Thursday, February 11, 2010


An Australian  top cop has advised Indians to look poor to ward off attacks in Australia.Now coming from the  police ,this tip or rather one of the tips , sounds confusing ! It also speaks for itself.What is Australia trying to convey ? Maybe, that the police or the law enforcers are unable to do anything.Or that Indians are showing off their gadgets & so the natives are unable to handle the display.

Another piece of advice given was to keep away from public transport in high crime areas.But public transport ought to be a safe bet rather than private transport.But maybe down under ,there is a reverse trend the two nations are in geographically opposite hemispheres.Moreover,is a high crime area going to stay that way ? If Australia  continues its indifference  when crimes are committed,all areas will become crime prone areas & transform into crime ridden localities.

If all non -Australians have to wear masks so that they look poor ,downtrodden then there will a different set of problems.Such a vagabond fella may not be allowed to withdraw money as the money can't belong to him or her anyway.Such people may be denied entry at hotels,malls,public places ,etal.Then ,there will be more riots ! Now that will be another type of discrimination .Pawar & company masquerade as rastravaadis.Tharoor dons the guise of a twitterer.Moreover,I masquerade as poor here in India but attacks on me by so many people continue unabated.Not physically but monetarily yes.The maidservant keeps hiking her rates every six months.She refuses to trust my worn out appearance of dressing in faded clothes.Our politicians continue to scale prices of everything upwards on a daily basis.They believe that the Indian public is rich & keep on  paying . If people do become poor,they can always opt to work under NREGA so that they can buy essentials by paying fabulous prices.First hike prices so much that many slide down & then have schemes like NREGA to uplift the poor.What an idea ?

The  standard  of living in India has suddenly gone up, so much, especially, in the last one year, due to the high inflation, that our living is higher than NRIs in Australia or any other country.We are so rich now, that we can actually afford to stay in India but as we feel pathetic about other nations reeling under recession,some of us travel overseas to assist in economic growth  there.This is so as our nation  seems to be in great shape,economically that is,never mind we are in another time zone as far as lots of other things are concerned.

 Pretense is a good idea after all.Our netas behave as if they have delivered all the election promises.Our Government would like us to know that prices will come down very shortly.How soon is very subjective .We all have full faith in the  bulletins issued, which monitor the economic health of Bharat as excellent as autos are selling more,reality is scaling new heights in prices as well as number of   floors,& so on & so forth.This in spite of knowing that more & more persons are falling abysmally into the poorest of the poor.So,maybe Australia believes that Indians being masters at this art,can pretend to be poor down under.

But, will that masquerade sort out things ? Very doubtful, because we may put on masks to hide away our identities but what about the perpetrators ? Aren' they also pretending that there is only a  race behind all this ? The rat race that is -to go ahead in materialistic hedonism.That is going to engulf or has already engulfed all of us.So let us wake up now to keep it away.

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Lokadhikar said...

good article

the australian police seem to be trying hard to become more insensitive than some(not all) of our own police.

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