Monday, February 22, 2010

Mossad : Should we copy ?

Newspapers have been reporting that Mossad ( the secret service wing of  Government of Israel )  killed Mahmud-al-Mabhuh,a top commander of the Islamist group that rules Gaza in a covert operation.The killing took place in Dubai by 11 operatives of Mossad.The 11 perpetrators are said to have  used fake passports of some European nations namely Britain,Ireland France & Germany & even  Australia.Witness how passports -the fake ones which  were utilised were not of US.The inside story may be that US knew or better still, planted this very idea of using forged passports of other nations . This has lead to diplomatic rows between Israel & these nations.It has been said that the Israeli' PM Mr Benjamin Netanyahu had in fact blessed the mission.Interpol is  said to have issued warrants for the arrest of the 11 suspects .Israel  as expected has disregarded that their PM be also arrested for this crime.

Vir Sanghvi in his weekly column in Hindustan Times on Sunday dated 21st February seems to be inspired by this operation.He is advocating that we also act similarly with Pakistan.He opines that as Pakistan continues to indulge in terrorist attacks in India , Pune being the latest victim,it is time that we resorted to tactics of Mossad.

There are a lot of differences between Israel & India.Israel was created so that the US could keep on supplying arms to a nation which is surrounded on all sides by Arab states.The US has also been able to indulge in petty politicking this way so that it can keep  its control over the oil reserves.This way the US can always earn & also continue interfering in an area which will remain in conflict.Moreover,whatever Israel does,all the western countries just accept it blindly closing their eyes to all overt & covert action by Israel to supposedly defend itself from Islamists.In fact,the jihad is all about being defensive against US & Israel .All the rest of the world is  just caught in the crossfire bearing the brunt of all this hate.

This will never happen for us-even when Pakistan is in the wrong as is now ,US continues to pay lip service to our protests & supports Pakistan.Similarly all the rest of the West follow suit as they are all cronies of US.Moreover,we cannot displease the Arab nations by indulging in acts to kill leaders of Islamic militant organizations.In today's world,there is so much interdependence amongst nations & that should be reason enough to co-exist rather than  mis- behave like Israel.Israel can get away with anything & everything as along as it is propped up by US.Surely,some day,this will also change & then it will be a pariah in  the  whole world. unlike now when only some states voice their mistrust of Israel.

We must constantly try to reach a settlement on all issues of conflict by peaceful means.Agreed that Pakistan is an adamant state.It is forever trying to intimidate us by terrorising but we musty persist with peaceful efforts.War is too uneconomical.Lots of people are killed by terrorists but for that to be avoided,we have to step up intelligence reports & act on those.Prevention is always better than cure.

All people want peace .Let it not be assumed that we are afraid.We  are not, but no war overt or covert like that being carried out by Israel can bring peace.Even if it does,it will be fragile.We want an everlasting peace & for that we have to struggle hard.Many may argue that maybe I am too much of a dove & not bothered about the many who are killed for no fault.Yes,it is easy for me to say this but I really believe that peace only can bring us all together.In a war only soldiers get killed,never the generals.This is what is happening now  in this battle between terrorists & the world.Only innocents get killed & hatred between communities is increasing.Let us do our best to develop an atmosphere of love & respect for each other & tackle terrorism.Then only, can we, thwart the attempts to create divisions among us all.

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