Monday, February 8, 2010

Sugar & spice.

The NCP magazine said in its editorial that " no one dies of eating sugar ".This was reported in dailies today.Now, this shows that our political parties do a lot of research before they come up with such gem of an write up  in their in house political magazine,Rashtravadi.Never mind, that the party MPs  seldom do their homework when the Parliament is in session or otherwise.

The magazine clarifies that sugar is like poison & increases diabetes.But sugar used to increase diabetes even before the price of sugar had risen ,so what's new ? NCP is trying to tell us that because sugar is responsible for diabetes,it is priced higher so that we all can lead a diabetes free life as very few will be able to afford it henceforth.I think , Pawar has been given the portfolio of agriculture & not health.But maybe ,the Rashtravadi feels that Pawar is good for  the health of the nation .Pawar himself appears to be more than healthy.After all ,if he is to be the health minister,he must be robust.He is the agriculture minister, but, his stance only adds to the rising prices increasing them further.

We must admit, that Pawar is a true follower of the Mahatma in speaking the truth.Witness, that he said recently that milk prices were set to rise & they rose.Just to know that we have such satyavaadi person & that too a neta in this kaliyuga, is enough to send the public in  tumultuous raptures ! So, in all probability, the magazine was just speaking the plain truth about sugar-there was no masala in what was written.The article went on to add that diabetics hardly eat sugar but survive.It also stated that the total expenses on food was hardly 12% but all were complaining about rising food prices .Cosmetics,fuel,luxuries etc were more expensive now, due to increase in prices but nobody complained.

But when complaints of skyrocketing  food prices have fallen on deaf ears,will any body complain about  rising prices of other things ? Moreover if the public is unable to even eat a decent square meal, how will they have any strength to even voice any protest whatsoever ?

Rashtravadi then opined that the public ought to change their habits ( of eating sugar ) in accordance with changing times ( rising prices) .Viola,what a solution ?  If we all agreed with this,then we will have to start fasting from now on.This is because, all food items including sugar , are more costly than ever before. Nobody will have diabetes or rather develop diabetes,hypertension,heart diseases,etal.But malnourishment will spread from Kalahandi to the rest of  the country.But that can be handled as in all probability,   Pawar will soon be handling the health ministry as well.When ,the NCP mouthpiece can write such healthy views ,their leader is the ideal choice for the portfolio of health !

But if all become so healthy,thanks to Rashtravadi , NCP , Pawar( not necessarily in that order) what will our doctors do ? They will be unemployed -poor chaps !

Incidentally,the article also stated, that, doctors have said that eating sugar & salt is like consuming poison.So,it takes the medical view to render the medical fraternity jobless ! On second thoughts,looks like salt prices will rise now, that  the harmful effects of sugar have been controlled by increasing sugar prices.So , very soon ,high  blood pressure will be a thing of the past. Mediclaim which was a losing portfolio for the general insurance industry will soon become profitable.Really,where else, does, anyone get a mantri like Pawar except in a country like ours !

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Secured People to People lending - P2P Lending said...

Good one!

If you cant find bread eat cake! That is the attitude of our politicians. Price rise dont bother them at all! They all are very affluent with the grace of "GOD" and can never be bothered about the plight of the masses.

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