Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sapne suhane.......

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Dreams make  us  optimistic -fill us  with hope for a better future.Many scientists were able to invent their dream product as they visualised it in their dreams.The solutions just emerged out of their various thought processes in visual form.Many writers,poets were able to complete their great works as it all appeared in their dreams as they slept away, tired, trying to find that perfect story.

Many of us day dream - not just dream.This is good, provided, we take some steps towards the fulfillment of those dreams.I have dreamt many times of various scenarios.In a majority of them ,I am the protganist. Basically being a very insecure person ,I dream about my success in numerous fields .The others do get fringe benefits, all ,solely because of my success.

I once dreamed about  becoming  the first woman CEO, of the company, where I was employed.This started a trend & in my welcome address ,I spoke of how from then onwards,men will have to struggle to head the company as women had broken the glass ceiling & will just head for the sky ! I will continue to win the CEO of the year award, for decades !

I once dreamed about starting an NGO which will provide legal aid to women & children ,the poor & the downtrodden.Slowly & surely,the NGO will try to employ the poor ,the downtrodden & women in some forms of employment like tailoring ,cooking,basic computing skills,etc..An in house  school would be started, to  educate the kids.My NGO work will pay off as my old frail self will receive the Nobel Peace Prize !

Another dream is of becoming a writer, who is able to challenge ideas,perceptions & change them completely.I once dreamed about becoming a writer who writes novels,shorts stories,articles etc.I would be mobbed at all places - in bus stands,railway stations,on stage etc.I will be in such places, as my money will be for charity & I am a simple down to earth person.My novels will be made into films which will be super hits ! The final triumph will be getting  the Sahitya Academy award !

I once dreamed about becoming a politician, who becomes the Prime Minister of India .I would try to make Bharat, a safe country, for women where women can walk freely without fear.That Bharat will be devoid of gender inequality & the birth of a girl child will be celebrated with gutso ! Criminals will be dealt in a time frame with certain punishments.No one will be spared, no matter, how high the placement in terms of money ,power or stature.

I just have to work towards all the aforesaid dreams.I am sure,very soon ,one person is going to win the highest honors in corporate  affairs,literature,peace & public life.That would be me !

Friday, December 28, 2012

Straight hair make over

I have brown hair which is quite old now .There are shades of red as well, due to henna application.I go for regular hair cuts.I oil & shampoo my hair.Recently ,I felt, that I must try to get straight hair  so that I get some makeover.My hair is short  & curls at the neck to give me a bob look.

I tried by keeping books & pillows on my tresses ( not head )  as I slept.I would just spread my hair away from my head as I lay on bed & keep the pillow or rather two to three pillows on the hair.Then I would sleep away, imagining that by the next morning,I would wake up to straight hair.But alas,that just remained a dream !

I went to a parlor & asked them for straightening my hair.They were glad to do it, for an ostentatious amount which made my purse lighter by a few hundreds.A cream was used & I had to sit with that cream over my hair for some hours whiling away my precious time.After that, my hair was cleaned of that cream & viola ,my hair was straight ! Sadly ,this was only for that day.Slowly & surely ,the next day ,my hair just like the dog's tail had started curling the way it was before ! Such a colossal   way to spend money.I felt defrauded by the cream as also by the beauty salon ! I marched to the salon, to be told that all depends on the way the hair cooperates & stays that way.So ,it was all my fault- sorry, my hair had non -cooperated & that's why ,my hair had bounced back to its natural state ! I was informed curtly that my hair ( well almost, except for that day when it was straight ) was just like the dog's tail which can never become straight.

I tried tying strands of my hair tightly with threads to straighten them up in groups.I would do this in the night & wake up hoping that as I untied those threads ,my hair would have transformed into straight sleek hair ! This did not happen .I was at my wit's end.I wanted straight hair as it looks stylish ,eat & gives me a sleek look.I may have to do away with combing altogether.Just run my fingers through my straight hair & I would be ready to face the world ! I needed straight hair as my tresses   needed combing every now & then.

I tried conditioning my hair after shampooing .I again repeated the numerous attempts with books & tightly wounding  with threads after conditioning.Yet ,I failed to get straight tresses..

