Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is a design inspired by a trikon.A floral pattern is made in a triangular fashion.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ice cream !

I read an article by Vir Sanghvi in HT Brunch dated 23rd May,2010, on ice-creams .I was inspired to write my take on this delicious dessert.

When I was a kid,a visit to the dentist was a sure shot way of getting to eat ice-cream. The dentist would advise that we keep the gum cold so that it pains less & ice -cream was recommended  as the antidote ! We all loved to eat it.We continued to eat ice creams as we grew up.I had a friend who would tell me that at marriages & other social functions,she would just gorge on ice creams ! I used to wonder as to how could anyone like ice - creams so much ? But I am wiser now, having fallen for them absolutely !

After marriage,I think my love affair started - with ice creams, that is.As I had heard as also read that one should have affairs to keep interest alive in the marriage,I thought,why not give it a try ? So,I started this open relationship with ice - creams ! But I like only colored ice -creams. I do eat vanilla as well but only when I am left with no other option.The reason is I feel vanilla is just like frozen milk & I detest milk.I am averse to chocolate ice -cream as I am unable to understand as to how anything that is bitter can taste good with any ice-cream ? I can see many disapprovals as you read this.My kid just loves chocolate ice-cream.I have tried umpteen times to make her develop tastes other than  chocolate  but drawn a blank so far.

I recall eating a banana split ice -cream which was so big that I felt, that my tummy was going to burst any moment but thankfully it did not.But the incident left such an impact that till now,I have stayed from the said ice- cream.I did enjoy some sundaes after that.But by & large I stick to ice- creams having two to three flavours & not an assortment of flavours.

Ice-creams are a good investment .All guests relish them -old as also young. ! Moreover,in a tropical country like ours, ice- creams provide coolness & sweetness in combination which is so very irresistible.They are healthy as they are made from milk  in combination with fruits & nuts.So,as I progressively age,I defend devouring ice-creams to replenish my falling calcium levels !

This year is said to more hotter than many years gone before & that is why I have started keeping  ice -creams handy in my refrigerator.Even if no guests come,I can always eat them as dessert or as a snack or when I am feeling low.It perks me up immediately.

I have also begun enjoying gelato -frozen dessert though in the suburb,wherein,I stay ,gelato outlets are absent.Gelato has another plus going for it as it is low fat. I do feel left out, when the gelato maufacturers announce new flavours & charge a pittance on the first day for the same.I wish there were more people like me to savor gelato & other ice-creams on a fortnightly  basis . It will be what the generation next calls  " cool " - literally !One more thing - my marriage has grown stronger & withstood this extra marital affair.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


From now onwards,there will be only one rangoli.I have changed the assortment of figurines of Gods & goddesses as all get too dusty.So all are now placed below.Hence one rangoli is enough.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Exchange ? !

In this age of ever spiraling prices,there is the supposed comfort provided by exchange offers ! Supposed, as I have serious doubts, about the new version, which we get for the older ones .But, then, we can only learn about the flaws in the product provided, we are willing & do indulge in the exchange.

The exchange offer is generally like this : the shopkeeper will allow us to exchange that particular product ( namely refreigerator,television,washing machine,mixer etc ) with the new similar product on display at his shop.There are many pre-conditions like the older gadget has to be in working condition,it must not be broken, sometimes must be of same brand  ,etc .In addition to handing over the antique piece,we also have to shell out cash for the new item as the exchange is only a part value for the newer model.Many times,the ancient goods have nothing more than scrap value for retailers .I recall having gone for buying a new mixer .I had taken my old mixer for exchange as space is a big constraint in my matchbox- home.I requested the shopkeeper to check the old mixer so that he is convinced that it was in working condition but he just brushed it aside.He gave me an offer which was less than one tenth of what I shelled out for the new mixer .I realised that bargaining was futile as my old mixer had no value for him except junk.So,one ends up reviving the economy when one goes in for an exchange ! The buyer on the contrary is under an impression that he has made a killing by exchanging !

We do get newer versions of goods in exchange but not necessarily better ones ! Moreover, the life span of newer products is quite less compared to older ones.Just goes to show that old was gold ! Sometimes,we tend to buy goods just because they are available on exchange of old goods though we are sure that we will rarely use the goods brought.This is quite true of an iron,as all clothes are generally handed over to the dhobi for ironing as we neither have time nor the inclination to press our clothes.Similarly,the oven though purchased will lie unused as Indian dishes do not need baking.

Nowadays,some malls are exchanging  old stacks of newspapers or raddi & other old stuff called kabbada for any other new goods.Public generally rush with their raddi & other junk for such swapping as homes are too cluttered with goods.But ,in the process pockets get more spacious than homes as new goods come to occupy freed space !

One of my acquaintance had given birth to a daughter .She has a four year old son as well.The son wanted a baby brother & so he asked his mom ," When we go to mall,we will  swap  the baby girl for a baby boy . "

I am sure, not just kids,but even people like us wish that there were exchange offers for spouses,siblings,relatives,friends,servants,drivers,etal .But will that solve our relationship problems ? I am quite unsure about that.But maybe, we will learn more about ourselves by exchanging our near & dear ones.We will get certain about  our likes & dislikes.Moreover,the exchange may teach us the lesson that " a known devil is better than an unknown saint ."

So,it is better to use the gadgets till it gets totally useless & then exchange it as scrap.Otherwise we may land up with things which will not even  be worth the  junk which we swapped it for !
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