Monday, March 24, 2014

Film review : Sunsilk Real FM.

"Sunsilk Real FM " is a short film by Anurag Basu who directed the much acclaimed & awarded movie "Barfi " starring Ranbir Kapoor & Priyanka. This short film is directed by Akarsh Khurana & stars newcomers & some veterans like Benjamin Gilani & Akash Khurana.

The movie is the story  of a girl , whose father is running an FM radio station.The staff is demanding a raise & revenues are falling.His staff desert him.He lands in hospital as he is too stressed out.His daughter takes upon herself  to run the show at the studios.She ropes in her friends as well.They are all novices in this work of running  a radio station .Are they able to pull it off ? What are the obstacles they encounter ? Are they able to overcome  any of them ? How do they manage  or do they trip and fall ? And do they get up & start or just  hang up The broadcast is on the 15th August & they want to do something different...the by line of  generation next ! What do they do ? Do they do anything different or is it old wine in a new bottle ? And do listeners start plugging in ?

This is a feel good movie.It has all-action ,drama,emotion & good music.It tries to weave a story about music from different states of India.It does succeed in conveying  that Indian music is different for  each state & is still similar in some ways.Unity in diversity !

The film has doses  of humour & is fast paced.That makes it interesting.It has good music throughout .The songs from the numerous states of India arouse our curiosity & goad us to explore these genres of music further.Many of us  including yours truly ,did not know that each Indian state has its unique music.The actors have all acted well...the fresh faced young ones as also the veterans.Watching Benjamin Gilani & Akash Khurana is a delight ! They are such fine actors ! They make acting  seem effortless.

It has some flaws  as well.A casual remark sounding like   "Ghar mein auratein khali baithi rahti hain  " is the one which homemakers are tired of listening.A homemaker never retires unlike others & yet ,such statements  enforces stereotypes of housewives whiling away their time at home.Their contribution is priceless ! In the movie, many people come & say that they are friends of the protoganist's  brother who is studying abroad .The movie is about what happens in a single day.How did the  brother who is supposedly in London  contact his friends when the time zones are different here & there ? Maybe, through the social media.Too far fetched.

This short film is basically the road to self discovery by the girl &  her friends.By the end of the day ,it is clear that all have discovered things that they never knew they possessed ! It is a movie, about growing up & taking responsibility & how ! In short ,the plus points override the flaws.It makes us feel good as we become one with the heroine &  her chums .Superbly engrossing fare ! Thankful  to IndiBlogger for arranging for the exclusive screening of the short film for bloggers !

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Review :The Missing Connection

This novel is by an anaesthetist, Dr Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi.This is  her second novel after her debut book, "Those  enchanted four & half years ".Poems & short stories by Dr Ketaki have been published in numerous e magazines like Indus Women writing,Bloggers park,Litizen,Muse India,Wishbo,Writer's Cafe`,etc.

It is published by Moment Publishers based in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.On the reverse of the  cover page ( the cover page at the end of the book ),is a list of the numerous  partners in Media,Magazine Online Social Media,Community,Technology etal.

The cover of the book shows a woman whose eye is blue or reflecting a blue light from something at which she is staring.Her lips are slightly open.Strands of her hair are covering her upper cheek & parts of   her face.Behind her, is another image of a woman with down cast eyes & a hand, which seems to be hanging as if helpless.The title of the novel is printed on the cover with mirror image of N in the title.The author's name is also printed.At the upper part of the cover, on the left hand side is the logo of the publishers M in red & a bit of yellowish orange below a ziz zag  blue line.