Then , I heard that Sunsilk hair experts have got the magic potion for getting hair straight ! I  was amazed by the results.And believe me ,it works ! Now,my head is at rest & my hair is straight ! My hair looks neat & stylish -as if I visit the parlour daily.Wow ! It is that parlour hair look -blow dried ,sleek  & stylish ! Sunsilk has kept the cost  reasonable too, which means the world to me.Thank you ,Sunsilk !

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The stepping stone for success !

"The post at the city branch office is falling vacant.""Ma'am,will I be considered for the post ? " Sanjeev enquired.Shweta looked at Sanjeev & said,"You know Sanjeev,you are the most eligible person & yet ,one look at your face & I have to reject.""Why ,Ma'am ? " Sanjeev was crestfallen.

Shweta answered,"You are so lazy.You never shave on weekends.You shave & that too just because you have to, on weekdays, as if, it is a chore.One can always make out, that ,shaving is not smoothly done.The face looks unhygienic, not clean shaven, on most of the days.On weekends,you are at your casual best-you leave a stubble."

"Ma,am,I want that position so much-you know ,how hardworking I am.My sales was the highest.I also hold an MBA from IIM.I am well behaved.I never say no to work on holidays."Shweta butted in "Sanjeev,that's why ,I said you are the most eligible & yet ,your attitude which is reflected by your stubble makes all believe you are lazy & casual about work.""Shweta Ma'am,I promise to shave on all days provided ,I am made the branch manager."Shweta said,"Take your time to get disciplined.The present branch head  has  given notice yesterday.One month has to pass before he goes.In the meantime,show us, that you are serious about your shaving, as it shows that you are hardworking & not lazy .This will mean a lot.As a branch head ,you have to instill discipline down the line.If you come unshaven and with a stubble ,others will try to emulate you.Then it will lead to laziness in work.You know how it is.I need not elaborate.So,if you really crave for that post,please start shaving your  stubble.All the best ." Shweta immediately started making some calls after that small talk. Sanjeev knew it was a sign, for him, to leave.

Shave or Crave campaign

Sanjeev mumbled,"Thank you,Ma'am."He knew he had been caught for not shaving at all & for shaving improperly.He hated shaving.So much of a task.Too tedious.He did shave half heartedly as he had to meet clients.He loved his job.And he craved to be the branch head.He was a workaholic  & yet, he would get to be the branch head only  if he shaved regularly & neatly.How much he craved for that post of the Branch manager -if he was made that ,he would show the world,how good he was.He knew ,he had no time to lose.He decided to shave, on his return home.He loved his neat & clean look in the mirror.He set his alarm for six in the morning.Again he shaved, with concentration.He looked good.He was surprised that shaving was wonderful for his appearance.That day ,he made sure ,he met Shweta Madam.He wanted her to know that he was trying very hard for the post.

Now ,shaving neatly & daily was a pleasant task for Sanjeev.He felt happy with his looks -the satisfaction of a job, well done. All in the office, started teasing him .They asked if he was meeting someone.He just smiled.He knew his shaving gamble was paying off.

The month long notice period was going to end.Sanjeev was anxious.Shweta Ma'am called him ."When are you willing to take charge ? " "Ma'am,as you say."Sanjeev replied in all humility."It's decided then -tomorrow you take over.And don't forget to shave daily, as you are  doing ,Sanjeev "Sanjeev bent & touched the feet of his mother Shweta.He knew his mom was someone who would have her way if she had made up her mind.She had told him many times earlier & he never cared to shave properly.The carrot & stick policy had worked.Shweta & Sanjeev had a good laugh.Shaving for that  craved post had made him a branch head.There was no stopping him now.He knew he was headed for success.Shaving was  the stepping stone to success !

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Speed post

Hello Dearest,

I have never addressed you by this name .I am doing so, as I hope, you will read this letter, from a dear friend & not your mother.

You are, at an age, when your friends mean the  world, to you.

 I am worried like any other mother.I worry about how you will travel with others -your teachers & schoolmates.Will you be able to sleep as the train chugs along when you know that I am not by your side .Will you eat or make a face & refuse to eat what is offered.Food will not be like what it is at home.Moreover , food choices hardly exist on train routes.Maybe, I worry too much, as you are so young.

