Thursday, July 25, 2013

An eye for beauty !

My daughter is someone who likes all things beautiful.She  wants lovely shoes,pretty dresses,shiny clips,cute knick knacks etal. She has her way many a times, if not all the times.She goes for branded stuff & that too, has to be  grand !

My kid will whine & cajole us ,both me & hubby into lightening our pockets for things, which she wants.She is into gadgets as well.Even gadgets are dressed up.She has got a lovely cover for her I-pod.She does not mind changing it ...the cover that is ,every quarter as the bill is footed by us  ! Her dad has gifted her a new laptop & it is her most prized possession, till date.Of course ,she is dreaming of the I-Phone & the pretty covers that will go with it  !

School has lots of project works for my daughter.She decorates her charts with drawings of flowers,designs etc.All these are neatly made with felt pens.Even shiny tape is stuck  to mark the borders of the charts.So the charts look very  colourful & eye catching ! The result is, that she gets full marks for all her charts & projects ! Never mind, that I have started suspecting that the sales at the stationary shop downstairs, is booming because of  my daughter. Great to learn that economy is up, due to efforts of my daughter though unintended ! She made a doll house for her favourite Tinker bell ,some years back  by using waste material.

She spends a lot of time in front of the mirror looking at her face,her pimples,her hair ,her attires,etc.I have tried to make her understand that her inner beauty of helping others ,being kind & considerate is what is going to be valued more than her beauty .She is very helpful.She is a team player.She tutors her weaker classmates so that  they can also proudly stand up in class & speak.She asks all those come to our home for water, be it the postman ,the dhobi ,or anyone else.She is full of manners & extremely polite with others.Perhaps, when she looks at her reflection in the mirror, she is checking if her beauty is skin deep ? !

Her attires also have a lot of bling....shiny stars,sequin works & the like.She has recently  brought a pretty branded mug for drinking her daily beverage.Earlier,she got a customised mug made .I protested as it cost a bomb !

She has taken to athletics in a big way & how ! She has got many  pairs of shoes...a pair of sneakers,a pair of running shoes,a pair of basketball shoes ,a pair of spikes,....all shoes are classy  except that each pair  is priced  exorbitantly for sports goods manufacturers to survive ! Even branded shorts have been purchased- for athletes, must be  be resplendently   attired.I thank my stars, as there was sale, which made me cough up  a little less- the sale price was just short of a thousand !

My kid has taken to baking despite my protests.She presents the dishes photogenically.She even took up blogging...she has a photo blog teeming with snaps of flowers,birds ...the beauty of nature ! She is the family photographer & an expert on how to take snaps.She has given me umpteen tips on taking clicks of  dishes cooked up by me !

My daughter is very fussy about her food.She likes presentation in food which is sans variety.She will eat in lovely cutlery ! I abhor this as I end up washing cutlery for fear of getting it broken if it lands up in the hands of the maid.

 I try to be neatly dressed ...earlier I hardly used to care.I am forced to look presentable all thanks to nagging by my daughter.

Yet, in spite of all this ,my daughter has made me realise that you are As Beautiful As Your Work  ! After all, as the poet John Keats penned, "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever ".

This is my blog post entry for the Tanishq 'As Beautiful As Your Work ' contest on  Women's web .

Blog about women like Megha, in the Mia by Tanishq (advertisement ), who make their work beautiful taking part in the Tanishq 'As Beautiful As Your Work ' on Women's web to win Tanishq gift vouchers ranging from Rs 5000/- to  Rs 30,000/-.


Ugich Konitari said...

Yay! Go, Harini !

Alka Gurha said...

Good luck to a beautiful angel. said...


Thank you very much for your words of encouragement ! said...


Grateful for your warm & loving wishes !

Corinne Rodrigues said...

What a lovely post about your little beauty, Harini. I can never forget her standing up and asking questions about hair care at the Dove blogging meeting. She's so confident and yet not brash. All credit to you and your husband, Vasudha.
And good luck with the competition. said...


Thank you very much for such words of wholesome praise ! Your comments made my day !

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