Monday, June 28, 2010

Hair style

I have short hair now. It was different when I was at school.I had long hair & would tie them up into plaits like any other school girl .But I always wanted to cut my hair.I even took a pair of scissors & tried to snip my hairs at the forehead on both the sides.I have always suspected that I started this trend of having hairs falling on the sides of foreheads .But since I was too young to be honored,some one else walked away with the credits !

I was scolded for being  creative  with my own hair .Really,at home,nobody appreciates any imagination no matter how innovative you are ! But once you get famous,all at home will give interviews as to how they always knew in their heart of hearts that their ward,brother,sister etal is a creative genius ! Success attracts sycophants- one too many !

When I went to college,I was put up in a hostel .Since,I had taken care never to learn to make plaits,I took the only way out.I cut my hair up to shoulder level length.I would just tie a ponytail as I knew nothing else about hairstyling.I have always felt uncomfortable about leaving my hair untied.

Later,in college,I progressed further & went in for a bob cut.There was no stopping after that.I have always kept short hair since then.I have tried the shortest cuts that are possible.Sometimes,I did feel little embarrassed about a cut which had made my hair almost negligible but in days,hair grows back.So  now,a bad hair cut does not bother me.

There are many advantages of having short hair.One needs less shampoo.One feels cool as hair makes you sweat more & you tend to loose your cool ( that is if you have it, in these stressed times ).So tresses make for stress.Moreover you need all sorts of accessories for keeping hair in place like clips,bands,hair pins etal.So you see,it is more expensive to maintain long hair.Cutting hair regularly makes it grow thicker & the hair looks voluminous & bounces ! Split ends can be done away with only by trimming hair periodically.

One thing you all must have noticed is hair which falls on the floor whilst combing makes a lot of mess.It combines with grime & leads to lot of litter.The same hair strands also choke our toilets etal.So ,short hair makes these problems smaller compared to longer strands of hair.I know, that we all take care so that hair does not get into our bathrooms & and floor but it does get there,isn't it. ? So short hair will reduce the mess to a great extent.

Short hair can be combed & set in a jiffy compared to long hair .So,one saves time on getting ready.I feel that I am in control as I have short hair .I don't feel vulnerable -yes ,my hair cut makes me believe that I am a savvy woman-in tune with the times.

My daughter has been clamoring for long hair .I have told her that as long as she combs her hair properly,she can do as she pleases.She will realise surely that short hair is the way to go in this age of short cuts to success !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Posted by PicasaRaangolis are considered to be signs of good luck.That is why,rangolis are drawn on auspicious events like pujas,festivals,weddings, et al.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Renting out.

There are umpteen flats in metros which remain unoccupied as owners are afraid of letting them out.This is borne out by stories  overheard or experienced by them.But the flats lying disused get dirty ,& after some years almost become unlivable unless a few lakhs are spent on making them worthy of moving in.

I have a flat, which I had  let out to a bank employee on leave & license for eleven months.The tenant went on to live there for nearly six years.The agreement was renewed every eleven months & we parted on pleasant terms.Of course, we had hiccups like any relationship.He wanted the house to be painted every 3 years & I was against it as he was unwilling to increase the rent payment as per my demands.He did increase the rent but very marginally.And he continued to stay, as he had his parents & wife & kid - in short,he was a family man.Initially ,he would come & hand me the cheque at the place where I was staying but soon,I had to ask him to deposit the cheque in my bank account.This was because,he swore by IST ( Indian Stretchable Time )-he would call up & say that he would reach at  5.30 pm but he meant that he would be leaving his house at that time.This led to my endless waiting till he reached my house to give me the cheque.Moreover,he would come on the day of his convenience - almost on the 15th day of the next month for paying the rent.I never complained & prayed that he should have better sense & my prayers remained unanswered.

My father had given his tiny flat to his bosom cousin's son for doing business.Later, when my dad requested his cousin for vacating the flat, as I needed the flat for staying,he flatly refused.He opined, that my dad was being unfair as his son had nowhere to go. My plight of being without a roof  did not seem to cut any ice with him.Then ,my dad realised, that, he wanted money.My father was asked to pay the whole rent he had received till then.My dad repaid & I moved in.From that day onwards,we realised that one should avoid giving one's house to any relative.My father had rented out the same place to others -they were brought in by some friends but they vacated as soon as we requested them but blood being thicker than water,relatives want their pound of flesh !