I just want you, to take care of yourself.Please do not go alone anywhere -no matter how curious you get.Always be in the company of one or more of your friends.Please keep your teacher informed about your whereabouts.Do keep your mobile charged, so that you can be contacted, in case, need arises.Please remember to carry your cell along, wherever you go.

Eat healthy & not junk like biscuits,chips,colas etc.Try to sleep in time.In case you get hurt,please get help from friends & teacher.You please  assist    others, in case, anyone gets hurt or even otherwise .Please learn to work as a team with your schoolmates.That will always help you.

Be courteous to teachers & schoolmates & others.That will keep the atmosphere pleasant & make things work .Be clean.Take bath ,shampoo &  comb regularly.Wash your hands before & after eating.Remember to brush teeth twice -once when you get up & second time before you retire to bed.This will maintain hygiene.

Before you get bored & stop reading this ,I think I must remind you that most of all, ENJOY your trip ! I am so surprised that you grew up so fast ! I never realised, you would go out ,without me, at this tender age !

May the best team win ! All the very best to you & your team !


your mom.

This post is being written for #MomsforaBetterWorld Project 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fit to bobbitize.

The recent gang rape, of a girl in a moving bus, in Delhi, has ignited a  debate for the way to punish such offenders.The alternatives are death sentence,life imprisonment ,chemical castration & bobbitization.

Death penalty is an option though not suitable.It is costly -death penalty is rarely given.When given,the accused will go to all lengths, to procure a lesser sentence.This will delay punishment, thereby putting pressure on our already clogged Judicial system.The accused will approach High court,then Supreme Court & the President, for pardon.All this time ,the accused will be in custody, on the taxpayer's money.It is a colossal waste, that a felon /s  as barbaric as a rapist/s will be ensconced in jails, while the victim /s has died or is suffering physically & mentally as also  being   socially ostracised..And for demanding death penalty,more investigations,more defence lawyers,more bureaucracy is needed.It is too expensive an affair.Moreover, after the final refusal of the Presidential pardon ,getting hold of a hangman, is another task which is getting difficult if not impossible.Payment to the hangman, is also an issue After the hanging ,handing over of the body to his family is another matter to be dealt with .And the death penalty is too simple, a punishment, for an inhuman crime such as rape.

Life imprisonment is a big NO.No such criminal /s who have raped should be imprisoned for a lifetime. It is unfair for citizens, that their hard earned money is used to pay up for the judicial custody of rapists till the rapists are alive & kicking ! Our courts have started specifying life terms to more than 14 years .This is again, a drain on our  Exchequer.  There is no guarantee, that life imprisonment will continue for lifetime of the rapist/s .The accused may be let off earlier for good behavior or  medical or other grounds..Studies have shown, that a  majority of rapists will rape again when they move back into society.Medically unfit accused have all the ability & fitness to violate women.Our jails are overcrowded & minimally guarded.The accused rapists may rape others in the jails itself.This will lead to greater problems.Moreover ,the rapists may escape custody & be free to commit crimes again.

Chemical castration is an option being favoured as it costs Rs 2000/ per injection.Chemical castration is a therapy in which drugs are administered via injections to reduce libido.Studies have shown that while 3 % of sex offenders who are chemically castrated, will repeat rape/s as against 97 % of sex offenders who are imprisoned will rape again. And chemical castration is cheap- it costs nearly Rs 2000/- per shot.The problem with this punishment is that this shot has to be repeatedly administered.How will that be done ? Either the offender/s have to be monitored perennially or the offenders must be lodged in jail.In that case,the therapy does not work out cheap.If the offender/s are let off after the initial shots,how to give them the next shot/s ? Our police force is very  hassled & more  involved in protecting VIPs.Moreover ,locating offender/s in a highly populous country such as ours is tedious & costly.It will be a time consuming affair .Within that time ,it is highly possible that the accused would again commit rapes & other sexual crimes.

Bobbitization is the ideal punishment.Bobbitization is doing away with the penis of the offender/s. If the organ refuses to exist,there can be no repeat offence by the offender/s.Bobbitization is cutting off the penis.This term Bobbitization  gained notoriety after a housewife ,Lorena Bobbit severed her husband's penis in a fit of rage, after years of infidelity, in 1993.This happened in Virginia ,USA.

