Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Go the green way ....Pratsmusings......

I am the secret elf, to review Pratsmusings. Such  a wonderful blog it is ! The byline sums up her funda of life " Stay Green .Be Happy ! "

Her blog is nicely divided into four categories :Lifestyle,DIY,Kids & tots & For home.She is a stay at home blogger with two hyper twins who are boys ! She is  on a mission, as her blog gives fine details about going organic.

Image copy pasted from Pratsmusings.

Pratibha G is gung ho about organic & green living.In Lifestyle ,she blogs about de cluttering which is a boon in these times as we have such small flats.We must recycle so that we waste not  & want not. Her de cluttering ideas have been featured in Deccan Chronicle.

She has  Whimsical Wednesdays wherein she posted pictures clicked by her ! And it is obvious that she has an eye for what makes for a superb click !

Her DIY ideas are so simple & easy that they can be tried by all.She writes about everyday common ingredients like honey,cinnamon.I love them both & Pratmusings enlightened me on how both these simple things can  heal my acne,help me detoxify ,add aglow to my skin & so much more !

She does brand reviews as well .Her reviews are frank & useful.She informs in her blog ,that she found a particular product too much aromatic & some products which she uses again & again.These are really useful tips.She endorses after a detailed research & usage.This is so positive & so thoughtful of her !

She blogs about organic clothing for children ,immunity in kids, etal. The knowledge, she shares is invaluable to parents as we all are too pressed for time & yet want to give the very best to our generation next !

She has some great ideas about gifting for festivals,arranging  our homes & many more ...simple & easy steps to have neat & tidy surroundings !

And the best thing is, that everything she writes is,  about going green ...going back to nature ! I am sure, many have benefited from  her blog .And many like me, who have discovered her blog recently, will continue to gain, from her ideas !

Thursday, November 21, 2013

All play ,no work.

A survey report  stated "Indians choose money over holidays".The Times of India reported this in their newspaper dated today ! Well,the TOI did this, as Indians ditching holidays for work is news to all of us especially, to those, who were surveyed !

The survey states, that, a whopping 85 % Indians were pleased with their jobs even though their jobs allowed them no  time for leisure or holidays.The survey omitted to state that work, for a majority of the Indians is one big holiday ! So who takes holidays or breaks in a holidays ? Well ,when one is enjoying leisure & that too a paid one ,why take a vacation & lighten  the pocket /s  ?

In any workplace in our nation,employees are on extended  breaks,...tea,lunch,nap to name a few.If indeed Indians worked without breaks ,all work would have got done many times over ! Reality check : anybody & everybody will tell you ,how many times they have to go repeatedly  for every single task like aadhar card,passport,bank account details,insurance policy etc.Mind you ,this is not just the public sector.The private sector's forays into insurance & banking etc has made us realise that private sector is one up or maybe many steps above  the public sector in terms of discourtesy,customer dissatisfaction,complaints & many more things !

In offices around our country,employees  opt for power naps to get set for overtime .Why over time ? Because salary is paid for office attendance  & therefore to get work done ,overtime needs to be paid ! All work gets piled up as all are busy with innumerable tea breaks,lunch breaks,etc.Why should  any employee enjoy vacation when he can earn double or three times salary, by doing overtime ? Indians are willing to exchange paid leave for money ! That is the reason for a corrupt India.Not only are we corrupt in terms of money,we are corrupt all over...our mind set /s,  which makes it all the more difficult nah impossible , to imbibe or even appreciate any new idea/ s.

Offices send employees for training to places away from their work places.These are another type of paid holidays ! During training ,the persons trained get up ,eat breakfasts spreads & take naps as they attend training sessions. The trainers get paid handsomely for tolerating sorry wisthstanding the slumber of the class ! After the employees are back from training sessions,they are thrilled to put up inflated bills for payments ! Even though many times,many employees may have travelled in a group,all will put up separate bills thus overcharging their employer ! The work which has got piled up due to absence of employess who were attending training supposedly ,will be completed by doing overtime ! New methods of modus operadis are discovered as many people get trained .After all ,team work pays rich dividends in the form /s  of inflated Travelling Allowance  bills !

Moreover, how can we Indians ,take vacations from work when we are enjoying work nah office ambiance ? The workplace has so much to electricity which runs the air conditioners,the fans,the lights,the laptops,computers etal. In some offices ,some sites are blocked.Hence, employees seek such workplaces which allows free unlimited access to all sites on the net ! At our home/s,we choose to install, the most efficient power saving devices be it the air conditioner,the fan etc,In office ,since we are simply enjoying ,we care a damn ! So we misuse it, to the maximum.Not only, will the air conditioner be on ,the fans will on full speed, to keep our heads cool ! Employees undertime by using office phones for long chats regarding everything but work ! The net is used to chat up friends,relatives & rarely   for mundane office work ! Some people type question paper sets for testing their kids.Some women are busy knitting sweaters in winter to keeps fingers nimble .Then they get so nimble that they refuse to do work in office.Some cut & clean vegetables.Still, others are exchanging recipes,tips & so many other things .Please do not be under the impression, that this is indulged in, by the ladies only  .The amount of undertiming by men, will lead to interesting revelations about cooking ,knitting & amp; other skills of Indian men ! Whoever said ,Indian men do not like housework....they love it .Men will undertime by arguing,discussing  housework, so that the undone work has to be done by getting paid for overtime ! So undertime & overtime are complimentary & supplement incomes !

The survey also revealed that Indians refuse to take vacations as they want to be part of every major decision taken in their workplaces ! Now ,that is so, that  decisions can be attacked,argued against  ,etal so that it gets nullified ultimately  &  that too immediately !If they went on leave ,how will they ever know which   decision /s to protest against ?  Indians are extremely  argumentative & hence,  there is no need to do any work as  decisions( if any )  have been discarded  !

We take vacations provided it is funded by LTC( Leave Travel Concession ) & how ! Senior executives were recently caught in LTC scam which came to light as someone had the ingenuity to travel Delhi to Jaipur via Sao Paulo ( in Brazil ).As the scam unfolded,it was clear that MPS were involved as well ! Just goes to show, that we are a dissatisfied lot, as we want to claim LTC for a world tour/s nothing less  .Next time on ,we will demand LTC  on our Mars mission & other intra planetary travels !

It has often been said that in  IT industry &  call centers ,all are extremely busy working through nights etal.If this is so ,why are so many employees on the bench ? Or maybe,they are  nocturnal species who work only at nights !

When employment is all play ,who needs  vacations  in India ? ! This  happens only in  India !

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Baked passions !

