Saturday, February 27, 2010

Marathi Bhasha Diwas-27/2/2010.

I heard about this fact- that today is the day for Marathi bhasha on radio.I had been reading in the press about the Marathi Abhimaan geet which will be released today .It is supposed to be the biggest Indian song  composed till now.The poet is Suresh Bhat & the composer is Kaushal Inamdaar .The song has been sung by more than 400 singers -some well known & some fresh talent.Also,many sound engineers & technicians have  worked on this composition & is really a pan Indian effort.Moreover, Kaushal Inamdaar refused to accept any  monetary help from the political establishment.

Our politicians believe, that, a language needs patronage from the netas but actually,our supposed leaders misuse & abuse languages to cause division & hatred. A language is above all this .We can all only help in evolving the language but we cannot dictate our terms to a bhasha.

I have developed a liking for Marathi  as I have stayed in Mumbai for a pretty long time.I am sure, there are many who have a different mother tongue but love Marathi nevertheless.I listen to Marathi songs,bhajans,etal & even watch serials which are telecast on the idiot box.I feel language connects you to the people like nothing else.All barriers of relegion,caste,creed,colour,class melt away when you speak a common language.I learnt Marathi in a moffussil as that was where I was posted in a branch office.I realised as I spoke to many in the local language in usage in the area that is Marathi,many connected with me  in empathy.I speak to my maid & other local people in their mother tongue.They feel at home &  the fences give away.It becomes very eay to work, when we speak the same lingo.

I am only able to speak in Marathi. I can  manage to read Marathi but I am very doubtful, if I can understand the beauty of the literature as my depth about  the language is very less.I am unable to write in Marathi.I have been able to read as the script for Marathi & Hindi is the same-Devnagari.But still,I have never tried to write in Marathi.

The best motivation for learning Marathi is  that you can read all the patyas ( boards with instructions which make you laugh your heart out ! ) in Pune .I get so many forwards about this very eccentricity of the life at Pune.All the Puneri patyas are in Marathi & if you are unable to read them ,you are missing all the fun !

I have always admired the late Narsimha Rao,our ex-Prime Minister for being able to speak in so many languages.Similar, is the case of George Fernandes who can speak in various languages.They were able to connect with the masses  because of their fluency in so many languages.I have yet to hear of any present day neta who is trying to break barriers with languages.

Recently,I read an issue of the Bhavan's Journal ( the magazine of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan) which had published stories which had won the story contest oragainsed by the Bhavan.All the stories had been tarnslated into English from the various Indian languages.The stories were very varied & rich.I just felt left out - I observed, that there are so many people who are writing so beautifully in their languages.I had missed out so much -having only been reading in English.When the translations were  so good,I am sure, the stories in the original language must be just mind blowing !

It is good to know that we are having a day dedicated to a language- Marathi.I wish other languages follow suit.I lost an opportunity to learn Gujarati as I never tried to learn whilst I was posted in Surat.I will try to make amends now by learning from friends.I also plan to learn Tamil from my hubby.

I am just doing my bit for nation building.Our Bharat is in a mess - I am going to master oral skills in many languages so that I can speak with the aam janta .For all you know,I may be  the next neta.So,please watch this space or rather, keep connected with me on google , facebook,twitter ,yahoo, etal.


priyanka's said...
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Secured People to People lending - P2P Lending said...

A language is just a means of communication and should be left at that. Without worrying about politicising it ! All languages are beautiful and have a rich literature. If forced to learn it brings about an aversion really! Publicity of the finer aspect of marathi is required - remember the lovely bhupali- Ghana Shyama sundara....!though i can speak and write marathi till an acceptable level, even folks who dont understand love this song in my house! So i think we should have a respect for all lingos !
BTW we surely need intelligent and rational people like you to lead !!my vote for u too!!

Prasad Sakharkar said...

तुमच्यासारख्या लोकांची आम्हाला खुप गरज आहे. कारण नसताना मराठीशी वैर करणा-यांची संख्या खुप आहे.

आमचं कुठल्याही भाषेशी वैर नाही फक्त मराठी चा अभिमान आहे.

निवडणूकीत वोट तर तुम्हाला नक्कीच आम्ही देणार.

Shantan said...
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meera said...

Dear Vasudha,
I am proud of you. We must try to understand the language and culture of the place where we stay. As me too making efforts to learn Japanese and follow the etiquets of the folks.
You have really made good effort to understand the language this will help you to understand people's thinking. We don't have any political intention to oppose non marathi in our mind but if you know the story of Parsi's ............we want people to melt like a suger in our marathi culture.

Kaushal S. Inamdar said...

Dear Vasudha,

Thanks for the mention of the Marathi Abhimaangeet. In my speech at the IIT I said that the Marathi Abhimaangeet was not only for those whose mother tongue is Marathi, it is for all those who, in fact, have a mother tongue! I stand by that. The whole journey of the song was extremely interesting and my friends keep telling me I should write a book on it. Perhaps someday I shall. If you would like to hear it, here is the song. The video is just an indicator to who has sung which line and has been produced from the production photos available at the time. Some people have complained that I am seen a lot in the video, but that was inevitable as I did the song and appear in most of the production photos. So, you might have to tolerate the over-exposure (not in the filmy sense!), but I think you'll enjoy the overall experience. Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it.

Shantan said...

just saw the video after Mr.Inamdar's comment. Awesome song indeed! Great job Sir..we are proud of your devotion.

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