Wednesday, December 31, 2014

In defence of PK

I watched the news last night.A panel discussion going on after the headlines.One fanatic whose outfit is spearheading the agitation against PK was asked,'Have you seen the movie ? " He replied "Yes,I have ."I think it is totally unfair to start demanding that a movie be banned because you have seen it already.I mean, please, show some objectivity .Or atleast a pretension of objectivity.For so many of aam junta like me,  are waiting for the movie to be screened on the idiot box soon !

No ,I am no fan of Aamir Khan.He may be a great actor or so as many take him to be.He messed up with Chetan Bhagat regarding credit for 3 Idiots .He argued with Javed Akhtar about copy right matters .Not that I like Chetan Bhagat or Javed Akhtar.And before ,this post starts sounding like the list of people I dislike,I must return to the topic.And yet to demand ban on PK is like eliminating things (dead, living ,non living ),one does not like.If I behaved like the fanatics,half of the world would cease to exist .No doubt,that would make competition cease to exist or somewhat easy but then what fun is there, if there is no rat race ?

And before I go further,there is another reason  Aamir Khan has not  endeared himself..He has spoken unfairly about Rekha,the diva.I am a woman & am inspired by Rekha .She is a stunner even at this age .She was the one who took up Yoga.She was linked up to so many men.She is an institution & does not need any man to cling to.And yet ,loathing Aamir Khan means criticisng him not asking total removal from theatres.Because then, how will I critically evaluate his acting or lack of it ?

Aamir Khan does interfere in film making.Yet with stalwarts like Vidhu Vinod Chopra ,the producer of  PK & Raju Hirani ,the director,interference by Aamir would be minimal.So to think that Hindusim is in danger by a movie like PK is just idiotic ! And to hear ,baba Ramdev speaking like ,"Nobody dares to speak or make fun of other religions.And Hinduism is always under attack " is like making Suryanamaskar out of simple padmasana !

We all Hindus know that our religion is under attack by  self styled Godmen like Aasaram,Nityananada,Rampal,to name just a few.And how ? ! They have raped & killed so many innocent followers .They have been arrested & yet ,we all know ,they will never get punished.Because ,they have henchmen who will take law into their own hands & coerce the public & Government into submission. And the same  goes for other religions as well.

And no good is going to be served by banning the film.The film has made enough money already.So banning the film is hardly going to hurt the makers of the film and Aamir Khan which is the aim of the the so called agitationists .The ban will just  send a message that  creativity which tries to point out flaws is unacceptable in a vibrant democracy.And the ban will make our democracy a mobocracy for sure !

I recall that my boss in office told once that he preferred his employees coming & telling him about the problems rather than the same being pointed out by outsiders.It is the same with religion. All Hindus have a duty to point out what is wrong with our religion & also provide solutions .Maybe take steps to make Hinduism better.It is good that such a movie has been made which holds a mirror to show us  the cracks.Perhaps,the protests are because ,Aamir plays a rank outsider alien who satirises religion !

Instead of acknowledging & appreciating the efforts,all some want, is to push all under the carpet & behave as if all is well ! And that was Aamir Khan's off repeated dialogue in the last movie ," 3 Idiots " directed by Raju Hirani & produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra !

Stopping the movie screening  will hurt aam junta like me who are awaiting the movie on television I  am completely against  monopoly .as per the tenets of the MRTP ( Monopolies & Restrictive Trade Practices ) act So I prefer  watching  movies on the television as I do not want to fill overflowing coffers of PK producers & distributors.Watching movies at home helps me to multitask like cleaning & chopping veggies,checking mobile & net, etal ! This will give more fillup to Bharatiya Sanskriti rather than a ban ! Because all Indians are always multitasking .It is ingrained in all of us..Even the Government ! And the mess is up, for all to watch !

How I wish the government would start taking interest in its primary task of governance.Rather than poke their noses into how movies should be made & not made ,what books must be allowed in schools or what disallowed ,etal.And this would help others stay employed.If the government took upon itself roles of the censor board,the school & college text book councils,etal,unemployement would rise And that would lead to more problems rather than solve .Come to think of it,all those unemployed are out there on the streets demanding bans on books,movies etc ! People voted for right wingers hoping that governmental interference will be minimal .And yet ,the actions & omissions of ministers are making left wingers & middle of centre political parties appear as capitalists as against fascist tendencies currently being on display !