I had always been interested in baking.It looked glamorous with all icing & toppings ! It was exotic ! I looked on baking with awe.My office colleagues presented me with an electric oven when I was transferred to another office.I had no time to learn baking those days  & this when I had asked for an oven hoping to learn to bake .The oven just lay unused.After some years,I donated it to an old age home as I presumed that there are others who are waiting to bake  but for want of an oven !

Then the Microwave oven hit the markets.I brought one, imagining  that I will cook exotic dishes in minutes if not seconds.And yet, hours,days ,months & years passed before I even touched the microwave !  I was working full time &  had a baby.When my kid was about eight  years old, suddenly my interest in baking rekindled.I came across a recipe of cake & tried it.It was a date cake.It turned out fine.I had made an eggless cake with dates,maida & milk among many ingredients.Then I repeated the recipe.It turned out fabulous.Still,I never made any more cakes till two  more years went   by.I still can't understand why my baking spree ended abruptly.

Time passed.I gave up my job.I started blogging.I had to take care of my kid & so on.Slowly, as I felt more energised by my writing, to explore new avenues,I felt drawn to baking.I searched for recipes online.My initial attempts were complete  disasters as I was paying hardly any attention to details of the recipe- the measurements perhaps.Moreover,the wastage was very high as I would use the same amount of flour & other ingredients as used by experts.It  never entered my head that I could  halve the ingredients & try it.Now,when I think of the wasted ingredients,I feel ,a  whole village could have have been fed .But of course, all would have ended up with stomach upsets after eating my caked bakes !

Painstakingly,I kept trying & finally my cakes started getting better.They became fluffier.They became more healthier.I bake eggless cakes & have even made vegan cakes.I use healthy ingredients like yoghurt,buttermilk,flaxseed powder,vinegar,fruit juice,apple sauce as egg replacers.I have a microwave to bake cakes & that remains the same.I have daringly experimented.I made a cake using Sapota or chikoo fruit.I have started using multigrain atta which has a mixture of different flours like wheat,ragi,oats,corn,jowar etc.I have used jaggery in mycake recipes.I made a pineapple upside down cake using ragi or fingermillet flour ! I have used leftover flavored milk in one of my cake recipes.I brought a brown coloured powdered sugar from a local shop & used it many cakes as it is a healthier sugar.I have made chocolate cakes by using Bournvita powder ! My cake recipes make use of veggies like carrots,beetroots,& fruits like apples,bananas,,dates,pears,peaches,strawberries etc.I have even tried a banana bread which turned out awesome with a superb texture ! This is my passion -to bake from ingredients which can be commonly found at home & which are health boosters.

The best cake baked by me so far has been a cake using apple sauce -I made the apple  sauce myself, by pressure cooking the apples & pureeing the apple pulp.

baked methi muthias for oondhiyon.I must try more savoury & salty bakes apart from sweets like cakes & breads.I made a corn bread once & it turned out  nice & crumbly.

I love baking as I feel that no other cakes can be as healthy as made by me.In the microwave,it just takes ten minutes to bake a cake which uses one cup of flour.So my cakes use less energy to get baked.So it helps me be green as well . Baking is a passion  -as the cake rises, it inflates my ego. This is so, as I don't have any assistants & junior colleagues at home ,who boosted me while  in office.Moreover, so far my cakes have not split at the top as they rose & rose.So, my ego boost is within limits !I want to slowly & surely learn to bake breads & buns.I am sure ,I will in days to come.I even intend buying an electric oven to get cakes & breads with brown crusts which is missing from my microwave bakes ! 

Just looking at pictures of cakes ,breads,buns makes me drool.I hope my bakes will make many behave the same way !

This was written for the "Baking story "contest on Magical Homes I won the first prize ...a large red heart shaped silicone cake baking dish !

Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Review : Chakra

'Chakra : Chronicles of the Witch way' by Ritu Lalit is the third book by the author.She has penned two books earlier ....namely 'A bowlful of Butterflies' & 'Hilawi'.The 'Chakra' cover shows two grey eyes of a woman through a slit in some ancient manuscript.The manuscript is shaded in hues of blue,navy blue & green .The manuscript has some Hindu symbols  Om,Trikon & others imprinted on it.The grey eyes are hypnotic...they seem to piercing through as if searching for something .The paper quality is good.The printing is very good .The book is neatly arranged into chapters.There is a prayer to Ma Kundalini, at the beginning ,before the story unfolds.It sets the stage for the saga which is based on yogic power of those who practice & swear by it .

This is the story of Parineeta, who runs a detective agency in Delhi & is caretaker to her nieces & nephew .She also takes care of Mickey ,an orphan. Parineeta searches for baubles of the rich  ladies & also goes after the flirtatious husbands.One day ,just as vacations are about to begin in school,her brother's daughter gets into some act ,which makes heads turn.All hell breaks loose after that .There are  many twists & turns in the book from then onwards, till the very end.Parineeta is frantic as she finds her nephew & niece missing.Will she be able to locate them ? Have the kids gone on a frolic of their own ? Or have they been kidnapped ? As Parineeta begins her search,she has to come to terms with her forgotten legacy.She does not want to have anything to do with it.She has lost so much because of that ,she opines.Yet,it seems, only her past can make the future better for generation next.There is a prophecy which talks of the age of the Japnis. Is Parineeta going to usher in that age ? Will her nieces be also part & parcel of that age of the witches ? And if so ,how ? How far is that day ? For all the answers,Parineeta must connect with her clan & even with rival clans & many others.There is hardly any time left before rivals close in on her nieces & nephew. Parineeta has to act fast.She has to trust those with whom she never wanted to associate.Will others heed her now, when she needs them most ?

Chakra is the story of Japas & Japnis who have a very strong Kundalini which is awake from birth.This is the saga of the clans of Bhoomars,Jalajs,Pallavs,Varunis & others like Koylas.Koylas are those who drain others emotionally.The author talks of people who venerate the elements....air,earth,fire ,water etal. She writes about the serpent ...our inherent Kundalini power which must be awakened to make us what we actually are.Ritu lalit has made the saga so interesting by taking bits & pieces from Indian myths,puranas that Chakra makes for a truly fascinating kahani !

Chakra has its bits of humor .Witness the tee shirts worn by the heroine which say it all ' HIGH MAINTENANCE BUT SO WORTH IT ','HOT n SPICY ','TALK TO MY FACE,TITS CAN'T HEAR 'etc.References to the traffic in Delhi says   that people take pot shots on traffic lights with their guns ! The tale is feminist, in its approach.Witches are going to claim the age.Witches are better at power play.The book also states that many girls are female infanticide & other crimes are making survival of women difficult.

