Thursday, January 1, 2009


Today is the first of January,2009 n i thought that i shud start blogging regularly -only then can i seriously say that i am committed 2 writing.maybe daily,the blog will not b long but i should persist n write.

2day, i emailed many greetings 2 my emates from the hunger site n related sites so that all become aware of such sites wherein u can do charity just by cliking ur mouse. i hope that my idea has worked.i also tried 2 upload my book ( my magnum opus of more than 50000 words ) on to a site called "" but was unable 2 do so .i was getting a message-unhandled exception.i tried quite a number of times n then gave up.initially,i was skeptical of my work's copyright being infringed but then i thought mayb an infringement will b better than no publicity.hence this attempt 2 publish the book online in 10 minutes- that is promised on the site.i will try again.

2morrow onwards my daily routine begins as my kid's school reopens after xmas vacation but thankfully, i will b free from her tantrums for atleast half a day when she is at school.i am being nasty but then all moms feel like this ,yes true but sad.

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