Saturday, February 27, 2010

Marathi Bhasha Diwas-27/2/2010.

I heard about this fact- that today is the day for Marathi bhasha on radio.I had been reading in the press about the Marathi Abhimaan geet which will be released today .It is supposed to be the biggest Indian song  composed till now.The poet is Suresh Bhat & the composer is Kaushal Inamdaar .The song has been sung by more than 400 singers -some well known & some fresh talent.Also,many sound engineers & technicians have  worked on this composition & is really a pan Indian effort.Moreover, Kaushal Inamdaar refused to accept any  monetary help from the political establishment.

Our politicians believe, that, a language needs patronage from the netas but actually,our supposed leaders misuse & abuse languages to cause division & hatred. A language is above all this .We can all only help in evolving the language but we cannot dictate our terms to a bhasha.

I have developed a liking for Marathi  as I have stayed in Mumbai for a pretty long time.I am sure, there are many who have a different mother tongue but love Marathi nevertheless.I listen to Marathi songs,bhajans,etal & even watch serials which are telecast on the idiot box.I feel language connects you to the people like nothing else.All barriers of relegion,caste,creed,colour,class melt away when you speak a common language.I learnt Marathi in a moffussil as that was where I was posted in a branch office.I realised as I spoke to many in the local language in usage in the area that is Marathi,many connected with me  in empathy.I speak to my maid & other local people in their mother tongue.They feel at home &  the fences give away.It becomes very eay to work, when we speak the same lingo.

I am only able to speak in Marathi. I can  manage to read Marathi but I am very doubtful, if I can understand the beauty of the literature as my depth about  the language is very less.I am unable to write in Marathi.I have been able to read as the script for Marathi & Hindi is the same-Devnagari.But still,I have never tried to write in Marathi.

The best motivation for learning Marathi is  that you can read all the patyas ( boards with instructions which make you laugh your heart out ! ) in Pune .I get so many forwards about this very eccentricity of the life at Pune.All the Puneri patyas are in Marathi & if you are unable to read them ,you are missing all the fun !

I have always admired the late Narsimha Rao,our ex-Prime Minister for being able to speak in so many languages.Similar, is the case of George Fernandes who can speak in various languages.They were able to connect with the masses  because of their fluency in so many languages.I have yet to hear of any present day neta who is trying to break barriers with languages.

Recently,I read an issue of the Bhavan's Journal ( the magazine of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan) which had published stories which had won the story contest oragainsed by the Bhavan.All the stories had been tarnslated into English from the various Indian languages.The stories were very varied & rich.I just felt left out - I observed, that there are so many people who are writing so beautifully in their languages.I had missed out so much -having only been reading in English.When the translations were  so good,I am sure, the stories in the original language must be just mind blowing !

It is good to know that we are having a day dedicated to a language- Marathi.I wish other languages follow suit.I lost an opportunity to learn Gujarati as I never tried to learn whilst I was posted in Surat.I will try to make amends now by learning from friends.I also plan to learn Tamil from my hubby.

I am just doing my bit for nation building.Our Bharat is in a mess - I am going to master oral skills in many languages so that I can speak with the aam janta .For all you know,I may be  the next neta.So,please watch this space or rather, keep connected with me on google , facebook,twitter ,yahoo, etal.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aaj ki rangoliyan

I have tried to draw a sitara in the centre in a different manner but it has not come out the way it does on paper.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mossad : Should we copy ?

Newspapers have been reporting that Mossad ( the secret service wing of  Government of Israel )  killed Mahmud-al-Mabhuh,a top commander of the Islamist group that rules Gaza in a covert operation.The killing took place in Dubai by 11 operatives of Mossad.The 11 perpetrators are said to have  used fake passports of some European nations namely Britain,Ireland France & Germany & even  Australia.Witness how passports -the fake ones which  were utilised were not of US.The inside story may be that US knew or better still, planted this very idea of using forged passports of other nations . This has lead to diplomatic rows between Israel & these nations.It has been said that the Israeli' PM Mr Benjamin Netanyahu had in fact blessed the mission.Interpol is  said to have issued warrants for the arrest of the 11 suspects .Israel  as expected has disregarded that their PM be also arrested for this crime.