One of our family friends had given his twin flats to a neighbor for some religious ceremony.The neighbour made a duplicate set of keys & has been in occupation of the said property since then ! He has greased the palms of  the office bearers of the Cooperative Housing society wherein these flats are situated & also oiled the police station occupants.Moreover ,he has made an offer that he will give away one flat provided our family friend is ready to take back only one flat.The matter rests there, with no solution in sight, except knocking the doors of the courts .But our courts are so clogged, that,  in all probability ,if justice ever gets done,it will be enjoyed by the friends' grandchild as the matter will get sorted out only some three to four decades later !

Corporate tenants  can turn out to be worse than individual tenants.My ex-employer is  in occupation at various places in & around the city .All these places are used as branch or divisional offices .But rents are paid at the same rates at which they were initially given out.The Company  neither pay higher rent nor move out of the said premises.Some  landlords then approach the courts for sorting out the issues.But in this also,the executives have an upper hand or rather hands as they keep wasting money of the public exchequer for lawyers fees et al whereas the landlord has to pay from his pocket .So many landlords prefer to suffer rather than approach the judiciary.Moreover,court matters take decades to get settled .Hence,many prefer to have their houses unoccupied rather than undergo mental torture.

I have again rented out my flat to a person now at a cheaper rate as I don't want my tenant to feel that my greed is overwhelming .To this,my friend quipped," You know,somebody like you rented his flat out very cheaply but now the tenant is refusing to move out as he feels that he will never get another place as cheap as the one he is living in."I had thought otherwise.Now,I am also thinking of either selling it after the lease expires or keeping it vacant ,just like others .

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Rangolis or muggulu (  Telegu for Rangoli ) are drawn to welcome atithi into homes.

Atithi devo bhava !

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The monsoon is finally here -liberating us all from the heat of summer.How lovely everything looks ! All the leaves,the grass ,the trees are so clean & sparkling green ,as if they have sprouted just now.It is cool & pleasant.Nature seems to be at its best as it brings succor to the parched earth & quenches thirst of all the beings.We also keep our cool as we enjoy the outburst of the clouds.Have you noticed that when it is raining you can take shelter under the shade of a tree but the minute the rain stops,one gets drenched with droplets of water as the branches & the leaves swing merrily due to the gentle breeze.

I recall that in school days,we would be making paper boats & play with them in poodles of water that got collected on roadsides near homes  when  it rained.Of course,the added benefit was schools would declare a day off due to heavy downpour !

As we grew up & joined the rat race,we tried never to miss office but for a different reason.We would try & some how manage to reach office howsoever late ! Our bosses would be surprised that their subordinates were so sincere to have made it to the workplace by beating all odds on such a rainy day.We were there with a purpose far removed from workholism.We knew, that there would be no late marks on rainy days & of course with luck,we might be allowed to leave  early .So ,on the rainy days,it was essential that we attended office to reach late & leave before time !

The fringe benefits of presenting oneself at offices in Monsoons would be ordering piping hot bhajiyas ,samosas,batata vadas,etal & endless cups of adrak ki chai.After all ,having braved the rains,we had to refurbish ourselves for the return journey home ! Ginger tea was a necessity as we needed to boost our immunity to keep attending office during the rains !This ,so that we could keep accumulating our sick leave for better purposes !

I was struck in office during the heavy downpour some years back. My office ,was magnanimous to put us all up at the office with food & bedding.The next night,we somehow managed to reach home.Obviously we took off the next day but later our employer declared those days to be special off s & we managed to save our leave as well.But that day,we  bonded  with absolute strangers & even put them up in our offices.This was done by others as well as that day,nature's fury  transformed  us all  into comrades in arms !

In he city office,it was customary to organize the Sri Satyanarayan Pooja during Shravan -during the rainy season .Preparations would go on for weeks- funds ,contracts & the works.All were coerced to contribute by the numerous unions which swore by  public display of Indian culture !Those who refused were branded as atheists.The higher the designation,greater was the money demanded.So,actually,the whole show was sponsored by the executives of the company.

The men would all dress up in Indian costumes like dhotis,kurtas,achkan etc & the ladies in silk sarees.So,there was fancy dress parade at the office .There were bhajans & kirtans as well - purportedly for the well being - of the employer,employees , the organisers etal.So all had a blast on the day of the pooja.Nobody worked - after all this was official that day ! Moreover,some did pretend to work but then such spoilsports were addicted to PDW ( Public display of work ) only once in a year -the Pooja day in Shravan.I am a devout person but have been unable to understand all this vulgarity.