The story is about a doctor,Dr Neha Dixit,  who is an anaesthesist at a Mumbai hospital.A patient ,named Susan, is brought in one day, for treatment & she seems familiar.Yet Dr. Neha, cannot recall, why she seems so familiar. And then, Susan disappears from the hospital.Now Dr Neha cannot contain her curiosity & she starts searching for Susan.Dr .Neha learns that Susan was haunted by something.What is  that,Dr Neha wonders.Dr Neha seems to spot Susan at some places .Is it real or just a figment of Dr Neha's imagination ? Will Dr Neha be able to locate Susan ? And who is Susan ? Dr. Neha's husband is perturbed that his wife is taking more than a professional interest in her patient. He feels that his wife desperately needs to see a psychiatrist. Does he give in & support his wife ?Does Dr Neha seek the help of a psyschiatrist ? What happens to Susan ? Is she finally cured ? What was that which was disturbing Susan ?

This book opens with a few lines penned by Mother Teresa.Next, is the Acknowledgement wherein Dr Ketaki thanks all who have helped her in penning this novel & getting it published.She thanks the publishers,her family ,her colleagues etal.This is followed by Prologue& then the novel begins....with date & time.The book goes back & forth in time as there are some past diary entries.This is like flashback & present scenes.Admirable.The chapters are short & eggs the reader on.Yet the tale, seems too predictable to some extent if not fully.

It introduces hypnotic age regression which is regarded as unreliable  by some.One excellent thing about the book is the postivity about adoption.if many adopted ,there would  be less orphans ...perhaps, no one will be an orphan any more .And that is saying a lot...the world would be a much better place!

this book review has been done for the e magazine Storizen.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Review : Done with Men.

"Done with men "  by Shuchi Singh Kalra is the first e book ,I am reveiwing.I had read another e book  much earlier.Shuchi Singh Kalra 's debut novella is "Done with Men ".She has written many articles  for magazines like Femina,Good Housekeeping,Women's Era to name a few.Shuchi owns Pixie Dust Writing Studio, an editing firm that serves clients across the world !
She is the owner of the Indian Freelance Writers Blog, which is a fast-growing resource for Indian writers.

Well ,I loved the PDF format."Done with Men " is an Indirom Novella published by Indireads.In fact ,it is the first rom com offering by Indireads after 30 romance novellas which were published in 2013.Navigation was a breeze !

The author has dedicated this book to her hubby ,kid,parents,in laws & also the readers.It is quite humourous ....her vote of thanks to all !

There are twenty chapter followed by Epilogue,Glossary , note to readers,about author,about Indireads & more from Indireads.

This is a story of Kairavi Krishna,  who is working for the magazine ,The New Age Traveller .She is in Goa on a holiday cum work assignment.She wants to party away to forget & forgive her boyfriends who were useless & brought her grief.To prove her point ,she tattoos her  hand with "Done with Men ".And then she meets with an accident .The holiday plan goes awry.She is being nursed in hospital by best friend Baani & her glued  boyfriend Kapil.

Is the hospital stay boring ? Kairavi has to warn herself that she will not fall for any more men though she meets the handsome doctor on duty, Dr Vivian,daily.It is sheer torture.Then ,she discovers that he may be married.No, still a bachelor and going to be engaged.Very confusing.

There is more drama.Her ex keeps meeting her in places she lands up.Baani & her fevicol boy friend break up.Kairavi's boss lands up in Goa.What happens when Kairavi's boss discovers that Kairavi was dancing with gay abandon when she met with an accident ? Do Kairavi & Vivian become a couple ? Is it mutual love or is it just one sided  love by Kairavi ?  What about Baani & Kapil ?

The book makes hilarious reading.All paragraphs from the first till the very end has a little humour in it.The thought bubble speaking & replying to Kairavi's questions are very amusing. Kairavi is just like any other girl who cannot take to high heels .She is not the slim & trim types.We can all identify with her & hence empathise with her !

The print was easy on the eyes & all is neat.Short chapters which egg me on to read faster.Language is easy & drama unfolds step by step.So ,the plot gets interesting as we flip pages.

A worthy book to keep smiling & laughing as we read through.

Thank you ,Storizen for this opportunity to read & review an E book !
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