Friday, December 28, 2012

Straight hair make over

I have brown hair which is quite old now .There are shades of red as well, due to henna application.I go for regular hair cuts.I oil & shampoo my hair.Recently ,I felt, that I must try to get straight hair  so that I get some makeover.My hair is short  & curls at the neck to give me a bob look.

I tried by keeping books & pillows on my tresses ( not head )  as I slept.I would just spread my hair away from my head as I lay on bed & keep the pillow or rather two to three pillows on the hair.Then I would sleep away, imagining that by the next morning,I would wake up to straight hair.But alas,that just remained a dream !

I went to a parlor & asked them for straightening my hair.They were glad to do it, for an ostentatious amount which made my purse lighter by a few hundreds.A cream was used & I had to sit with that cream over my hair for some hours whiling away my precious time.After that, my hair was cleaned of that cream & viola ,my hair was straight ! Sadly ,this was only for that day.Slowly & surely ,the next day ,my hair just like the dog's tail had started curling the way it was before ! Such a colossal   way to spend money.I felt defrauded by the cream as also by the beauty salon ! I marched to the salon, to be told that all depends on the way the hair cooperates & stays that way.So ,it was all my fault- sorry, my hair had non -cooperated & that's why ,my hair had bounced back to its natural state ! I was informed curtly that my hair ( well almost, except for that day when it was straight ) was just like the dog's tail which can never become straight.

I tried tying strands of my hair tightly with threads to straighten them up in groups.I would do this in the night & wake up hoping that as I untied those threads ,my hair would have transformed into straight sleek hair ! This did not happen .I was at my wit's end.I wanted straight hair as it looks stylish ,eat & gives me a sleek look.I may have to do away with combing altogether.Just run my fingers through my straight hair & I would be ready to face the world ! I needed straight hair as my tresses   needed combing every now & then.

I tried conditioning my hair after shampooing .I again repeated the numerous attempts with books & tightly wounding  with threads after conditioning.Yet ,I failed to get straight tresses..

Then , I heard that Sunsilk hair experts have got the magic potion for getting hair straight ! I  was amazed by the results.And believe me ,it works ! Now,my head is at rest & my hair is straight ! My hair looks neat & stylish -as if I visit the parlour daily.Wow ! It is that parlour hair look -blow dried ,sleek  & stylish ! Sunsilk has kept the cost  reasonable too, which means the world to me.Thank you ,Sunsilk !

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