Now that I am at home,I have to do work unlike when I was in office where I could get away with just signing the muster on rainy days.Of course with men,such problems seldom arise as they hardly work - at home as also at office -come rain or shine ! After all its a men's world !

I do keep watching rain from my windows now whenever I get time .Today, has been especially a bountiful day for rains -right from morning.Hopefully,the water scarcity will get over soon for this metro.The sky gets overcast every now & then & it starts pouring after brief spells of drizzles.

The rains will help our farmers as well & hopefully,this time around rains will be sufficient - neither more to cause floods  nor less to lead to drought.But for that,we have to respect nature & not try to play God.

I better stop here.My daughter is demanding aloo  bhajiyas & I have finally yielded to her demands.I will also have some & enjoy the rains.I may put on some weight but who cares !

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have tried a circular pattern this time around & some symmetry is not right.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Trust is belief or faith.In these times,it is getting more & more difficult to trust anybody .But we must trust ,otherwise it is difficult to get on with life.

We should learn to have faith in ourselves of being able to  at least survive the daily chaos if not overcome the hurdles.For this, we must be positive & trust the Almighty .It is true that one gets only as much pain as can be survived by that person,neither more nor less.Moreover,if we do not get what we aspired for in life,God has something better for us.Yes,it is nearly impossible to think that after so many  disasters,something better is there on the horizon.But we must have faith, as the darkest night gives way to a brightest  morning after a few hours.

At work,we must believe, that our subordinates can also deliver as good as ourselves, if not better.Then only, is it possible to delegate jobs.If we suspect that others will mess up ,then we will ruin our health by increasing our stress levels.We must also have faith in the ability of our boss to give us at least a   raise & promotion .Bosses are rarely magnanimous but there is no harm in having a feel good attitude.At least,it will boost our self esteem -maybe, for a while !

One of my ex-colleagues used to leave her son with her parents .She had complete trust in  her parents.Not once,did she ever question her parents about his food,studies,or other aspects of well being.They continued to look after him till he started attended college.Today,the son is comfortably employed.

As against this,my neighbour  stays with her inlaws.She was working on a small time job.Her child was in the company of her in laws.But she would regularly call up her child to ask about its lunch,snacks etc.The result is  that the child trusts no one except the mother.This has led to many scenes at home but she continues on her job & her inlaws have become only baby sitters for the grandchild & nothing more.This may have greater repercussions as the child will never learn to trust anybody in life.This has made the atmosphere at home very tense as well.

If we are unable to have faith in ability of others to take care of our dear ones,then either we must make other arrangements or look after our loved ones ourselves.When we keep harbouring suspicions ,it leads to a lot of heartburn.We are hurting others .We are questioning their love & affection for us .There is a sense of betrayal which will affect the environment  at home.

Marriage stands on a strong foundation of faith.Many hubbies are very possessive about their wives & suspect their better halves of having flings.In this age of high stress,many wives have no time or inclination for affairs with husbands,so extra marital affairs look impossible, isn';t it ? Moreover,it is said that flirtatious behaviour makes a relationship stronger.This is highly doubtful as the extent of flirting is  inverse to the trust the partners have between them.

Friendship is a relation that is also prone to betrayal but I feel that we don;'t break with friends as easliy as we do with others.I think ,in this relationship lies key to all our  other kinships.That is why,on the  social networking sites,all, are only  friends -your spouse,your kids,your parents ,your in laws,your colleagues,subordinates as also bosses & even yourself !

A doha  by Rahim  "  Rahiman dhaga prem ka math toro chatkai ,tute pe phir na jude,jure gaanth pari jaaye."It means,"Rahim opines that a relationship is like a delicate string of love -please do not break it.If it breaks,it cannot be mended. It may be repaired by means of a knot but the knot remains,that is ,the same sweetness will not be there.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The  semi circular Sun pattern is borrowed from a painted rangoli ,I had seen at a marriage.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Humor can be defined as something absurd,comical or inconsistent which makes us laugh.There are many situations in which such things do happen & we start laughing non -stop.We do laugh at people or situations  but it is better to keep sensitivities in mind .

I have taken to laughter in a big way  & that is why this post.I feel that since life & everything associated is a big farce,it is better to take it all lightly.That is why my blog posts have a few sprinkles of absurdity which can at least evict a faint smile if not a full throated  laugh.The other day,I was traveling & glanced at a shop called " Loot ".I told my friend that the shop is named that way for shoppers to come & loot the shop as the shop would have us believe that they offer huge discounts. But then you know, who is being looted !