Vir Sanghvi in his weekly column in Hindustan Times on Sunday dated 21st February seems to be inspired by this operation.He is advocating that we also act similarly with Pakistan.He opines that as Pakistan continues to indulge in terrorist attacks in India , Pune being the latest victim,it is time that we resorted to tactics of Mossad.

There are a lot of differences between Israel & India.Israel was created so that the US could keep on supplying arms to a nation which is surrounded on all sides by Arab states.The US has also been able to indulge in petty politicking this way so that it can keep  its control over the oil reserves.This way the US can always earn & also continue interfering in an area which will remain in conflict.Moreover,whatever Israel does,all the western countries just accept it blindly closing their eyes to all overt & covert action by Israel to supposedly defend itself from Islamists.In fact,the jihad is all about being defensive against US & Israel .All the rest of the world is  just caught in the crossfire bearing the brunt of all this hate.

This will never happen for us-even when Pakistan is in the wrong as is now ,US continues to pay lip service to our protests & supports Pakistan.Similarly all the rest of the West follow suit as they are all cronies of US.Moreover,we cannot displease the Arab nations by indulging in acts to kill leaders of Islamic militant organizations.In today's world,there is so much interdependence amongst nations & that should be reason enough to co-exist rather than  mis- behave like Israel.Israel can get away with anything & everything as along as it is propped up by US.Surely,some day,this will also change & then it will be a pariah in  the  whole world. unlike now when only some states voice their mistrust of Israel.

We must constantly try to reach a settlement on all issues of conflict by peaceful means.Agreed that Pakistan is an adamant state.It is forever trying to intimidate us by terrorising but we musty persist with peaceful efforts.War is too uneconomical.Lots of people are killed by terrorists but for that to be avoided,we have to step up intelligence reports & act on those.Prevention is always better than cure.

All people want peace .Let it not be assumed that we are afraid.We  are not, but no war overt or covert like that being carried out by Israel can bring peace.Even if it does,it will be fragile.We want an everlasting peace & for that we have to struggle hard.Many may argue that maybe I am too much of a dove & not bothered about the many who are killed for no fault.Yes,it is easy for me to say this but I really believe that peace only can bring us all together.In a war only soldiers get killed,never the generals.This is what is happening now  in this battle between terrorists & the world.Only innocents get killed & hatred between communities is increasing.Let us do our best to develop an atmosphere of love & respect for each other & tackle terrorism.Then only, can we, thwart the attempts to create divisions among us all.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mediclaim ,TPAs,etal

 The newspapers reported that doctors have blacklisted TPAs( Third Party Administrators)  over fees which have remained unpaid for months.

This was expected-what is surprising is that it took so long in coming or rather happening like this.The TPAs were appointed to process & settle mediclaims .This was done, when the General Insurance Industry came up with a golden handshake or rather the VRS scheme some years back.The idea was to outsource claim processing to TPAs to make up for the staff which will be reduced because of the VRS .That  the VRS was announced to accommodate TPAs or the other way around is a wild guess.Maybe, for a change, somebody ( read Finance Ministry ) does believe in entrepreneurship of the TPA kind !

Only mediclaim was outsourced to TPAs as it forms a substantial chunk of the Urban Non Traditional Business ( UNTB) portfolio.The TPAs have proved true to their name.They behave like Third party -going about the work of settling claims as if they are not concerned at all.This is because the mediclaim policy is between the insuring public & the insurer.TPAs will send letters citing deficiencies in the mediclaim documents,give flimsy reasons for rejecting claims,& most of all take months to settle claims, if any.Their correspondence is a fertile ground for litigation. The  first reason for rejection is given in one letter followed by another letter citing another cause  for denial of claim & so on till the customer keeps writing to them.This is so only if the TPAs are corresponding at all.In many cases,they do not bother about such basics.

It has been alleged that TPAs misutilise funds which are given to them for settling claims.This is due to the reason that they keep on citing lack of  funds as the cause of non settlement of claims .So,the insured feel that the insurer is not giving funds to the TPAs.This is seldom true but TPAs stick to their stand embarrassing the insurers no end.

The TPAs have employed a lot of people who have taken VRS from the general insurance industry & it is they who process the claims nah are the reasons for the grievances of mediclaim policy holders.But it appears that the directions given by the TPA management is one of causes if not the only one for so many mediclaims landing up in the numerous consumer foras.