 I wish on the New Year eve,the screen will light up with PK thanks to the local  cable ! And then, I can review the movie as well ! Watch this space !

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Book Review : Against All Odds

Indireads has published "Against All Odds " ,a novella by author Jazz Singh.Jazz Singh is a person who has dabbled in an array of activities be it fashion or behavioural science.She loves travelling as it arouses her curiosity.She loves hills as also valleys.She is a voracious reader.She has read philosophy,mystery,history,romance etal ! She has written this romantic novel "Against All Odds " & hopes to pen many more !

The novella 's  cover shows a girl's side profile trying to balance an umbrella .Her dupatta or scarf seems to be flying in the breeze.There is a car on the road which seems to have come too near to the girl for comfort.

The novella has short chapters & this eggs the reader to complete the book faster.It has 106 pages.Navigating the e book was simply easy ! The print is easy on the eyes.

This is the story of a simple girl Sanjana ,an interior decorator who is trying to earn a living in Dilli.Needless to add,she is extremely talented ! She wins all those who employ her to do up their offices as also homes.She meets Abhimanyu & sparks fly .Sparks of dislike soon transform into flames of love & how ! Is it, because Abhimanyu is too handsome or is it that Sanjana's brown eyes hold too much warmth ?   Someone does not approve of the match as Sanjana is too ordinary for the high flyer,real estate magnate,Abhimanyu.Even Sanjana herself suspects that Abhimanyu is just playing with her emotions as he seems too friendly with many females of the page 3 variety.Is Sanjana right ? Is Abhimanyu serious about Sanjana ? Sanjana even tries to disappear from Abhimanyu's view .She believes that out of sight is out of mind.Does it work ?  How fate intervenes & Sanjana's care moves someone who was dead set against the match, makes for an interesting read ! Still,does Sanjana agree or refuses as this affair has dented her self respect ?  It is a simple tale, garnished with romance & love ! And a whiff of passion !

Against All Odds
Jazz Singh 

The Blurb

The first time they collide, he thinks she’s a con artist, she believes he’s an arrogant snob.

It takes several meetings to change their minds about each other, but eventually, Abhimanyu and Sanjana strike up a friendship that seems destined to turn into something more. He’s a rich successful businessman, however, and she’s a small-town girl who doesn’t fit into his glittering world; a fact that Abhimanyu’s mother has taken pains to point out.

Will they ever overcome the odds, or are their lives on parallel tracks, never destined to cross?

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Meet the Author

Dear Readers,

Jazz Singh is one of the most elusive writers I have met. So respecting her need for privacy we have not asked her for a profile picture or a writeup. Long back, when I had first interacted with her.. I had asked her the reason behind this. Her answer was... I want to be known for my work. All I can say to that is... She will be...


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Monday, December 8, 2014

Cover Reveal : Matches made in Heaven.

Cover Reveal:


Romantic Short Stories by

Sundari Venkatraman

Sneak Peak

Swayamwar on TV reality show; Dating Clubs; Matchmaking websites; parents setting up their children with one another; friends getting married and more – there are many ways that couples get together for hopefully a “Happily Ever After” experience. MATCHES MADE IN HEAVEN explores the various premises in the form of short stories that one can relate to in everyday life. There is even one based on Gods falling in love. Shh! I am not going to say anything further. It’s for you to find out.

And there are thirteen of them. While many insist that “13” is an unlucky number, I am quite fascinated by it. I absolutely believe that it’s a lucky number for me. That’s why I decided to publish this anthology with 13 romantic stories. 

About the author

Sundari Venkatraman has authored four novels and a short story anthology till now, Matches Made In Heaven (anthology) being the latest. The Malhotra Bride; Meghna; The Runaway Bridegroom; Flaming Sun Collection 1: Happily Ever Afters From India (Box Set) and Matches Made In Heaven have all been self- published on Amazon under the banner of Flaming Sun. The three novels are regularly seen on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestsellers’ Contemporary Romances list. The Box Set and Anthology are bound to catch up soon. 

A great fan of Mills & Boon romances over the past four decades, Sundari has always believed in ‘Happily Ever Afters’ and all her books promise happy endings. 

Matches Made In Heaven is a compilation of thirteen short stories – all romantic – based on many situations anyone can come upon in their day-to-day lives. The stories revolve around the different ways a couple can get to meet and tie the knot in a culture rich country like India. Those reading the stories will definitely be able to connect realising that one of the situations has definitely been a part of their lives. 

So here you go........












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