Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Twitter outsourced ? !

A news report said that, Twitter is seeking views from our honorable minister of State for External Affairs ,Mr Shashi Tharoor ,on the secret of having so many followers on Twitter.They are supposed to be more than six lakhs.An enviable figure indeed.But does the huge following represent our nation ? Very doubtful -it symbolises the haves who keep following a minister who is a rebel in the Cabinet but what he is up against is unclear.To be blunt,he himself is unsure, about what he wants.If he is against the party which  gave him a ministerial berth or against his boss,Mr.S. M.Krishna,is also very very hazy.The end result, is that, he is more talked about than our foreign policy or whatever is left of it.

He is perhaps so used to five star comforts that he made one suite his home during the supposed austerity drive by the Government .This embrassed the Sarkar very much but he retorted that he was paying for it.Now,as a minister he could have shown restraint on his personal expenses but alas that was not to be.Moreover,he was told to shift base to Kerala house ,which he refused saying that it had no privacy & no gym.If he wants privacy, then why is he going public by tweeting ? Maybe ,he is trying to tell that as a minister ,first his grievances be heard before he can lend  an ear to what is afflicting our foreign affairs !

Then,he tweeted about his flying in cattle class & later clarified that he meant the cramped conditions in the economy class.He opined that flying economy meant that ministers cannot do any work whilst they are on flight.But, then,he meant that unless they,the mantris  are flying ( physically as also mentally ) high up ,they don't get motivated to do any work whatsoever !

He   said  that  Haj issues were handled by him after keeping Mr S. M. Krishna informed .He did what he felt was fine as per his own ideas .This is because he follows a cliched saying which states that consult all but do as you wish .This is actually going against the Cabinet form of Government.But then,who will bell a cat who  till recently was hobnobbing with world citizens ?

His books "India : From Midnight to Millenium " were recently brought by his ministry for distributing to Indian Missions abroad.Of course,he denies any knowledge but then we are so used to our netas having no memories of such things .So in  this ,he behaves like others of his ilk.But by tweeting regularly ,he would have us believe that he is different ! As they say,the more things change,the more they remain the same !

But we must admit that he is a multitask master -he is a Minister ( of State ) handling External Affairs , a novelist of repute ( otherwise his ministry wouldn't have brought 150 copies of his book ) & now the latest- a twitterer !

He has had such huge following at Twitter, that a senior official from Twitter will soon be meeting Tharror to discuss how to address grievances via twitter.I have still to hear that any complaints have been addressed by the twitter minister but no harm in being optimistic.Do we have a choice anyway ?

For all we know,we may soon hear that, twitter has been outsourced to Tharoor  ! Tharoor will be the CEO of TPO ( Twitter Process Outsourcing ) .Obama may protest, but then we have nothing to complain as we have conquered  yet another avenue , never mind the pitfalls !

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