Monday, January 5, 2009

veggies n spice.

2day was a day when i was able to finish almost all the food that i cooked- becoz my dad is here. otherwise,when i am with my kid,i hav 2 eat leftover sambhar,rasam,sabzi,rice et all for atleast 2 kid does like some veggies like bhindi,potatoes etc. the etc incudes cucumber,moong,chana but all this has not to be spicy at all- almost sweet.this puts me off. i hav tried many times 2 make my kid eat other veggies but all attempts hav been frustrated n i hav left it to her n god.between themselves, i hope god will convince her 2 eat little spicier food n all other veggies but on the other hand,god may not taste success with the kind of character my kid is- she will convince god instead!

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