In a nutshell,this is a very readable story, set in the present age with connections to our heritage of mudras,yoga,kundalini & the power each one of us have .That innate power, which is dormant & sleeping, needs to be awakened to claim our future, from corrupt netas & an ; inefficient bureaucracy.An inspiring read  indeed

Friday, October 11, 2013


Prarthana is praying to the Almighty .Nowadays we pray but seldom is  our longing  for the  Lord.We pray to Nature to give us rain ,to stop rain ,to stop Tsunami,etc.We pray to our children though not in that  sense - we are actually begging of them to pay heed. Electrorate prays for roads,hospitals,toilets etc .Netas pray for winning  elections.All pray for different reasons & in various ways.

People pray in places of worship like the temple,church ,mosque,the fire temple,gurudwara or in their homes.Some people may pray daily & some only sometimes.Some people never pray though they meditate.Meditation is a form of prayer & as healing as prayer.Some are atheists.To each his own ,as they say.

Prayer is asking the Almighty for forgiveness -for redemption .We pray as we feel secure after praying & in the act  of praying itself.We pray for others -though rarely, like asking that a friend be healed,an aging relative be freed from his terminal illness etal. We pray in anticipation also -for future benefits.We pray so that our sins will be forgiven .We pray to ask God for forgiving our innumerable follies.Not that we will never sin thereafter.We will commit new sins ! Even the Almighty would get bored seeing us repeating our follies .Till we are alive,we continuously & perpetually sin -knowingly as also  unknowingly.

Prayer heals us  all from within & we become better human beings than we were before.I was always demanding ,"I pray so much & yet my problems seem to be increasing ...never ending like a relay  race.Others seem to have all the best in life & they are such sinners ." My friend told me that prarthana does not lessen my problem/s ...prayers make me stronger to deal & withstand any storm/s in life."

Prarthana or prayer means complete surrender to the Almighty.Though we all pray,do we surrender ? Doubtful as surrender means giving up our egos which is rarely done.We nurse our egos the most.A tiny prick is enough to burst it.Men have bigger inflated egos compared to women.And men pretend to be custodians of prayers etal  especially ritualistic aspects of it.Women pray in different manner by keeping vrat,upvaas,etc.Moreover,most of the times  women will pray for others in her family or friends....very rarely for herself .Men are more selfish-they pray for self alone.

Prayer helps us to deal with the situations which we face in the best possible manner .This is because we know that the Almighty is there with us.It is as if the Lord is besides us  sharing our burden with Him.Prayer does not guarantee successful outcome.It just makes us wiser to face situations & deal with them in a manner which will surprise us.Before we prayed,we never imagined,we could take on such problems& after praying ,it becomes second nature to us.

Puja is a prayer done in a ritualistic manner ...with flowers,fruits or anything else cooked as prasad .Prasad is an offering to the God/s.It is actually for our consumption after the puja is over.We need other things as well.... like Cycle agarbathis  or incense sticks ,a bell ,a prayer book to recite the shlokas,some lamps with wicks to light up the ambience.Our puja will be incomplete without all this colourful paraphernalia.Cycle Pure agrabathis  will make the atmosphere so very fragrant  that I can pray in the scented  atmosphere with rapt attention !

I pray on Tuesdays & Fridays to Ganesha & Lakshmi respectively as both are needed in this age ..Ganesha for knowledge  &  Lakshmi for wealth ! I pray for other things as that my kid can eat healthy & stop eating fast food,my husband should become more liberal,I should become calmer ,& so on....I draw  rangolis on Tuesdays & Fridays.The purpose is draw the attention of the Almighty towards the rangolis as my bhakti is as good as non -existent ! This is so even though I know many shlokas by heart .I recite & yet my mind wanders after some time. I light incense sticks so that the air smells divine ! That is where Cycle pure Agarbathies will  create the apt ambiance, for me to remain steadfast in prarthana.

Sri Lakshmi puja during Deepavali is supposed to be all the more auspicious for abundance ! So ,I am going to do Lakshmi Puja with renewed vigor during this Deepavali ! And what better way, to do this, than by using the Lakshmi Pooja pack of Cycle Pure  agarbathies .It contains all the things needed for the pooja...tradition delivered to us...packed , in this age ! I have to just open the box,follow instructions & complete the pooja. No need for the priest ! I can double up as the priest !

My family including my husband & kid will join me in this auspicious venture of welcoming Goddess Lakshmi into our midst ! I am sure,Goddess Laxmi will be spellbound, by the aroma wafting in my home as I light up the Cycle agarbathies for Laxmi puja during Deepavali ! My home will sparkle with the infinite  blessings of the Goddess of wealth ! I am so eagerly awaiting Deepavali this year so that I can do full justice to Lakshmi puja ! It will be a complete pooja as the pack name says  it all "Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja "  !

My prayers are infinite. Daily as I wake up ,I have a new demand & end up praying.Not that my demand will be satisfied...just that may I see reason & stop my silly demands.I wish someday ,I could start praying  for others ...that would be true redemption ! And the best prayer !

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PET Pandal is a Dazzle !

This year's Ganpati pandal simply dazzles ! It reflects the lights so superbly ! It also signifies the hard work & creativity of Ms Pithawala ,Ms Harsha Punjabi,many collegians,& others who slogged nights away to get that look ...of the pandal that is !

                                          The Gajanana idols in the dazzling pandal.

The Ganpati pandal is a green effort.Pet bottles have been used to get that shimmering effect & it shows ! The pet bottles were cut out.The bottoms of the bottles were used to make the roof of the pandal.The rest of the bottles  (with the bottoms cut out ) were hung together vertically to  make the three walls of the pandal.

On the boundary walls of the two sides of pandal,broken pieces of compact discs have been stuck up.The result is shiny rainbow hues, on  the edges of the two sides !

There are two windows -one on each side...right & left side.The windows have flowers  cut out from bottoms of  green bottles.There are colourful  bangles   suspended horizontally below the flowery bottoms.

                                          The landscaped garden.

Landscaped patches of green on both sides of Gajanana idols add to the beauty of the pandal.Tyres have been painted in yellows,red,orange,pink & blue .Painted bottles  in colours of  yellow & red hold up glass tops on which pet bottles hold virtual flowers & leaves  in myriad shades !

A large pet bottle with its top is lying horizontally.It has a slit on the top, wherein coins & notes can be dropped as dakshina. The cash collection can be viewed anytime nah all the time ,  as the pet bottle  is transparent ! Wishing, that our government takes a cue & goes in for transparency !