The TPAs are supposedly trying to posture themselves as crusaders for the rights of the mediclaims policy holders against the doctors & the hospitals.The hospitals & doctors are also a party to the mess that is there for all to see.Many times,needless tests are advised just to charge exorbitantly & then distribute amongst  all in the medical fraternity.After all ,it is one gigantic brotherhood even sisterhood ! Hospitals have also refused to rationilse the various charges for room,operations,tests etal on a uniform basis.Many times, surgery is advised as equipment for the same has to be used. Otherwise the point of acquiring it at a high cost will be lost.This has been admitted by an eminent doctor.It is a matter of turnover for the hospital or rather the machine ! Also,quite a time ,the post operative care hardly exists & makes matters worse.Many doctors have no concern & their neglect leads to fatalities which causes pain & suffering.It is known to one & all that the moment a person lands at a hospital,the first query is about insurance.If insured,the rates are higher  compared to the unsinsured person.

So all in all, it is the policy holder who suffers & obviously the insurer ( the Company ) .All this is bad publicity for the General Insurance industry.There is a vast market for mediclaim in our nation but if things continue like this,people will be wary of buying mediclaim.

The fights amongst the customers,the insurer,the TPAs ,hospitals & doctors are clogging our already saddled courts of justice.This can be avoided & should be so.The orders when they are delivered are economically injurious to the Company as high interests  have to be paid .Moreover, such cases take a lot of time in the judicial foras who can use the same time for deciding other issues far more important than mediclaim.Most of the issues which land up in court are all technical & can be settled by the various players but there is an attitude to play safe & approach the courts.

The TPAs have faulted on many counts & they should not be allowed to get away so easily.After all,the General insurance industry is bearing the brunt of all this backlash for allowing the TPAs so much leeway for doing a shoddy job.The industry must opt for in house TPAs which will comprise their own staff .They were better as earlier experience has shown .If the TPAs have to continue then,they ought to be trained to process claims in a better manner .Moreover, there has to be regulation for the medical establishment as well.The doctors cannot behave that they can charge us the earth because we got ourselves medical insurance !

The failure of TPAs is a major blow for outsourcing other insurance businesses on the agenda like Motor insurance  .If this succeeds,it will pave the way for giving another handshake leading to weeding out  excess staff.This is the way forward  for disinvestment from the insurance sector  for the Government as per directions of the World Bank.

But one good thing about medical insurance -it is the best incentive to keep your health in an excellent condition.This is so, as many  mediclaim insured have learnt the hard way, that most, of the times,the claim/s will be rejected !

Please also read this blog post about health care in US @

Monday, February 15, 2010

The peanut vendor.

We finally boarded a bus after having waited for half an hour.We were traveling  to another city for a long weekend.As expected, there was a crowd at the bus stop & we did not have reservations.So we were glad that we were able to board a bus within thirty minutes of arrival.There were four of us- myself,my kid,& my parents.

The bus was not a popular choice & so it was nearly empty.It was cheap too.We made ourselves comfortable on the seats & tried to doze off.The afternoon was just going to end.The bus was   warm & cosy as the winter was just coming to the end.Soon we were all asleep.

After about an hour,we were awakened by noises of hawkers selling their wares besides our windows.We woke up to realise that the bus had halted at the toll naka .The vendors were selling cold drinks,chikkis,etal.They were all outside our windows.One of them was a peanut vendor .His wicker basket was filled with golden  peanut pods on which he had some paper cones all packed up & filled with the yellow pods.These are boiled peanuts with a little turmeric & salt.I love these peanuts.So ,I hailed the vendor.He came & told me that he was selling 2 cones for ten rupees.I agreed & then recalled, that, just seconds before  I had seen him giving 3 cones to a lady in a car.I took the two cones he handed & then asked him for another cone in that ten rupees.He waited for my cash but I waved the note at him to symbolise that I should get another cone.Just then,the bus started moving.Very reluctantly,I handed him over the money.He threw another cone through the wondow of the moving bus.It landed on my lap.I was happy that I got a good deal.

