Sunday, December 23, 2012

The stepping stone for success !

"The post at the city branch office is falling vacant.""Ma'am,will I be considered for the post ? " Sanjeev enquired.Shweta looked at Sanjeev & said,"You know Sanjeev,you are the most eligible person & yet ,one look at your face & I have to reject.""Why ,Ma'am ? " Sanjeev was crestfallen.

Shweta answered,"You are so lazy.You never shave on weekends.You shave & that too just because you have to, on weekdays, as if, it is a chore.One can always make out, that ,shaving is not smoothly done.The face looks unhygienic, not clean shaven, on most of the days.On weekends,you are at your casual best-you leave a stubble."

"Ma,am,I want that position so much-you know ,how hardworking I am.My sales was the highest.I also hold an MBA from IIM.I am well behaved.I never say no to work on holidays."Shweta butted in "Sanjeev,that's why ,I said you are the most eligible & yet ,your attitude which is reflected by your stubble makes all believe you are lazy & casual about work.""Shweta Ma'am,I promise to shave on all days provided ,I am made the branch manager."Shweta said,"Take your time to get disciplined.The present branch head  has  given notice yesterday.One month has to pass before he goes.In the meantime,show us, that you are serious about your shaving, as it shows that you are hardworking & not lazy .This will mean a lot.As a branch head ,you have to instill discipline down the line.If you come unshaven and with a stubble ,others will try to emulate you.Then it will lead to laziness in work.You know how it is.I need not elaborate.So,if you really crave for that post,please start shaving your  stubble.All the best ." Shweta immediately started making some calls after that small talk. Sanjeev knew it was a sign, for him, to leave.

Shave or Crave campaign

Sanjeev mumbled,"Thank you,Ma'am."He knew he had been caught for not shaving at all & for shaving improperly.He hated shaving.So much of a task.Too tedious.He did shave half heartedly as he had to meet clients.He loved his job.And he craved to be the branch head.He was a workaholic  & yet, he would get to be the branch head only  if he shaved regularly & neatly.How much he craved for that post of the Branch manager -if he was made that ,he would show the world,how good he was.He knew ,he had no time to lose.He decided to shave, on his return home.He loved his neat & clean look in the mirror.He set his alarm for six in the morning.Again he shaved, with concentration.He looked good.He was surprised that shaving was wonderful for his appearance.That day ,he made sure ,he met Shweta Madam.He wanted her to know that he was trying very hard for the post.

Now ,shaving neatly & daily was a pleasant task for Sanjeev.He felt happy with his looks -the satisfaction of a job, well done. All in the office, started teasing him .They asked if he was meeting someone.He just smiled.He knew his shaving gamble was paying off.

The month long notice period was going to end.Sanjeev was anxious.Shweta Ma'am called him ."When are you willing to take charge ? " "Ma'am,as you say."Sanjeev replied in all humility."It's decided then -tomorrow you take over.And don't forget to shave daily, as you are  doing ,Sanjeev "Sanjeev bent & touched the feet of his mother Shweta.He knew his mom was someone who would have her way if she had made up her mind.She had told him many times earlier & he never cared to shave properly.The carrot & stick policy had worked.Shweta & Sanjeev had a good laugh.Shaving for that  craved post had made him a branch head.There was no stopping him now.He knew he was headed for success.Shaving was  the stepping stone to success !

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