                                                                      The Hundi
A large pet bottle with its conical top cut out doubles up as a flower basket for the puja at the Ganpati pandalThe red  tops of the pet bottles have been stuck together on a plastic sheet to make a platform on which puja paraphernelia is kept.Discarded cloth pieces are stitched together to make a thick quilt on which the priest can sit to chant prayers . Every detail has been thought of & every item has been recycled ! Actually upcycled ! Upcycling  is making use of waste & transforming it into useful & environmental friendly product !

                                         The tops make up the puja paraphernelia platform

A square chandelier is hung  just in the middle of the roof.It is made from pet bottles.Top conical portions of pet bottles have been cut & stuck together & hung upside down.Bottoms of some more pet bottles have been cut in floral patterns & hung upside down to make for hanging chandeliers ! When the light falls through these hanging chandeliers,it gives a cascading effect ! Two of such hanging chandeliers make for perfect symmetry !

                                                             Hanging chandelier

Plastic spoons with their handles removed have been stuck on all sides of a large pet bottle whose top conical part has been cut out.The result is a lamp shade in the centre of which is hung a bulb.The effect of the light through this lamp shade is dazzling ! Two such lamp shades hang from the on each side.

                                                Spoons on  Pet bottle make a lamp shade

The spoon handles have been stuck into thermacoal balls .The handles are pointing outwards from a golden coloured thermacoal balls hanging from the pandal roof on each side of the Ganesh idols.

                                         Thermocoal glasses form igloo roof  & green top flowers  

On the roof just at the pandal entrance,igloo shaped decor can be seen.It is made from thermacoal glasses stuck together ! Five such shapes on the roof add to the beauty of the pandal ! At the entrance ,is hanging a jhalar & it is bang in the middle of the entrance ! It is an inverted plastic basket with plastic knives,spoons all hanging through the basket !

                                          The jhalar @the Pandal entrance.

The whole pandal is bathed in a blue light...the colour has a calming effect.Moreover as everything is plastic ,the effect is scintillating ! Particularly,in the night ,the pandal looks stunning ! 

 Plastic is a great pollutant & as this PET pandal has shown , plastic can be used creatively  & how !
Kudos to all who made this pandal eco friendly as it can be ! The best part is that, even when it rains,no damage will be done as this  upcycled pandal is rain proof ! Lord  Lambhodara himself, has inspired the makers  towards this Plastic Eco friendly Trendy pandal ! This work is so inspiring -trust this will inspire all to make the best out of waste ! This will assist in reducing pollution & thereby clean up the environment.Moreover, a thing of beauty such as this Pandal is a source of joy !

Friday, September 6, 2013

Canola Oil meet with BlogAdda

BlogAdda arranged a Canola Cook Out Event at Mumbai.I was eager to attend this event as this would be ideal for a foodie like me who is always on the lookout for health & nutrition.The invitation by BlogAdda  stated that cardiologist Dr Ashish Contractor,nutritionist Naini Setalvad & MasterChef Ajay Chopra would be present ! I wouldn't miss this event for anything !

So ,I registered & BlogAdda confirmed  my presence with a phone call.I attended & had a fabulous time !

I landed at  the Four Seasons  hotel at Worli,Mumbai & was directed towards the library room wherein the Cook Out Event was scheduled .I entered the place to see a few food bloggers who were introducing them selves.It was a long table & chairs were arranged across the table.I took one & was soon seated.Within seconds,my neighbours introduced themselves & asked about my blogs,etc.We began chatting about  our recipes,our followers( if any ? ! ),our other blogs etc.

Very soon ,the event began with Mr Bruce Jowett ,Vice President -Market Development,Canola Council of Canada talking about the Canola oil.He informed us that Canola oil is one of the healthiest oils as it is low in saturated fats,high in monounsaturated fats,,high in omega 3 fat & is a source of Omega -6 fat as well.We were told that Canola oil is absolutely odourless with  a neutral taste.Hence ,it can blend easily with any type of cooking.This means it can suit all palates !Moreover ,Canola oil has a high smoke point.Ideal oil for Indian cooking.Mr Jowett revealed that Canada is the biggest exporter of Canola oil.

Canola oil is derived from seeds of canola plants.Canola plants have been developed from rapeseed plants by doing away with certain undesired characteristics of rapeseed..Canola seeds are similar to poppy seeds & brown to black in colour. The canola seeds yield about 44 % oil.The plants have pods which contain canola seeds which are crushed to get the canola oil.

Dr. Ashish Contractor,Head ,Preventive Cradiology at The Asian Heart Institute,  spoke about the wide spread prevalance of heart diseases in India.Canola oil being healthier can change that.The doctor informed us that more women die of heart disease than men ! If women changed to Canola oil as it is neutral ,has high smoking point & odourless ,it will do wonders for the health of the whole family ! He said that part from genetics ,the causes for heart diseases are blood pressure,diabetes,high cholestrol,smoking & not excercisng.

Nutritionist Naini Setlavad was the next person who gave tips on nutrition.She said that she has switched over to Canola oil .No one in her home is aware that the cooking oil has been changed ! This is a fact.She  said that fat is essential in any dish & hence it is better to eat a better oil to live healthy .With Canola oil,less oil is the norm as little as 1.5 tablespoons of Canola oil per day is enough to decrease coronary heart disease risk per person !

Bread was passed around to be eaten with Canola oil so as to prove that Canola oil was indeed neutral in taste .We all broke bread with Canola oil. Believe me is indeed neutral .Moreover ,I think ,I can just dip bread in Canola oil & eat it just like that without any other accompaniment !

                             Dr Ashish Contractor & MasterChef Ajay Chopra @ the event.

Next MasterChef Ajay Chopra dished up some yummy recipes.He heated canola oil with some herbs....Kashmiri red chillies,Thailand basil & rosemary.I smelled the oils & they all smelled divine ! Next ,he invited the cardiologist to assist him in cooking up Indian dishes like Kothimbir vadis,Chocolate samosas & Green peas gujiyas.All oozing with SIN that is oil...deep fried.This was done as MasterChef Ajay Chopra wanted to demonstrate that Canola oil is an extremely low absorb oil. All attendees started clicking pictures of the two men cooking ( most probably to show the snaps at home so that their better haves would make a beginning in cooking !).

Pradnya was the winner of the most innovative recipe using Canola oil. MasterChef Ajay Chopra inquired from her about the ingredients of her winning cranberry cake recipe. Pradnya was thrilled to be the winner & it showed  as she received a huge hamper of  Canola oil !

                                                  Snacks by the MasterChef for us !

Next ,we broke for high tea...there were snacks created by MasterChef Ajay Chopra like Gujiyas,Kothimbir vadis,et al,.There were vegetable sandwiches....the size was enough to satiate our tummies ! Next came yummy desserts & then coffee or tea as per choice !