We  all devoured the peanuts -not one of them was bad.My parents opined that the peanuts were worth more than the cash I had given.I felt guilty.I was so anxious to get more cones for the cash that I had given that I never spared a thought about the poor vendor.He manged to get that third cone to me in the moving bus.He need not have bothered but he gave another cone for my satisfaction.It must surely have been a loss for him.We bargain for such petty things -with vegetable vendors, for flowers,for peanuts etc but when it comes to things which are big ,we agree without even a whimper of a protest.Is it because we know that a peanut vendor has no standing to protest & a builder will screw us up if we raised our voice even ? We just try to exploit only the already impoverished person who is somehow trying to make an honest living . We are actually petty ourselves as we endlessly utilize them for our own selfish needs.We feel great that we got a fabulous bargain but at a tremendous cost to the poor who give in to our greed.Can we only save like this ? Moreover,if any day,we don't bargain for such simple things,we declare to one & all ho magnanimous we are.

My mom opined that the vendor handed over three cones as they would have got spoilt the next day.This was assuming that he was unable to sell them that day.But even this thought of his was so noble -he wanted someone to eat the stuff when it was good.How many times have we just hoarded  things -eatables,clothes,perfumes  etc  so that we can use them later only to realise that they are no longer in a useful state.But we still continue in making such errors.But the vendor was wise & magnanimous .He was the one who was living only in the present.We all are either gloifying the past or saving for the future unlike the vendor.

I felt that I had encountered a rich person -a vendor rich in virtues .It was I ,who was poor -full of petty thoughts.

Friday, February 12, 2010


The left  rangoli at the 2 sides looks like the deity of the Jagannath Puri temple.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


An Australian  top cop has advised Indians to look poor to ward off attacks in Australia.Now coming from the  police ,this tip or rather one of the tips , sounds confusing ! It also speaks for itself.What is Australia trying to convey ? Maybe, that the police or the law enforcers are unable to do anything.Or that Indians are showing off their gadgets & so the natives are unable to handle the display.

Another piece of advice given was to keep away from public transport in high crime areas.But public transport ought to be a safe bet rather than private transport.But maybe down under ,there is a reverse trend the two nations are in geographically opposite hemispheres.Moreover,is a high crime area going to stay that way ? If Australia  continues its indifference  when crimes are committed,all areas will become crime prone areas & transform into crime ridden localities.

If all non -Australians have to wear masks so that they look poor ,downtrodden then there will a different set of problems.Such a vagabond fella may not be allowed to withdraw money as the money can't belong to him or her anyway.Such people may be denied entry at hotels,malls,public places ,etal.Then ,there will be more riots ! Now that will be another type of discrimination .Pawar & company masquerade as rastravaadis.Tharoor dons the guise of a twitterer.Moreover,I masquerade as poor here in India but attacks on me by so many people continue unabated.Not physically but monetarily yes.The maidservant keeps hiking her rates every six months.She refuses to trust my worn out appearance of dressing in faded clothes.Our politicians continue to scale prices of everything upwards on a daily basis.They believe that the Indian public is rich & keep on  paying . If people do become poor,they can always opt to work under NREGA so that they can buy essentials by paying fabulous prices.First hike prices so much that many slide down & then have schemes like NREGA to uplift the poor.What an idea ?

The  standard  of living in India has suddenly gone up, so much, especially, in the last one year, due to the high inflation, that our living is higher than NRIs in Australia or any other country.We are so rich now, that we can actually afford to stay in India but as we feel pathetic about other nations reeling under recession,some of us travel overseas to assist in economic growth  there.This is so as our nation  seems to be in great shape,economically that is,never mind we are in another time zone as far as lots of other things are concerned.

 Pretense is a good idea after all.Our netas behave as if they have delivered all the election promises.Our Government would like us to know that prices will come down very shortly.How soon is very subjective .We all have full faith in the  bulletins issued, which monitor the economic health of Bharat as excellent as autos are selling more,reality is scaling new heights in prices as well as number of   floors,& so on & so forth.This in spite of knowing that more & more persons are falling abysmally into the poorest of the poor.So,maybe Australia believes that Indians being masters at this art,can pretend to be poor down under.

But, will that masquerade sort out things ? Very doubtful, because we may put on masks to hide away our identities but what about the perpetrators ? Aren' they also pretending that there is only a  race behind all this ? The rat race that is -to go ahead in materialistic hedonism.That is going to engulf or has already engulfed all of us.So let us wake up now to keep it away.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The base is a trikon -a triangle & then patterns are drawn on it-inside as also surrounding the same.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sugar & spice.