I accompanied a friend to a Hospital.At the reception,it was written,"I came here on a stretcher.I went home walking.I hope to run soon ."They just forgot to  add  that he was hoping to run away from the doctors or the Hospital or maybe both ! Another caption there caught my eyes.It read " Help us to be environment friendly."Now,this is just too much of an ordeal- that you pay so much for treating your ailment & then you have to to be pleasant to the staff so that in turn, they will be nice to you.!

I went to watch a film on politics .There was this scene, in which the leader is exhorting the people, that despite   her family members being assassinated ,the public( read voters & supporters ) has kept mum .So,the neta screams " Will you now atleast stand up to this torture ?" I told my hubby that the politician was indulging in mass hypnotism. And lo ! The mesmerized  crowd yelled  back ," We are with you ."Magicians could learn all such tricks about Indrajaal from our netas.Nobody knows it better than them as they have decades of experience having perfected  them in election after election !

Laughter is healthy.It perks you up & makes you forget your troubles.After a good dose of humor,you are up to take on the drudgery of another day.That is why,there are so many laughter clubs which have sprung up .I have a neighbour whose antics & dialogues keep me laughing more than once daily & that's why I have refrained from joining these clubs.To give you an example,she came to borrow a plastic bag.I was quite surprised that she did not have one.She then explained that she had good ones & as she was carrying some things  to her sister,she better give a shabby bag .She trusted me to have lots of such bags.She said that if she gave a good bag , her sister would never return it.Obviously ,I gave my ugliest bag-I don't want to lose her faith  in me which is so absolute !

One may encounter funny situations anywhere.Once,I went to a shop for buying vegetables.I heard the shopkeeper telling a buyer ," The oranges are really good.Buy them before they are sold off."The buyer quipped back," Yes,I will-  the last time I got them from you,I never felt the need to buy lemons ! Oranges served that purpose."In my law college,one of the professors used to  comment," Students will submit blank answer sheets but expect two marks for neatness !"

I avidly watch many  comedy shows  on the idiot box .I am indeed spellbound by the creativity of the writers who manage to pack in so much laughter in ordinary situations ! I especially like the weekend show wherein the female host laughs out loudly.Her laughter keeps resounding in my ears & peps me up.Many times,the humor carries a message as well.So,we get to see satire & sarcasm as well !

Who can forget comedy films like Half Ticket,Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi,Khubsoorat,Hera Pheri,Phir Hera Pheri,Munnabhai MBBS,Lage Raho Munnabhai,3Idiots & many more ! For two to three hours we are smiling if not laughing

I also read columns in dailies which take a humorous view of events.A big scam  or scandal brings out the best in the columnists & makes me laugh out loud ! Khushwant Singh  always includes a funny poem or a joke in his articles which is contributed by his readers.I believe that books like  " Yes Minister " ," Yes Prime Minister ", are classics full of wit & sarcasm.Books by P G Wodehouse are  full of absurd situations which make you break into smiles one to many.

I try to share  jokes,witty comments,etc on the networking sites as also vide emails.Life is so full of stress that unless we have these doses of fun ,we might just fade away !

I am slowly learning to laugh on myself as someone has rightly said that the best joke is when it is directed at one self.That would be politically correct as well- in tune with the times !

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Again ,I have been inspired by a pattern I glanced on a visit to a home.Obviously,I am forgetful & hence this rangoli has a uniqueness of its own.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Car craze

A news item  in a daily caught my eyes today .It read that big cities ( metros & big cities ) are fueling the demand for cars as economy has picked up.Moreover,companies are also offering cars to their employees as sops.So,the growth is nearly 25%.Perhaps,the cars are given to make employees aggressive but it has succeeded in giving vent to aggressiveness only in the form of road rage !

I fail to understand where all this hoopla about owning a car is taking us all ! Maybe towards dooms day ! In our nation,there are hardly any roads but we have cars of all kinds -even Volkswagen has come in ! This all when the world is going green ! The government instead of developing infrastructure is busy giving licenses to all manufacturers to churn out cars .There are many villages which have no roads to connect them to the nearest hospital,school or market but maybe Sarkaar believes that the cars will take the school,the market ,the hospitals & the likes to the villages ! How innovative ! So, we are going mobile & since we are in a hurry ,with a vengeance !