                                                                Our goody bag !

Our hunger pangs gone ,we bid adieu to the event .Each of us was gifted a goody bag containing a spatula,a measuring cup,a pen drive,a pen ,an apron & a recipe book ! We headed home enriched with nuggets of information on cooking ,health,nutrition ,lifestyle etal ! In short,an awesome event !

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rags to bags & more !

My dad used to subscribe to India Today magazine a decade back.I read many articles those days & was enriched by the news as also views.One such article was about an entrepreneur who had involved rag pickers into her venture.I was thrilled to read about the green enterprise she had begun.

Image courtesy: Conserve India 

The green warrior is Anita Ahuja, who along with her husband ,Shalabh,educated at  IIT   started Conserve HRP which recycles plastic rags into designer bags,purses,folders ,etal. The idea started in 1998 in Delhi & over the next two years ,Anita tried recycling plastic waste into something useful.She tried to make a thick  material so that it could be used for covering the  jhuggi jhopdis  in Delhi.Next ,she pasted plastic sheets on to card boards. Her home based products were a hit at a  fair in Delhi.Anita knew then, that  her products she had made their mark.

She involved rag pickers into her venture, Conserve HRP .Ragpickers who are at the  the bottom of the social ladder are finding life much better, all thanks to Anita Ahuja .Rag pickers collect & separate the various types of plastic rags.This is then recycled into designer bags,purses,folders,foot wear,etc. The process which makes bags,purses etc from plastic trash is a patented one.

It was begun as a recycling project & it turned into a upcycle project.This was so, as it became clear that plastic waste cannot be composted or recycled locally.Delhi generates 8000 tonnes of waste on a day to day  basis which pollutes the city .This is because only half of the waste is managed by the local authorities.The rest is left behind & chokes the metro.

Hundreds of plastic rags which choke  the land,the air,the water -in fact, the whole of the environment are collected & segregated by ragpickers.Next ,the plastic trash is upcycled by washing ,drying & turned  into plastic sheets.These plastic sheets are Handmade Recycled Plastic ( HRP ).From these plastic  sheets, come  the funky bags,purses,belts,necklaces,shoes etal !
Image courtesy: Conserve India Facebook photos.

HRP is made from discarded & used plastic bags,old truck tyre tubes,used denim jeans material,seat belts,& even old saris ! So nothing gets wasted ! This is  make overs of left overs of the plastic kind !

The technique used for recycling plastic trash into fashion accessories is called upcycle. Wikipedia defines upcycle as transforming waste materials into useful products.Moreover all products by Conserve HRP are  exported ! Hence it earns valuable foreign exchange for the nation !

The process used in Conserve HRP uses no dyes &  consumes less energy than other established methods.So it is green technique.Saves energy by saving on power bills.The original colour & form of the plastic trash remain the same after the recycling because of this green processing.Since ,no dyes are used ,pollution is non -existent.A highly economizing technique, which saves money which is pumped back into  social welfare projects.

Conserve HRP has employed rag pickers as its green warriors.A ragpicker earns nearly three times more at Conserve HRP.He is trained so that he can operate machinery for upcycling plastic waste This means so much to the ragpickers as they have a stake in the growth of Conserve HRP .Many of the employees continue with Conserve HRP by moving into manufacturing & sales .Conserve HRP has also been instrumental in supporting schools for the children of  ragpickers in the slum colonies.It is also venturing into welfare schemes for ragpickers like clinics & the like.Social responsibility of an employer towards employees is so well defined by the many welfare schemes of Conserve HRP.

Many design colleges are associated with Conserve HRP. Many  students have helped design numerous upcycled products which have become bestsellers !

The fashion accessories of Conserve HRP are a rage abroad in US,Europe,Australia .Conserve HRP felt that Indians may dislike using bags made from discarded plastic waste.As  attitudes are changing,Conserve HRP  is gearing up for selling its products in India.Very soon, it will open its shop in Delhi for desi shoppers.

Conserve HRP will soon move into its own factory premises from the rented areas.This will mean  more employment opportunities for the poorest of the poor that is the rag pickers. It will also help in sustaining a cleaner & pollution free environment.This embodies  that the creative circle  of Anita Ahuja is coming to fruition  !

Anita Ahuja deserves kudos for her NGO which has turned into a profitable venture employing 70 persons ,mostly ragpickers. The number of direct & indirect employees is nearly 300. The revenues for Financial Year 2011 were nearly 3 crores which is profitable .It earns valuable foreign exchange for India by exporting all products to customers in more than 10 countries.Its methods are pollution free & energy conserving ! It upcycles waste trash into designer goods as also upcycles the profits earned, into social welfare schemes ! Conserve HRP is a shining  example of the  grit & spirit of  woman entrepreneur ,Anita Ahuja ! Anita Ahuja's enterprise is  an eco (ecological ) -expo( export oriented ) -socio ( social welfare ) venture ! Hence, Conserve HRP by Anita Ahuja is for the people ,by the people & of the people truly embodies the spirit of  Democracy !

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Eternal values !

Children are wet clay.They observe & imitate.They are always full of life.They forget worries & bounce back  so fast ! They cry quickly & smile faster than that ! If all adults behaved similarly ,the world would be a much better place.

My child has been fond of puppies.She befriended a litter of puppies, while she was younger.She would regularly take milk for the puppies.My kid diluted the milk with water so that it sufficed the whole litter of puppies.My daughter even took biscuits for the bitch, while the puppies licked milk ! My daughter was being honest as she knew that  the mother  bitch must be shown respect to be allowed near her puppies ! I was most discouraging in all this.Yet my kid persisted with her kindness.Her compassion was boundless & this spilled over.Her friends used to chip in with milk & biscuits so much so, that the parents of other kids , started complaining to me about my kid 's pro active care for the puppies.I was  elated that my daughter was  showing qualities of a leader at such a young age ! Yet, all the care could not save the puppies & they passed away.My daughter was upset.Only one puppy, grew up to be a skinny dog. Now,he also seems to have disappeared.

The number of pencils,erasers & other stationery my kid uses up has me up in arms .She says ,"I gave it to my classmate...she had forgotten her pencil." Her integrity calms me.It soothes my nerves  & thereby de stresses me I am indeed blessed, to have such a gem of a child ! Actually ,I need to imbibe  a thing or two or maybe more than that !

When she was a little older ,she was made the team  leader for a class  project at school.One weak student was there in each group.My daughter coordinated with the team numbers.She made herculean  efforts so that the weak student understood the project details.Her efforts paid off.The weak student stood in front of the class & gave the presentation of the project ! The teacher was so elated that she praised my daughter .She told me that she would have gladly given her more than ten marks though that was the maximum for the project .The teacher went on to add that  ,my daughter  was an example of how some care about others in these times when many care only about themselves ! Needless to say, that I was overwhelmed ! Kindness & compassion seem to be second nature to my kid .

