Friday, May 10, 2013

Absent minded.

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As age catches up with me,I tend to forget where I have kept things.I meet people on the road & wonder why they look familiar.I realise later when it strikes me that they were friends.I am going from bad to worse, in remembering anything & everything.

Last year,one day ,the phone rang.It was my dad.He said ," Happy Anniversary."I suddenly realised that I had forgotten that it was my wedding anniversary that day.In fact ,I would like to forget that I ever got married .But then, there are people, who take pleasure in reminding you of aches & pains in life. I then rang up my hubby, who was out of town, to remind him about the blunder, he had committed years ago by getting married.I believe, that husband & wife should be together in pain, even painful memories.

I file papers & file them so nicely & securely that I often forget, where I have kept them.The papers are in the safest custody & at times,I have to employ all those at home. By that I mean, only myself as my daughter is a teenager & she thinks all searching is mom 's job.Even her lost things are unearthed by me.My husband is perennially on tour & so I am the one, on  search missions.That is why, of late,I have developed an aversion to filing.I mean, what use, is all this neatness if I cannot recall, where I have kept them all, when I need them ?

Many times,I am unable to recall where I have kept my mobile.Searching mobile is easy.I dial up the mobile number on the landline & when the cell starts ringing,I am able to locate it.Unfortunately, all things which get lost are not as easy as mobiles to find.

I tend to forget names & so I try not to ask anyone their names.There is no point in enquiring when I know ,I cannot recall it.This satisfies me as I can say truthfully that I did not know the name /s.In this age ,there are some conscientious persons like me, who swear by the truth & nothing but the truth.

I have made many friends on social networking sites.Some are my school friends who have been able to locate me.I have tried my best to recollect my memories about my school friends & failed.I can remember very few.I connected with many of them as they are able to recall me,my appearance in school days,my haircut in those days,etal.I am unable to recall their faces even after looking at the school photos which they have shared.Some years of my school life seem to have been blanked out completely from my mind. Amid-st all this scenario,a friend called me up the other day.She asked me ,"Do you remember so & so ? " I replied in the negative.I said that I have connected with her on the social networking site as she is from our school.My friend admitted that, even, she was unable to recall about that girl.My friend had been asking for her as she had wished my friend on her birthday.And then my friend dropped the bombshell.She said that she connected with that schoolmate as the schoolmate was friends with me on the social network.This was a double jeopardy.We both started laughing .We wondered & pondered trying to recall, which class she was in,where she used to stay while she attended school with us & yet our memories eluded us.  My friend just decided to thank her for her warm birthday wishes.

I think ,I must try to keep things in the same place everyday if I do not want to waste time in locating them on daily basis.About names & faces,people etc...I still have no clue.I had read in a book, that one can tag faces,names ,people with things,letters etc.And still, this might lead to embarrassing moments as I may tag them with politically incorrect epithets like buffalo,fatty,skeleton,baldy,eyesore etc....If they come to know,they may be thankful, that I cannot recall them !

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