Thursday, January 22, 2009

Haldi kumkum

2day ,there was haldi kumkum organized at the club in our society wherein i stay.i went there - for passing time. my lonelines has produced one common denominator- i hav 2 pass time n for that i end up doing things which i disliked earlier if not hated.

I felt that it was only 4 oldies -youngsters were few n far between.the haldi kumkum was by maharashtrians on the occasion of makar sankranti- so v got 2 eat til ladoos-the tradition in maharashtra,karnataka,on sankranti.v also got a pair of mugs 2 drink tea n got 2 eat ragda pattice n jalebi.i got the snacks home as it was feeding time 4 my dad-8pm.there was going 2 b dancing also later.i did listen 2 bhajans rendered by 3/4 ladies- i was wondering - will my life henceforth b like this- as if i hav fulfilled all my duties n hence dedicate my time 2wards bhakti et al ?but then even if it is, will i b enjoying it r resenting it ? i hav no answer, at least, now.

but one thing - i felt young as most of the ladies there were older than me !

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shopping !

Yesterday,I accompanied my dad to shop for a pair of walking shoes n ended up buying a pair of Reebok 4 myself as is nice -grey in color but i hav 2 tie laces.i did try 4 slip on type shoes but then when i got 2 know that the 1 with laces were cheaper,i opted 4 the laced 1s.i hav already started taking walks with the new shoes.Hopefully, i shud continue 2 walk even long after the honey moon with my new shoes gets over.

2day in the times ,i came across a set of pearl sets courtesy indiatimes shopping n gave an order on the phone for that as well. then,i rang up my hubby 2 tell him about my shopping n asked him, before,he cud even comment, about my shopping spree. as expected,he said, that he did not think that i was shopping 2 much - even,if he had said,i wud not hav stopped shopping 4 what i wanted n i wud hav begun a tirade of sobs et al. so he has just got wiser- after all being in his wife's company has made all the difference for i am forever brimming with wisdom !

Thursday, January 8, 2009


When I went down 2 meet my building acquiantances- females, the talk was- the death ofthe 47 year old man in the bulding on sunday.he had died of heart attack.All ladies were telling that v all better go in for health chekups. they opined that v may feel normal n healthy but u never know what is happening inside ur it is better 2 go n get chek ups done.some of these acquantances r doctors n they were opining that except angiography no test can reveal arthrosclerosis ! now that is a revealtion but then u can't go for angiography like as if it is a routine test -it is quite expensive n painful.

the person who expired that day was not suffering from any known health problems.he had in fact reduced his weight by 2/3 kilos by brisk walking.his wife is a person who swears by yoga n if such a family can hav such atragedy,what about others ? hence the talk about chekups.

Dr shikha sharma in her weekly column "Wellness " in Brunch,the sunday magazine of hindustan times,Mumbai edition talks about trinity of health- correct nutrition,exercise n emotional well being ( spiritual health).even if 1 of these 3 fails or is not ok,then health suffers.I am sure that i agree wih this.

I think v shud go 4 alternate methods of healing if allopathy does not work - homeopathy,ayurveda,unani,naturopathy,herbal, one doctor put it so well when he said that as an allopath,he can only treat an infection,nothing more.For all else, it is perhaps better 2 look elsewhere.

Monday, January 5, 2009

veggies n spice.

2day was a day when i was able to finish almost all the food that i cooked- becoz my dad is here. otherwise,when i am with my kid,i hav 2 eat leftover sambhar,rasam,sabzi,rice et all for atleast 2 kid does like some veggies like bhindi,potatoes etc. the etc incudes cucumber,moong,chana but all this has not to be spicy at all- almost sweet.this puts me off. i hav tried many times 2 make my kid eat other veggies but all attempts hav been frustrated n i hav left it to her n god.between themselves, i hope god will convince her 2 eat little spicier food n all other veggies but on the other hand,god may not taste success with the kind of character my kid is- she will convince god instead!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A betrothal,a wedding n a funeral.

Last evening,v went 2 a betrothal ceremony of my cousin sister's daughter.she is studying for MS in usa n met a Gujarati boy there.he also is studying there.2day morning,v attended a marriage of our neighbors grandchild.

in the evening ,v learnt about a tragedy- a death of a 47 yr old family man.he had a massive heart attack.he had just returned from shopping with his wife n only daughter as it is the daughter's b'day on 6th jan.he felt uneasy - some burning sensation n was given eno .he said he would lie down n when just minutes later,he was not getting up.everything was done 2 revive him but in vain.his wife is a lecturer in a local college n his daughter is appearing for 10th std. exams in march,2009 - a very intelligent child.his parents r also there-his mom was lamenting that instead of taking her,god had taken him.his dad was in a state of shock.actually all were in a state of shock.i went there with a neighbor but i just kept quiet- i was at a loss of words.the home is well furnished with things all filled up - a contented house. but now tragedy has stuck- so whatever v do for home ,4 us,amounts 2 nothing in death.v hav 2 leave everything as it is n leave when the call comes.i had never thought that after 2 happy events, i will witness such a tragedy- all 3 events in a span of just 36 hours !what will his wife do ? she has a job but then u get used 2 somebody's presence n that is not there ,similarly about the daughter.parents of course r dumbstruck-his mom had just returned from a pilgrimage n she was inquiring from visitors about her sins which led god 2 punish them thus.

i think ,i can't write any more -no i am not crying but yes,there is sadness n everything looks irrelevant-job,house,possessions,etc.v shud forever only nurture relationships.maybe i am learning something.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Today is the first of January,2009 n i thought that i shud start blogging regularly -only then can i seriously say that i am committed 2 writing.maybe daily,the blog will not b long but i should persist n write.

2day, i emailed many greetings 2 my emates from the hunger site n related sites so that all become aware of such sites wherein u can do charity just by cliking ur mouse. i hope that my idea has worked.i also tried 2 upload my book ( my magnum opus of more than 50000 words ) on to a site called "" but was unable 2 do so .i was getting a message-unhandled exception.i tried quite a number of times n then gave up.initially,i was skeptical of my work's copyright being infringed but then i thought mayb an infringement will b better than no publicity.hence this attempt 2 publish the book online in 10 minutes- that is promised on the site.i will try again.

2morrow onwards my daily routine begins as my kid's school reopens after xmas vacation but thankfully, i will b free from her tantrums for atleast half a day when she is at school.i am being nasty but then all moms feel like this ,yes true but sad.
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