Another time ,the only student who raised her hands up, in the class, was my daughter.The teacher had asked the class, if anyone will share their completed projects with a classmate who was notorious for being absent.I was curious to know, what my kid was thinking, when she raised her hands up.Her reply was ,"Since nobody raised their hands,I raised mine ."I was stuck by her integrity ...her ability to share her project in which she had put in so much hard work with another classmate who had no hands in that project work !

I would like to believe, that my daughter, has imbibed some qualities from her parents  ,grandparents & other peers.Perhaps,this is her way, of showing respect for others - the qualities she admires & loves in all of us !

The qualities of compassion,honesty,integrity,kindness & respect will continue to inspire  the world as always & for ever ! That is what makes life worthwhile !

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

An eye for beauty !

My daughter is someone who likes all things beautiful.She  wants lovely shoes,pretty dresses,shiny clips,cute knick knacks etal. She has her way many a times, if not all the times.She goes for branded stuff & that too, has to be  grand !

My kid will whine & cajole us ,both me & hubby into lightening our pockets for things, which she wants.She is into gadgets as well.Even gadgets are dressed up.She has got a lovely cover for her I-pod.She does not mind changing it ...the cover that is ,every quarter as the bill is footed by us  ! Her dad has gifted her a new laptop & it is her most prized possession, till date.Of course ,she is dreaming of the I-Phone & the pretty covers that will go with it  !

School has lots of project works for my daughter.She decorates her charts with drawings of flowers,designs etc.All these are neatly made with felt pens.Even shiny tape is stuck  to mark the borders of the charts.So the charts look very  colourful & eye catching ! The result is, that she gets full marks for all her charts & projects ! Never mind, that I have started suspecting that the sales at the stationary shop downstairs, is booming because of  my daughter. Great to learn that economy is up, due to efforts of my daughter though unintended ! She made a doll house for her favourite Tinker bell ,some years back  by using waste material.

She spends a lot of time in front of the mirror looking at her face,her pimples,her hair ,her attires,etc.I have tried to make her understand that her inner beauty of helping others ,being kind & considerate is what is going to be valued more than her beauty .She is very helpful.She is a team player.She tutors her weaker classmates so that  they can also proudly stand up in class & speak.She asks all those come to our home for water, be it the postman ,the dhobi ,or anyone else.She is full of manners & extremely polite with others.Perhaps, when she looks at her reflection in the mirror, she is checking if her beauty is skin deep ? !

Her attires also have a lot of bling....shiny stars,sequin works & the like.She has recently  brought a pretty branded mug for drinking her daily beverage.Earlier,she got a customised mug made .I protested as it cost a bomb !

She has taken to athletics in a big way & how ! She has got many  pairs of shoes...a pair of sneakers,a pair of running shoes,a pair of basketball shoes ,a pair of spikes,....all shoes are classy  except that each pair  is priced  exorbitantly for sports goods manufacturers to survive ! Even branded shorts have been purchased- for athletes, must be  be resplendently   attired.I thank my stars, as there was sale, which made me cough up  a little less- the sale price was just short of a thousand !

My kid has taken to baking despite my protests.She presents the dishes photogenically.She even took up blogging...she has a photo blog teeming with snaps of flowers,birds ...the beauty of nature ! She is the family photographer & an expert on how to take snaps.She has given me umpteen tips on taking clicks of  dishes cooked up by me !

My daughter is very fussy about her food.She likes presentation in food which is sans variety.She will eat in lovely cutlery ! I abhor this as I end up washing cutlery for fear of getting it broken if it lands up in the hands of the maid.

 I try to be neatly dressed ...earlier I hardly used to care.I am forced to look presentable all thanks to nagging by my daughter.

Yet, in spite of all this ,my daughter has made me realise that you are As Beautiful As Your Work  ! After all, as the poet John Keats penned, "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever ".

This is my blog post entry for the Tanishq 'As Beautiful As Your Work ' contest on  Women's web .

Blog about women like Megha, in the Mia by Tanishq (advertisement ), who make their work beautiful taking part in the Tanishq 'As Beautiful As Your Work ' on Women's web to win Tanishq gift vouchers ranging from Rs 5000/- to  Rs 30,000/-.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Interactions with Ravi Subramanian.

Initially ,I was unsure if I would be able to make it.Then,I confirmed that I would be attending .And to  my luck ,what an event ! The writer ,the bloggers ,the ambiance,the food & the chatter was worth every second !

I travelled by train .It was a rain washed morning though I was not wet. I reached it in time though I went there for the first time.So far,so good.The eatery ,Chocolateria San Churro is a cosy place.It warms you up as you settle down.The sofa seats are deep & comfortable.All around ,there are frescoes exhibiting  cocoa trees,cocoa pods ,ladies mixing chocolate etal ! Very very chocolaty !

The staff was courteous & made me feel at home.Some  of my fellow bloggers had arrived before me & we started chatting.Then the hosting team arrived & introduced us to some more bloggers who had already arrived there before us.Shorty later,arrived the man himself,Ravi Subramanian.

Ravi Subramanian ,the author banker was dressed casually in tees & trousers..He has an ability to charm.There is a smile lighting up his face which is infectious.He asked that chairs be arranged around some tables & ordered an assortment of coffees & teas  for all...latte,espresso ,masala chai ,etal.The interactions began & the banker novelist was eager to answer all .The staff kept on passing snacks & sweets with chocolate,cheese & salsa  dips . He replied patiently to all queries..Not once did he make us feel that we are just readers  & he is the author.

Many asked the John Grisham of Banking about tips to getting published.He was more than ready to share his ideas & how he got his first book "If God was a Banker " published.He informed us that a book develops quite differently from what  the writer may have in his mind.He went on to add how one of his novels had a very different beginning though that was absent from the final draft.He stated that the first draft is the most easy part & then as it goes through editing make overs,it gets difficult & difficult.He informed that his books have gone through more than ten editing sessions.That just goes to show why  the final product is so fantastic  cannot put down his novels once  you have begun reading them till you finish !

Ravi Subramanian has inspired his daughter Anusha, to write a book ! A daughter following in her father's footsteps ! He said that he searches books for his daughter as any father would do ! This statement by him, made him rise in  stature, all the more than before !

