Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shopping !

Yesterday,I accompanied my dad to shop for a pair of walking shoes n ended up buying a pair of Reebok 4 myself as is nice -grey in color but i hav 2 tie laces.i did try 4 slip on type shoes but then when i got 2 know that the 1 with laces were cheaper,i opted 4 the laced 1s.i hav already started taking walks with the new shoes.Hopefully, i shud continue 2 walk even long after the honey moon with my new shoes gets over.

2day in the times ,i came across a set of pearl sets courtesy indiatimes shopping n gave an order on the phone for that as well. then,i rang up my hubby 2 tell him about my shopping n asked him, before,he cud even comment, about my shopping spree. as expected,he said, that he did not think that i was shopping 2 much - even,if he had said,i wud not hav stopped shopping 4 what i wanted n i wud hav begun a tirade of sobs et al. so he has just got wiser- after all being in his wife's company has made all the difference for i am forever brimming with wisdom !

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