Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Fiesta !

I would love to host the coolest party in bring tempers down ! Well,I would choose a poolside venue of a five star hotel.I would invite all my family ,friends & well wishers.The dress code would be casual summer cottons.There would be pastel shades in clothes,even bright Kurtis & Kutrtas & handloom sarees,pajamas,salwars & patialas,flowy dupattas ,etal ! The party would be in the evening, after Sunset on a Friday, so that if we party late night ,the next day ,all can get plenty of rest.It would be a vegetarian party as I am a vegetarian & wish, the world follows suit !

There would be soothing music being played at the party venue...a DJ would play the choicest music....bollywood,Western,Jazz,Classical...Indian ,Western etal. Music will enhance the get together.Friends,family can all mingle & enjoy.The music will just create the right ambiance & soothe the nerves.

The party would begin with cool alcohol ...I am a  teetotaler.The drinks would be watermelon juice with chunks of watermelons floating in ,rose milk ,aam panha & kokum serbet.These are all cool drinks & ideal to beat the sweltering heat.There would be appetisers like pani puris & dahi batata puris.I am sure, all will gorge on the appetisers which are favorites of many.Pani puris & dahi batata puris will make ample use of Tamarind & date chutney.

Then will be the main course.In this there will be phulkas & no puris as I am health conscious .Puris are totally unsuitable during summer as they are seeped in oil.With phulkas made from Aashirvaad Select & royis from Aashirvaad Multigrains ,I will ensure that the party food is as nutritious as it can be !There will an assortment of paneer curries....Paneer Malai,Mughlai Paneer & Darbari Paneer.These are very apt  for a vegetarian party as paneer is an excellent source of protein.The guests will just keep licking their fingers as these curries will just melt away in their mouths ! There will be aloo tikkis & cutlets  with a platter of mango chutneys  like Shredded Mango chutney ,Mango Jeera Chutney & Mango Garlic chutney.Raw Mango is an excellent coolant & these chutneys with their tangy tastes will tease the taste buds of all my guests ! There will be  plain rice to go with dal bhukara .There will be salads to add crunch to the slices of cucumbers,tomatoes,onions,radishes,beetroots & there will be sprouts salads as well.Salads add freshness to food & sprouts are simply nutritious! There will be the usual pappads ...roasted & not fried.I am health conscious.I would prefer that my guests can indulge without worrying about their waistlines !

The dessert would be the cool Jodhpuri Moong dal halwa...moong is a coolant & this halwa is a personal favourite !

I am sure my party would be the coolest one, as all the gourmet dishes are sourced from the Kitchens of India.The best thing about the party will be gifts that will be take aways...all from the Kitchens of India.I will gift Hazoori Petha Halwa  & Mango Saffron Conserve ! These are cooling gifts as the ingredients of the gifts are natural coolants....perfect compliments  for the scorching summer !

I will try the Apple Cinammon conserve in baking eggless cakes in place of apple sauce .I am sure ,the results will be amazing ! I deserve this gift, for arranging the feast of feasts !

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