The banter was just going on & Vinita informed us that we must partake of the lunch that had been laid for us.There was vegetarian as also non -vegetarian platter.It was a wholesome spread with rajma,paneer,brown bread & chicken.Dessert- Tiramisu -both white & brown ones were too tempting ! The lunch was washed down by thick milk shakes in three flavors....choco ,cookie & mango !

Lunch over ,Vinita informed us that the author had picked up the tab for the event ! That drew gasps from all of us ! Vinita handed the author, a token gift, as a mark of appreciation. Vinita surprised us by giving us coins in fancy silver ,golden ,orange hued potlis .The coins were of the edible kind-coin chocolates !

The author thanked us all personally by shaking hands with each one of us ...just made my day ! I am sure he made every one's day as well ! Such a good human being ! Full of empathy & down to earth !

All in all...a memorable event....I made some more blogger friends.I was told that I am photogenic ...which I find unbelievable, even now ! I am sure, the camera is up to has hidden my flaws !

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Review :The Price You Pay.

Somanth Batabyal,a young author ( his snap is on the penultimate page ) has authored a racy tale in the novel "The Price You Pay ".The book's cover design shows a night scene with police sirens & a police officer in the shadows stands out.The publisher is Harper Collins .The paper quality is good & printing is very neat.The price is Rs.350 & the novel is of 285 pages.

This is the story of Abhishek Dutta who joins a newspaper,the Express.His stories make heads turn & how ! Is he really good or is lady luck smiling on him ? There is Amir ,his boss who is a very respected name in press circles.Uday Kumar is DCP,Delhi who is from the state cadres & resents cops from the Central Cadres.Uday & Amir are very close.There is Mayank Sharma , a young officer in the police department who reports to Uday Kumar & yet he feels that his boss is not right, many a times.

Delhi is the backdrop of this novel.The crime & politics of Delhi make for this thriller.Press & police are feeding off each other.Press is eager for stories & the police act as if they cannot part with information.Sometimes,it is the police who plant stories which leads to hilarious results.

The daily grind at the press office & the attitudes of the police are captured in the pages of the novel.One feels that one must join the press or the police as they both are full of action....always on the move.There is never a dull moment.Of course ,there are risks and yet one feels the adrenalin rush as we follow the story.

There is a dreaded kidnapper Babloo Shankar & his girlfriend.That he has arrived in India is a rumour or is it true ? Abhishek is unsure & yet he knows, this will make front news.

Abhishek joins television & is soon disillusioned.How does he make up for it ? Will he shine like when he was in the press ? Is Samir Saxena able to pacify Abhishek to continue his tint with television ?

Is Babloo Shankar in India ? If so ,what is on his mind ? Why is the police not doing anything to arrest Babloo Shankar if he is in India ?

The protagonist Abhishek Dutta is vulnerable like all of us & still takes risks .So the reader is with Abhishek & we want him to be the winner.Does Abhishek win though he is a commoner &  without a godfather ? What happens to Babloo ? Does Abhishek return to the Press or  continues with the television  industry with its obsession with TRPs & little else ?

There is some underlying humour in the story like crores of rupees packed in a cheap suitcase which just confirms that Indians only can resort to such ideas...the bag may give away anytime ! Why waste money on a suitcase what if crores are put in it ? The author's statements spoken through his characters makes one think though they  may be politically incorrect.The corruption at the Commonwealth games finds mention in the novel .So also terrorism ,shootouts,shooters,corruption for visas,driving licenses & the like.A novel rooted in present day Bharat. Especailly Delhi,the rajdhani of India.

The saga makes it clear that the press & the television are addicted with stories which  get maximum readership & viewings.So they will go to any  extent  to achieve that.Though sometimes,they are forced to stop or retreat for obvious reasons.

I would recommend this book to all who want to read a good thriller.I was egged on by the writing to read more & more pages of the book.An engrossing read....quite real.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Fiesta !

I would love to host the coolest party in bring tempers down ! Well,I would choose a poolside venue of a five star hotel.I would invite all my family ,friends & well wishers.The dress code would be casual summer cottons.There would be pastel shades in clothes,even bright Kurtis & Kutrtas & handloom sarees,pajamas,salwars & patialas,flowy dupattas ,etal ! The party would be in the evening, after Sunset on a Friday, so that if we party late night ,the next day ,all can get plenty of rest.It would be a vegetarian party as I am a vegetarian & wish, the world follows suit !

There would be soothing music being played at the party venue...a DJ would play the choicest music....bollywood,Western,Jazz,Classical...Indian ,Western etal. Music will enhance the get together.Friends,family can all mingle & enjoy.The music will just create the right ambiance & soothe the nerves.

The party would begin with cool alcohol ...I am a  teetotaler.The drinks would be watermelon juice with chunks of watermelons floating in ,rose milk ,aam panha & kokum serbet.These are all cool drinks & ideal to beat the sweltering heat.There would be appetisers like pani puris & dahi batata puris.I am sure, all will gorge on the appetisers which are favorites of many.Pani puris & dahi batata puris will make ample use of Tamarind & date chutney.

Then will be the main course.In this there will be phulkas & no puris as I am health conscious .Puris are totally unsuitable during summer as they are seeped in oil.With phulkas made from Aashirvaad Select & royis from Aashirvaad Multigrains ,I will ensure that the party food is as nutritious as it can be !There will an assortment of paneer curries....Paneer Malai,Mughlai Paneer & Darbari Paneer.These are very apt  for a vegetarian party as paneer is an excellent source of protein.The guests will just keep licking their fingers as these curries will just melt away in their mouths ! There will be aloo tikkis & cutlets  with a platter of mango chutneys  like Shredded Mango chutney ,Mango Jeera Chutney & Mango Garlic chutney.Raw Mango is an excellent coolant & these chutneys with their tangy tastes will tease the taste buds of all my guests ! There will be  plain rice to go with dal bhukara .There will be salads to add crunch to the slices of cucumbers,tomatoes,onions,radishes,beetroots & there will be sprouts salads as well.Salads add freshness to food & sprouts are simply nutritious! There will be the usual pappads ...roasted & not fried.I am health conscious.I would prefer that my guests can indulge without worrying about their waistlines !

The dessert would be the cool Jodhpuri Moong dal halwa...moong is a coolant & this halwa is a personal favourite !

I am sure my party would be the coolest one, as all the gourmet dishes are sourced from the Kitchens of India.The best thing about the party will be gifts that will be take aways...all from the Kitchens of India.I will gift Hazoori Petha Halwa  & Mango Saffron Conserve ! These are cooling gifts as the ingredients of the gifts are natural coolants....perfect compliments  for the scorching summer !

I will try the Apple Cinammon conserve in baking eggless cakes in place of apple sauce .I am sure ,the results will be amazing ! I deserve this gift, for arranging the feast of feasts !