The NCP magazine said in its editorial that " no one dies of eating sugar ".This was reported in dailies today.Now, this shows that our political parties do a lot of research before they come up with such gem of an write up  in their in house political magazine,Rashtravadi.Never mind, that the party MPs  seldom do their homework when the Parliament is in session or otherwise.

The magazine clarifies that sugar is like poison & increases diabetes.But sugar used to increase diabetes even before the price of sugar had risen ,so what's new ? NCP is trying to tell us that because sugar is responsible for diabetes,it is priced higher so that we all can lead a diabetes free life as very few will be able to afford it henceforth.I think , Pawar has been given the portfolio of agriculture & not health.But maybe ,the Rashtravadi feels that Pawar is good for  the health of the nation .Pawar himself appears to be more than healthy.After all ,if he is to be the health minister,he must be robust.He is the agriculture minister, but, his stance only adds to the rising prices increasing them further.

We must admit, that Pawar is a true follower of the Mahatma in speaking the truth.Witness, that he said recently that milk prices were set to rise & they rose.Just to know that we have such satyavaadi person & that too a neta in this kaliyuga, is enough to send the public in  tumultuous raptures ! So, in all probability, the magazine was just speaking the plain truth about sugar-there was no masala in what was written.The article went on to add that diabetics hardly eat sugar but survive.It also stated that the total expenses on food was hardly 12% but all were complaining about rising food prices .Cosmetics,fuel,luxuries etc were more expensive now, due to increase in prices but nobody complained.

But when complaints of skyrocketing  food prices have fallen on deaf ears,will any body complain about  rising prices of other things ? Moreover if the public is unable to even eat a decent square meal, how will they have any strength to even voice any protest whatsoever ?

Rashtravadi then opined that the public ought to change their habits ( of eating sugar ) in accordance with changing times ( rising prices) .Viola,what a solution ?  If we all agreed with this,then we will have to start fasting from now on.This is because, all food items including sugar , are more costly than ever before. Nobody will have diabetes or rather develop diabetes,hypertension,heart diseases,etal.But malnourishment will spread from Kalahandi to the rest of  the country.But that can be handled as in all probability,   Pawar will soon be handling the health ministry as well.When ,the NCP mouthpiece can write such healthy views ,their leader is the ideal choice for the portfolio of health !

But if all become so healthy,thanks to Rashtravadi , NCP , Pawar( not necessarily in that order) what will our doctors do ? They will be unemployed -poor chaps !

Incidentally,the article also stated, that, doctors have said that eating sugar & salt is like consuming poison.So,it takes the medical view to render the medical fraternity jobless ! On second thoughts,looks like salt prices will rise now, that  the harmful effects of sugar have been controlled by increasing sugar prices.So , very soon ,high  blood pressure will be a thing of the past. Mediclaim which was a losing portfolio for the general insurance industry will soon become profitable.Really,where else, does, anyone get a mantri like Pawar except in a country like ours !

Friday, February 5, 2010


Today the base is a pentagon .In one case,pattern is more on  inside & in the other it is the reverse.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Twitter outsourced ? !

A news report said that, Twitter is seeking views from our honorable minister of State for External Affairs ,Mr Shashi Tharoor ,on the secret of having so many followers on Twitter.They are supposed to be more than six lakhs.An enviable figure indeed.But does the huge following represent our nation ? Very doubtful -it symbolises the haves who keep following a minister who is a rebel in the Cabinet but what he is up against is unclear.To be blunt,he himself is unsure, about what he wants.If he is against the party which  gave him a ministerial berth or against his boss,Mr.S. M.Krishna,is also very very hazy.The end result, is that, he is more talked about than our foreign policy or whatever is left of it.

He is perhaps so used to five star comforts that he made one suite his home during the supposed austerity drive by the Government .This embrassed the Sarkar very much but he retorted that he was paying for it.Now,as a minister he could have shown restraint on his personal expenses but alas that was not to be.Moreover,he was told to shift base to Kerala house ,which he refused saying that it had no privacy & no gym.If he wants privacy, then why is he going public by tweeting ? Maybe ,he is trying to tell that as a minister ,first his grievances be heard before he can lend  an ear to what is afflicting our foreign affairs !

