prevailed & we all ate it up.My bhabhi also ate it as she opined that she was guilty for not using it up in time.Thankfully,nothing happened the next day -with our digestive systems that is.Just goes to show that we Indian middle class can digest anything be it food beyond the expiry date,corruption at every level,insults,et al.Really,we have a stupendous mental & phyiscal ability to endure anything & everything.

As we sat eating the ice cream,my brother bit on a seed of custard apple & he exclaimed,"This seed proves that this is sitaphal icecream- just in case you all were skeptical about the claims by the manufacturer" He opined,"We do not come with an expiry date."I quipped,"Of course not,God has stamped an expiry date on us also but we do not know about it."Moreover by some of our rash & negligent actions,we prepone the expiry date.But there are some wise people who are able to postpone the same by means of exercise,diet,meditation,yoga etal.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bringing up dad.

Stuti means praising a person.We all being human, rarely shower praises on other fellow brethern or sisters.Like my father who often starts praising my mother's brothers ,-in fact her whole family, even after so many years of marriage.He believes that they have not sincerely provided for the less fortunate of her brothers & their families & hence are selfish.He will often call them up & tell them that the better ones should have acted in a particular way if they really meant to raise their standard of living.My mother is deeply hurt by all this stuti but then she has got so addicted to this facet of my father that she has given up .She takes it in her stride & continues to take care of her life partner.

My dad is a great equaliser in doing stuti -he praises my husband for his shortcomings as well.He will keep pestering me about my hubby by asking as to when will he settle down to a job wherein we all can stay together as a family etcetc? I am unlike my mother & do take umbrage but it unfortunately gets directed at my hubby & we end up in arguments.My father is also full of praise for bringing up my kid-he hates the idiot box being on all the time but my kid hears none of such advice.He also opines that maida meaning bread,biscuits et all should be given once in a while & so on & so forth.He is of the belief, that, I am not sincere in looking after my kid.I feel, it is high time ,he stopped interfering & let go of trying to control me .Now,that I have crossed forty,I feel I can look after myself & my dear ones.

But my dad disagrees-if I get cross & retort back,he sulks for some time but is back to his usual self in a matter of hours ! He complains that the dahi ,I set is sour ,the filter coffee is watery,the tea tastes bitter ,the veggies are all overmature & hence taste awful & so on.In short,he is telling me, that I am good at nothing.He feels, that I have got addicted to the net & am not paying any attention to household work.

He has told that he is staying with me so that he can be of help but his attitude does everything but help.He expects me to screen all phone calls for him.He wants breakfast,lunch & dinner at his timings.He expects me to attend to him as he is older by bypassing my kid.Moreover,he is too busy with his friends & acquantances to attend to me .But he still wants me to believe, that he is of great assistance.

It is said, that old age is like second chilhood- I completely agree with this.My dad is nearly seventy five & mind you,I find it easier to handle my nine year kid than him.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Token .

Yesterday,the redevloper called up to inform that the deal of a flat was signed up with someone else from whom he had got a token as a gesture of the finalisation of the same.The amount paid was anything but token-it must be surely more than a lakh considering that the flat is being sold for more than seventy five lakhs.

We had been negotiating with the builder for the said flat since the last three months but had opted out of giving any money as token or otherwise.We were in the process of seeking a loan from a bank & we were awaiting the bank clearance before making any payments.The bank took its own time which quickly turned from days into weeks & months before they raised some queries.We asked the builder to answer them.The bank at being pestered by the builder at one time, told him, that as he had no locus standi ,only we should talk with the bankers.This in effect, led to situations wherein we were shuttling between the two but, still, the bankers remained non-committal.The builder also was trying to produce one document after another when asked for, always questioning as to why the bankers needed it.He was of the opinion that we had chosen the wrong bank.

The bank was trying to scrutinise thousands of loan applications & maybe trying to find faults with all of them & so this was delaying the process.Moreover,the bank staff at some times was reporting sick -whether they were sick or had caught infection from Jet or Air India is a matter of guess.Actually,the attitude of the bank was making us sick but then one does not have much choice whilst seeking a loan.Maybe you have -that is another bank can be approached but then you have to start all over again.Then, you have to pay the processing fees, which is based on the loan you have applied for & this fee is non-refundable.On second thoughts,one begins to wonder who is serving whom after paying the fees.

Finally, one day,the builder called up to say that the bank staff had told him that they would visit the site of the building which housed the flat.This was news to us.We waited for the bank to inform us about their site visit.We realised that our locus standi was in doubt now as the bank omitted to even mention about the site visit.We were happy, that this showed, that our application was still under consideration.The visit just kept getting postponed & eventually did take place.As the builder had informed us,we also made our presence felt at the stated time.The bankers told us that now the loan cheque was just a matter of days !

But of course,the builder got a customer who paid a token the next day & so the deal with us was off.Some of my friends opined that we lost a good deal because of the delay by the bank & also because we refused to pay a token to seal the deal.

We had such a bad experience years earlier that we were extra cautious this time around.In that deal,we paid a token amounting to a lakh of rupees ( that was more than 15 years ago) & then we came to know that the deal was financially unreasonable.We backed off & demanded our token back but the seller who was a middle class individual like us stated that he will pay us when he gets the amount back from the bank after the maturity period.He informed us that he had put the token in a fixed deposit.We were on tenterhooks till we got back our money.This experience is still so fresh in our memory that we were sure, that if we paid the token ,the builder may treat us in a manner that we will regret for a lifetime.

I am sure,we lost a deal-not a good deal, as I believe, that whenever,one deals with a builder,only the builder profits.We all have been paying premium sums for flats since years.Don't you agree ?

Monday, October 5, 2009


Kids are a source of joy & envy as well. Parents lament that with kids around things are not the same anymore as one cannot keep late nights,can't leave the house at a moment's notice,etc etc & the list goes on & on.Well,all this, because, there is someone so tiny & or so dear that you have to take care of him ( includes her ) as that person trusts you completely.

Kids do let you have a peek at their world-their take on this world of ours & theirs once in a while.Kids are very observant-sometimes too much for the comfort of adults !Once ,we were dining at a restaurant wherein, kids go in for a toy which comes along with a snack.My hubby noticed a family eating a snack out of a package.He chided my daughter," See,they are having medu vada -why can't you eat medu vadas ? Why you have to eat all alien stuff like burger& fries ?" My kid quipped," Appa,that is chicken bhajiya not medu vadas & as I am a vegetarian,how can I eat that ? Will you allow ?" Her reply made us all laugh our worries away !

Once, we were travelling, on a road wherein barricades have been put up for a road broadening project & we were explaining to my daughter about the barricades.She said," Barricades are put up so that people can spit on them !" She pointed to the red betel leaf stain marks which were all too visble on the tin sheets.

My dad has a flat in a small suburb & was thinking of disposing it off. So some of our neighbors came visiting.My daughter asked her grandpa," Why all of them are coming home ?"My dad told her that he wanted to sell off that house.She added,"Yes,please sell & give the money to us so that we can buy a flat."My father said," But I will give to my son."His grandchild informed him,"You should divide equally between mama & amma.So you sell for a round figure like 40 lakhs,so that you can give 20 lakhs to both of them ."We all learnt a lesson in equality & it left us all amused.

So kids are a mirror to all of us as depicted in "Alice in Wonderland."Hence, let us inculcate good values with a dose of humor in our children.After all,they are the world of tomorrow.
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