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In praise of Maa........

I have always argued with my amma  on every topic under the Sun.I have been  my dad's pet .This all changed, when I became a mother.I am always whining about how my kid is bothering me.

I nurture my kid...means, I try my best.And yet am unable to do it, the way my mother brought me up.My amma continues to nurture me & now , my kid as well ! My kid & my mom get along so well that I feel left out ! Whenever ,I know my kid is impossible ,my amma makes it possible .She handles her with patience ,love & care. Amma makes her favorite dishes like aloo ka parathas,puris etal while I try out bread pizzas,bread pakoras & the like.In other words I do  shallow frying & amma,deep parenting skills ( if any ) are superficial ...they lack depth ? !

My mom with myself in glasses & my this snap.

 I keep accusing my mom of pampering my daughter too much.I state, that because of her generosity,my kid expects the same magnanimity from her mom, which I am unable to provide.I want an identity apart from being a mom.My mom has never sought any identity.She is happily content,  being a housewife ,mom & grandmom. She opines  that she has got so much that she never ever dreamt about  ! She is thankful that the Almighty has been very kind & generous ! I am always demanding ...I rarely count my blessings !

While I worked out of home,my mom supported me completely.She was the one, who was most upset when I resigned.Whenever,I am depressed ,it is she, who assures me & pacifies me  saying that everything happens for the best !

Even now,when I have to go out for my chores,she never lets me do any  housework.She goads me to finish my tasks first, so that I can be at peace.She takes care of the cooking ,the washing ,cleaning etal that day.

She taught me cooking .She is very happy to notice that I am able to make so many dishes -some new ones which she doesn't know.I am yet  to learn so many traditional dishes from her.She is ever eager to  about new dishes from me. Her nutritious & simple menu has kept us all healthy. I am aping her now as my food is simple &  healthy.My mom takes pride, in  my cooking skills now.

She is fond of sweets & makes them for all of us .Though now,she is no longer allowed to enjoy sweets as before ,she has found a way, to enjoy sweets.She satisfies her sweet tooth by tasting sweets.She has managed to ward off illnesses by controlling her diet.
She urged me to join yoga classes which I had left a decade back.I am happy that I listened to her as I am a more contented person now.She urges me to eat & drink in moderation as control over food & drinks is the key, to good health.She goes for regular walks in the mornings & evenings.

She  have never hankered after money ,jewels or clothes.She  makes me  clean up my wardrobe & even my home  of old clothes,knick knacks & other stuff.S
he  taught me shlokas when I was young & I remember them all .This interest in praying ,which my amma  kindled in me, survives to this day.I have learnt many new shlokas & believe me, this has strengthened me ! 

My mom never pesters  relatives like some do.She opines that all have their  reasons for not reacting .She is the  the yogini  though it is me , who does yoga daily. Amma, is my search engine as she able to locate all our misplaced passbooks,birth cerificates,keys,etal !

I need  to emulate Amma now, especially as my teenage daughter tests my patience.I trust, I will able to sail through this all, with a smile on my face, so much like my mom !

After all as one Hindi film song goes,"Hamane kabhi usko nahi dekha,arey iski zarrorat kya hogi,aey maa teri surat se alag bhagwan ki murat kya hogi.....!" Mothers are symbolic of the Almighty on Earth !

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Health for all

Modern times are stress ful times.With increasing pollution levels, our lungs have to endure more smoke.If this were not enough ,many have taken up smoking & drinking to combat stress  ! This instead of reducing stress compounds our health all the more.Many youngsters are falling prey to diseases which affected our forefathers in old age.Nowadays,it is common to hear of a person in forties dying due to heart attacks,cancer & the like.And yet ,these affect  some & not large number of people.

Some health conditions tend to affect a large proportion of our population.Notable among these is the cataract. Initially ,cataract was operated in ordinary way .It needed a longer stay in hospital.Patients were unable to resume their daily activities like watching TV,reading ,walking ,etc for days.This has all changed due to LASER surgery for correction of cataract.The patient can go home the same day after LASER has been used to correct the cataract. This means no hospitalization. This reduces cost as well.So even though cost of cataract surgery could be up to Rs 25,000/ or more ,for the poor ,it is as low as Rs 2500/- only.This has become possible because of minimum invasive techniques which assist in faster recovery.For all this NGOs ,dedicated doctors & modern health care is responsible .India is home to 22 million blind people.Out of this nearly 80% are blind due to cataract.Under WHO sponsored program me Vison 2020,financial assistance has been provided  to restore sight to millions especially the poor & the disadvantaged in India so that they can see again.This is getting easier with modern extra capsular cataract extraction with intra -ocular lens implantation. Efforts of NGOs,dedication by doctors & government participation is helping many blind see again.

Fibroids are a pain for nearly 25 million women in India.Surgery was the only option earlier.Hence women were afraid of Nowadays non invasive method is used to treat fibroids. This is the Magnetic Resonance Imaging guided High Intensity Focused ultra sound.Ultrasound waves are passed which heat & coagulate the fibroid tissues.This is day care procedure & the patient can resume her routine  from the next day onward.  No anesthesia is needed & hence comfort level of patient is very high.The women need not worry about loisng their uterus which was the case earlier when surgery was used to treat fibroids. Since it is non-invasive,the dangers of side effects & infections is greatly reduced.This safe  facility  is available at Apollo Hospitals.Hence many women  can opt for this method to overcome the pain of fibroids.

Accidents cause untold deaths throughout India.As per the Report of the Working Group on Emergency Care in India,more than 1 lakh males & 1.25 females were killed in road accidents in India in 2009.This is like a jumbo jet crashing daily ! Hence trauma care is  the need of the day.Many lives can be saved if medical care is provided in time.For this,ambulance services with essential equipment is necessary.So also insurance cover which is a rarity in India.Medical insurance is a cover to assist in times sudden & costly medical treatment becomes a compulsion. For such trauma care,medical personnel have to be trained & hospitals need to be equipped with tools needed for treating  accident victims.Even transport of victims from remote areas is vital.Hence air transport by means of helicopters  is needed.A large medical organization like Apollo has made this all possible.It has a pan Indian network of  emergency services across nine cities in India.This is very admirable indeed.Many lives can be saved .In case of accidents,timely treatment is necessity& this is possible only if victims can be transported to hospitals in the nick of time.

Modern healthcare should aim to provide amenities to more & more people.Then only, will it have stood the test of time.For this it has to be cost effective & be available to all easily.It must be accessible to all.That is why "Bahujan Hitaya bhaujan sukhaye " .....welfare of all will lead to happiness for all ! 
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