Then,he tweeted about his flying in cattle class & later clarified that he meant the cramped conditions in the economy class.He opined that flying economy meant that ministers cannot do any work whilst they are on flight.But, then,he meant that unless they,the mantris  are flying ( physically as also mentally ) high up ,they don't get motivated to do any work whatsoever !

He   said  that  Haj issues were handled by him after keeping Mr S. M. Krishna informed .He did what he felt was fine as per his own ideas .This is because he follows a cliched saying which states that consult all but do as you wish .This is actually going against the Cabinet form of Government.But then,who will bell a cat who  till recently was hobnobbing with world citizens ?

His books "India : From Midnight to Millenium " were recently brought by his ministry for distributing to Indian Missions abroad.Of course,he denies any knowledge but then we are so used to our netas having no memories of such things .So in  this ,he behaves like others of his ilk.But by tweeting regularly ,he would have us believe that he is different ! As they say,the more things change,the more they remain the same !

But we must admit that he is a multitask master -he is a Minister ( of State ) handling External Affairs , a novelist of repute ( otherwise his ministry wouldn't have brought 150 copies of his book ) & now the latest- a twitterer !

He has had such huge following at Twitter, that a senior official from Twitter will soon be meeting Tharror to discuss how to address grievances via twitter.I have still to hear that any complaints have been addressed by the twitter minister but no harm in being optimistic.Do we have a choice anyway ?

For all we know,we may soon hear that, twitter has been outsourced to Tharoor  ! Tharoor will be the CEO of TPO ( Twitter Process Outsourcing ) .Obama may protest, but then we have nothing to complain as we have conquered  yet another avenue , never mind the pitfalls !

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have taken the basic design as a circle or rather the circular form & then developed it.

My patterns should be so easy that all can draw them.Moreover,they should be open ended-so that,they can be embellished further & made bigger & more intricate.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Suicides ? !

For the past few days,many students have been taking their own lives.This has become a growing concern to parents & all.By students,I mean teenagers who are almost at the fag end in schools & also by youth in their colleges.Of course,siome kids as young as 12 to 13 years are also dying but that is rare.What triggered this blog post was  the news my daughter told me as soon as she got down from her school bus .She said that one girl studying in sixth standard in her school  had tried to end her life by slashing her wrist ! She is now in hospital.

The psychologists are warning that we give too much stress to the child to study well.We tend to emphasize only the academic performance of the child.We forget that the child is good at playing ,drama,speaking ( debate),dance,music ,art et al.Nowadays,all kids are put in various classes- drawing,music,tennis,badminton,etc in addition to being tutored .This happens with kids as young as 5 years old !

At least,in our childhood,we only studied at home -occasionally,we were tutored but we generally never went for art,music,dance,football classes.Because in those days,there was less competition.Moreover,our ambitions were simple.Not so today-we as parents want our child to be the leader at studies,games,& the fine arts- in fact at everything ! We fail to see what stress we are subjecting the kid to.Maybe, we see, but manage to suppress our guilt & look away, as all parents are doing it anyway.

One reason why all parents act like this & pressurize their kids is because in today's India ,competition is tough .This is so because the population is huge & seats at the better colleges are hardly enough to cater to all those who score reasonably good marks.Another reason,we don't want our kids to make a career in music,dance,painting,games is in these fields, life is a lot more tough with hardly any recognition on the way & when it does come,it is very late.Moreover,in our nation,as in all cases,a lot of strings have to be pulled even for  brilliant persons.A majority of the middle class is skeptical about being able to make any dent in these fields with such preconditions. So, they push their kids to do well academically.The logic is, that, by being a garduate or a postgraduate ,atleast the person will be able to make a decent living.So,parents refuse to nurture talents in their kids.

For all this to change,a lot of things have to happen.Parents should encourage & motivate children to follow their dream hobbies.Even teachers & professors should recognize that spark of brilliance in the child- whether good at fine arts,games ,debate etal.We must all force the government to give recognition to real talents & not some nephews ,nieces of  netas,& others just because they are related or are friends.Then only,can we put an end to this stress which has forced young people to end their lives.

Lastly,we should tell the kids that failures are a part of life just like success .Failure only means that we should strive harder .Moreover success in studies does not guarantee success in relationships,life etc. After all,growing up to  be a better human being is what life should be all about rather than winning or losing.
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