Thursday, January 22, 2009

Haldi kumkum

2day ,there was haldi kumkum organized at the club in our society wherein i stay.i went there - for passing time. my lonelines has produced one common denominator- i hav 2 pass time n for that i end up doing things which i disliked earlier if not hated.

I felt that it was only 4 oldies -youngsters were few n far between.the haldi kumkum was by maharashtrians on the occasion of makar sankranti- so v got 2 eat til ladoos-the tradition in maharashtra,karnataka,on sankranti.v also got a pair of mugs 2 drink tea n got 2 eat ragda pattice n jalebi.i got the snacks home as it was feeding time 4 my dad-8pm.there was going 2 b dancing also later.i did listen 2 bhajans rendered by 3/4 ladies- i was wondering - will my life henceforth b like this- as if i hav fulfilled all my duties n hence dedicate my time 2wards bhakti et al ?but then even if it is, will i b enjoying it r resenting it ? i hav no answer, at least, now.

but one thing - i felt young as most of the ladies there were older than me !

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