Bobbitization is a fitting finale, to an act as cruel as rape.It is cheap -can be done by anybody.No special training is needed.So no question of selecting candidates for being employed for bobbitization. Many will offer their valuable  services with their precious time to perform such noble tasks ! Good samaritans will  get their own instruments as well. A simple instrument or weapon like knife can be utilised to achieve bobbitization. After bobbitization ,the offender/s can be let off - he cannot commit rape again.So the expense of lodging in jails,monitoring ,etc is done away with  The offender can be bobbitised with an instrument which need not be disinfected.This will deter him & prevent others from such inhuman crimes.Moreover ,if the resultant infection is severe enough ,death will naturally follow.There are more positives for bobbitisation. A little brutality, will go a long way, to prevent & deter rapes, as compared to the brutality of rape/s visited on the victims.Moreover ,an offender can be bobbitised anywhere-so no establishment costs ! How come nobody thought of it before Lorena Bobbit ?

In India,one rape happens every 54 minutes as per the State of World Population report. Bobbitization will prevent as also deter such rapes.So many unwanted pregnancies result from rapes & gangrapes. Bobbitization will ensure that such pregnancies will reduce.This will, in turn, stabilsie if not reduce our high growth rate.The severed penises can be utilised for medical research.This may lead to mind boggling discoveries   of  therapies to make male libido virtually non -existent !

Bobbitization serves a dual purpose- it will deter potential offenders as also prevent repetition of rapes.This is what any punishment must aim at. Hence bobbitization, is the only punishment for the sexual offenders.It is infinitely better than chemical castration,death penalty & life imprisonment even in economic terms.It will be akin  to  family planning, with a twist !

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mute therapy.

She wanted to scream her lungs out .Still ,she decided not to .After all ,she had promised herself,that she would let things be.She would take it all, in her stride.She was trying an experiment.She was trying to keep calm .This act of being a mute witness, was so unlike her.Any reaction, howsoever small & insignificant, would lead to a  torrent of words, from her side.

She went berserk with her words.Her daughter would retort back .And then, arguments would flow thick & sharp.It was repeated every now & then ,day in & day out.Her daughter was aping her ,she felt.She had been told so, by her friends & well wishers as well.They asked her to calm down & they argued, that her kid would calm down as well.She was unsure, about the outcome, in case, she kept silent.She was afraid of trying.She was enjoying the daily screaming .Was she ?

No ,in fact, she had got tired of the daily fights of words, with her kid.She wished her kid was as obedient as other kids.How other parents handled their children ? Were they as impossible as her daughter or worse off ?Was it because, her kid missed the father, who was busy touring ? She had no answers.

She tried meditation & it did calm her down a bit.Then, as she got busy with her daughter's badminton classes, she gave up meditation.She had no time.She was busy throughout the day catering to her kids demands,household chores  & other things.

Then,that day , as she sat reading her favorite magazine ,she read about the positive effects of staying calm.She read how one must remain a mute witness & stop reacting.Just keep observing & stay quiet.The argument was that things go from bad to worse as we argue endlessly.She decided to try this out.

It was weekend & she felt some peace & quiet may change things.Even if nothing changed,it could not get worse.When her daughter screamed, that she wanted some pancake for  breakfast ,she just got up & made it.She did not argue.Her kid gobbled it up.Then, her daughter  skipped studying & watched the idiot box.She had no homework,she informed her mom.She kept silent through all her daughter's tantrums.Her kid took ages to take bath that day.Not once ,did she remind her daughter to take bath.By sunset,her kid took a bath & surprised her.

She went for her evening walk .Her daughter had kept a glass of chilled lemonade for her ! She smiled as he sipped it.Her kid came & hugged her.Her daughter promised her, that, even she, will try to stop shouting, to get her way.After all, her daughter said they must behave, as friends behaved.

She was overjoyed.Just a day of silence, had achieved so much ! Silence is a great healer . It worked beautifully.It was the therapy ,they both needed-perhaps,she needed it more than her kid.

She decided to try being silent, more often.After all ,the reward that followed was worth it !

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