Monday, March 24, 2014

Film review : Sunsilk Real FM.

"Sunsilk Real FM " is a short film by Anurag Basu who directed the much acclaimed & awarded movie "Barfi " starring Ranbir Kapoor & Priyanka. This short film is directed by Akarsh Khurana & stars newcomers & some veterans like Benjamin Gilani & Akash Khurana.

The movie is the story  of a girl , whose father is running an FM radio station.The staff is demanding a raise & revenues are falling.His staff desert him.He lands in hospital as he is too stressed out.His daughter takes upon herself  to run the show at the studios.She ropes in her friends as well.They are all novices in this work of running  a radio station .Are they able to pull it off ? What are the obstacles they encounter ? Are they able to overcome  any of them ? How do they manage  or do they trip and fall ? And do they get up & start or just  hang up The broadcast is on the 15th August & they want to do something different...the by line of  generation next ! What do they do ? Do they do anything different or is it old wine in a new bottle ? And do listeners start plugging in ?

This is a feel good movie.It has all-action ,drama,emotion & good music.It tries to weave a story about music from different states of India.It does succeed in conveying  that Indian music is different for  each state & is still similar in some ways.Unity in diversity !

The film has doses  of humour & is fast paced.That makes it interesting.It has good music throughout .The songs from the numerous states of India arouse our curiosity & goad us to explore these genres of music further.Many of us  including yours truly ,did not know that each Indian state has its unique music.The actors have all acted well...the fresh faced young ones as also the veterans.Watching Benjamin Gilani & Akash Khurana is a delight ! They are such fine actors ! They make acting  seem effortless.

It has some flaws  as well.A casual remark sounding like   "Ghar mein auratein khali baithi rahti hain  " is the one which homemakers are tired of listening.A homemaker never retires unlike others & yet ,such statements  enforces stereotypes of housewives whiling away their time at home.Their contribution is priceless ! In the movie, many people come & say that they are friends of the protoganist's  brother who is studying abroad .The movie is about what happens in a single day.How did the  brother who is supposedly in London  contact his friends when the time zones are different here & there ? Maybe, through the social media.Too far fetched.

This short film is basically the road to self discovery by the girl &  her friends.By the end of the day ,it is clear that all have discovered things that they never knew they possessed ! It is a movie, about growing up & taking responsibility & how ! In short ,the plus points override the flaws.It makes us feel good as we become one with the heroine &  her chums .Superbly engrossing fare ! Thankful  to IndiBlogger for arranging for the exclusive screening of the short film for bloggers !

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JANU said...

This is a good review too Vasudha. One correction though, the director is Akarsh Khurana. :)

Vasudha Rao said...

Thank you,very much ,Janaki!

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