Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In praise of Maa........

I have always argued with my amma  on every topic under the Sun.I have been  my dad's pet .This all changed, when I became a mother.I am always whining about how my kid is bothering me.

I nurture my kid...means, I try my best.And yet am unable to do it, the way my mother brought me up.My amma continues to nurture me & now , my kid as well ! My kid & my mom get along so well that I feel left out ! Whenever ,I know my kid is impossible ,my amma makes it possible .She handles her with patience ,love & care. Amma makes her favorite dishes like aloo ka parathas,puris etal while I try out bread pizzas,bread pakoras & the like.In other words I do  shallow frying & amma,deep parenting skills ( if any ) are superficial ...they lack depth ? !

My mom with myself in glasses & my this snap.

 I keep accusing my mom of pampering my daughter too much.I state, that because of her generosity,my kid expects the same magnanimity from her mom, which I am unable to provide.I want an identity apart from being a mom.My mom has never sought any identity.She is happily content,  being a housewife ,mom & grandmom. She opines  that she has got so much that she never ever dreamt about  ! She is thankful that the Almighty has been very kind & generous ! I am always demanding ...I rarely count my blessings !

While I worked out of home,my mom supported me completely.She was the one, who was most upset when I resigned.Whenever,I am depressed ,it is she, who assures me & pacifies me  saying that everything happens for the best !

Even now,when I have to go out for my chores,she never lets me do any  housework.She goads me to finish my tasks first, so that I can be at peace.She takes care of the cooking ,the washing ,cleaning etal that day.

She taught me cooking .She is very happy to notice that I am able to make so many dishes -some new ones which she doesn't know.I am yet  to learn so many traditional dishes from her.She is ever eager to  about new dishes from me. Her nutritious & simple menu has kept us all healthy. I am aping her now as my food is simple &  healthy.My mom takes pride, in  my cooking skills now.

She is fond of sweets & makes them for all of us .Though now,she is no longer allowed to enjoy sweets as before ,she has found a way, to enjoy sweets.She satisfies her sweet tooth by tasting sweets.She has managed to ward off illnesses by controlling her diet.
She urged me to join yoga classes which I had left a decade back.I am happy that I listened to her as I am a more contented person now.She urges me to eat & drink in moderation as control over food & drinks is the key, to good health.She goes for regular walks in the mornings & evenings.

She  have never hankered after money ,jewels or clothes.She  makes me  clean up my wardrobe & even my home  of old clothes,knick knacks & other stuff.S
he  taught me shlokas when I was young & I remember them all .This interest in praying ,which my amma  kindled in me, survives to this day.I have learnt many new shlokas & believe me, this has strengthened me ! 

My mom never pesters  relatives like some do.She opines that all have their  reasons for not reacting .She is the  the yogini  though it is me , who does yoga daily. Amma, is my search engine as she able to locate all our misplaced passbooks,birth cerificates,keys,etal !

I need  to emulate Amma now, especially as my teenage daughter tests my patience.I trust, I will able to sail through this all, with a smile on my face, so much like my mom !

After all as one Hindi film song goes,"Hamane kabhi usko nahi dekha,arey iski zarrorat kya hogi,aey maa teri surat se alag bhagwan ki murat kya hogi.....!" Mothers are symbolic of the Almighty on Earth !

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