Saturday, June 28, 2008


Yesterday,the chapatti bai did not turn up. so at the nth moment,i prepared some dosas n gave in harini's dabba. poor kid- the ketchup container fell n she ate sukha dosas,she said when she returned from school.

Later when i was preparing lunch, i had a discussion with my 6th floor neighbours- the topic was bais n their failings et al. all my three neighbours whenever they r talking the topic is the same- bais. this time i had joined them. their bais keep changing on a monthly basis- no exaggeration- some bai is not clean,some r not on time,some r 2 demanding they r forever on the lookout for good bais. ! but unfortunately 4 them,the good bais r on the lookout for perfect the twain rarely meet.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I am feeling unwell- heavy head.i was unable 2 meditate also- i never tried but i did not feel upto it.harini has gone 2 school n i am alone now.
i played the word game free rice 2 make my contribution 2wards world hunger n cheked my mail.But does my measly contribution of 1000 rice grains make me feel that i hav done my duty ? i wonder. i shud do more but in what way. i send e cards by cliking on the hunger site but that is once in a while. so how can i do more? i want 2 volunteer,but in this state of mind will i b able 2 do ? i am very frustrated as i am bored at home- i gave up my job - lost a lot of leave- got no cash 2wards the same. i felt a gr8 sense of betrayal- betrayed by my employer - whom i hav served sincerely for nearly 16 years n look at the consequence ? i had all technical qualifications for insurance when i was forced to leave my job. i did try 2 use my leave but my leave application was denied for flimsy reasons- looking bak at it - i feel there was a conspiracy 2 make me resign.presently many people on transfer r coming bak on reasons ranging from illnesses of dear ones 2 infertility treatments et al.really ! there is a lot of heartburn amongst those who hav not been able 2 manage transfers r deputations bak 2 base n maybe they r wishing that somebody falls so sik that their transfer is okayed ! but is any job worth so much ? i am still pondering over this .

I plan 2 take bath- i may feel better after a bath n pray. 2day being thursday, i hope 2 recite the Vishnusahsranama.then mayb cook a sabzi n do the usual things like watch tv,read newspaper,etc.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Harini is not well. last evening @ 4 she vomited.The vomit was really sour ,i am sure. smelt awful.i cleaned the bathrooms n the passage with phenol.she vomitted in the bathrooms n the took me nearly half an hour to clean up all that.

then she was lying on the sofa watching the idiot box. she said stomach ache was reduced.but all strength was drained- she had eaten only dahi with a sprinkle of hing as she had complained of tummy ache as soon as she was bak from school.she was forced to sleep by me against her demand of going n joining kavya to play.

medha came with kavya a little later at around 5 n left kavya with us.she went 2 the chembur market with uma.i watched my marathi sitcom avantika.kavya was busy coloring n harini was watching her. in between kavya asked me umpteen times about things harini had eaten, n if harini was ok 2 go down n play.

The electrician came as soon as the sitcom was over 2 repair the phone which was dead since the weekernd. he told me 2 chek the phone - it had come alive ! i thanked him n he was gone.

a litle later,medha had returned from the market. she had got kelas for harini- big n green.but they were not ready 4 eating as yet.medha also took little hing in a katori n added just some drops of water .she told harini 2 lie down on the sofa.harini did as told but said that she does not want the hing water mixture applied to her navel.v had 2 cajole her so much that v had almost given up.finally medha applied the mixture 2 harini's navel.this mixture is a home remedy 4 a tummy ache,gas,etc.then v all were chatting- medha n i n harini n kavya.harini after 5 minutes got up 2 wash the application from her navel area.she didf that n again came n lied down on the sofa. medha suggested that i take harini 2 the doctor as harini was still complaining about her tummy ache.i agreed as it was raining n harini's tummy ache could worsen n then it would become late in the night when no doctor would b available.

I n harini dressed up n went to the doctor at chembur after cheking up that he was available.Dr. vaidyanathan came into his consulting room within 5 minutes of our arrival there. his son also came with him. he called us in immediately. i told him about harini's stomachache. he prescribed a medicine 4 loose motion,1 for vomitting & another 4 stomache.he told that except the stomache medicine which i can give as soon as i get home, the other 2 medicines were only 2 b given if she vomiiteed again n she passed stools many times.v went to the pharmacy n got the medicinesn 1 box of strawberry cornflakes n got into an auto n arrived home.

I gave her the tummy ache medicine n then took her 2 kavya's home. medha had cooked rice.she was making rotis.harini came into the kitchen n asked if she could eat rotis. medha said no n told her that rotis were for herself. harini ( an avid lover of chapatis ) was terribly disappointed.vedika was also playing there. she refused 2 eat dinner there- her grandpa came 2 pik her up n she went away.harini n kavya sat 4 dinner. kavya had rasam rice n harini dahi rice.hari n said she was fiull after 4-5 mouthfuls. i fed her after that n she finished her plate.then i sat with her 4 some time.i then came bak home. n kept rice in the cooker 2 warm it up. i tarted the netn the phone rang. it was amma. she asked about harini n advised me 2 get bread 4 harini. i went down n got half a loaf of bread n butter.

I again went up 2 pik up harini n returned home. she was ready 2 sleep when she saw the pc on. she asked if she could play n then when i nodded,she started playing some dress up games. i finished my dinner n then rang up my husband n told him about harini's health. he talked with her but she was not interested as she wanted 2 play on the pc. he hung up n i watched some sitcoms n warmed some water. i added a little haldi 2 water n drank a glassfull 2 soothe my irritable throat. i gave harini little warm water 2 drink. then v went 2 bed.
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