Really,many seem to think,  that without cars nobody believes they have arrived ! In the building wherein I stay,people have two to three cars in a family but they own only one flat.So,the scramble for parking & eventual fights which have become a daily affair now.Many just buy four wheelers to show to the world that they have amassed wealth .For them ,a car is another way of displaying their riches,never mind if it smacks of vulgarity.Moreover,the bigger the vehicle,the larger is the ego or maybe it is the reverse.

The huge demand for four wheelers is also increasing our oil bill many folds.Moreover,a few years hence,there may be no oil left to refuel our  modern toys.We must waste less energy on such useless giants which keep guzzling oil but take us nowhere .With all due respect to the Nano,the crowding on roads will just get worse, as it is a small car.

Parking is a big headache in the metros & big cities are also realising that parking is scarce as more & more vehicles start plying on the roads.Moreover,people on the wheels are commiting accidents left,right & centre without any qualms.They feel that Insurance will bail them out.But who will fund insurance ? We ,the tax paying public will -this is obvious but vehicle owners feel this is fine as non -vehicle owners also are paying for crimes of vehicle owners.As one wag put it ," There is nothing certain in life except death & taxes but that does not mean we have to be taxed to death ." Yes,many people die & are injured  in  accidents on roads but compensation is too meagre & so late that the dependent family is as good as dead.

In India,public transport is bad ,if it exists & non -existent in many places.So for the situation to improve,we as the public, must make out all efforts to introduce public transport in all places.This will help in decongesting  roads,ease traffic & also reduce accidents.It will be less polluting as well.Moreover a good public transport will make people less dependent on cars which will free parking spaces which can be better utilised as land is scarce & too valuable to be wasted for parking .

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This is yet another pattern which I saw at a home which  I visited during a socio- religious function.The central Sun design is the one I had glimpsed & thought that it was something that had not been experimented as yet,by me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Handling children.

My friend asked me the other day if I could accompany her to a workshop on " How to handle kids " .This was at a local school for an evening.I was reluctant as I feel that nobody can give us readymade solutions for any situations in life but as I sensed that my chum needed company,I agreed.

The workshop was oraganised by a group which has a modern age Guru endorsing it or rather the Guru's name is flaunted by his disciples for all the talks & meets organised by them.The charges were below five hundred but for a single night,I felt,we were paying steeply.As we paid the fees,we were also told to divulge our cell numbers so that they could bombard us with information about numerous talk shows they were having next.So for the charges paid,we were actually being fleeced as our privacy was also at stake !

As we sat down on the chairs,we were handed papers & a pen to make our jottings.Then we were informed that the workshop would begin at half past seven.We were given to believe that it would start at seven but in India,everything starts late to suit latecomers.So we waited & then ,again to accomdate more people,it was decided to start at fifteen minutes past the decided time.Anyway,itt did start at quarter to eight.Not many had come in to partake of the positive thoughts about kids.Hardly twenty people were there excluding the organisers .There was one yuppie couple who were not parents yet & there was a spinster -  they were going to advise us on dealing with our kids !

We were told about three Fs -we must be firm ,fair & have  fun whilst dealing with kids.We as parents must never give in to their demands of chocolates,toys etc once we have set limits no matter what the tantrums are.We must also be fair - we cannot lie whilst talking to others & expect  the child to always  speak the truth.Moreover,we must also have the fun factor in mind as  we handle kids.

We were given a formula -PEACE .PEACE stands for positivity,giving an ear to the kid , allowing creativity & also that presentation is a key in making them eat healthy.They also told us that it takes 18 days of continuity to get into a habit  & after 41 days the habit becomes second nature .That is,after 41 days,we cannot do without that activity-it becomes so much a part of us that we cannot live without it.

The examples that were given were good & made us aware of the mistakes we commit as we interact with our children.But some ideas were too simplistic & may not work,say with teenagers.The male teacher stated that the chief of the programme is so concerned about his children that he always keeps communication lines open.He has instructed his office staff that he is always there for jhis kids even in the midst of meetings.As we were all being enlightened aboyut all this,the mobile  phone of a participating parent rang.He was told to promptly switch it off by the lecturer.Now,suppose ,it was from his kid with whom he wanted to reopen the communication line as was being advised in thbe worshop ?!

Obviously,there are no easy answers.As one of them put it," All gadgets come with a manual but the child comes without a manual." It is our own affection,love & wits which will ultimately help us in bring up our child.All these ways will be individualistic  in as much as each of us is unique in our own way !
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