Friday, December 29, 2017

Spotlight : Brahmahatya

‘I found Rajiv's novel completely charming. The story is always interesting and is funny and moving by turns. It has really original elements with its setting and his use of the Hindu stories. I think it is such a good novel and with such appealing characters. I loved it!’ - Rebecca Smith, author of 'The Jane Austen Writers' Club'.
Blog Tour by The Book Club of BRAHMAHATYA by Rajiv Mittal

Rajiv Mittal

Blog Tour by The Book Club of BRAHMAHATYA by Rajiv Mittal


A story of revenge and redemption and deeds shaped by forces that humans believe they have defined through mythology and scriptures but still struggle to understand. 

A woman employee of a retirement home is shocked to discover that a new resident is in fact the son impersonating his father. The son is seeking revenge. She, by her past actions, is unwittingly complicit in his being there and now tries to thwart his peculiar plans. A senile woman-resident and an enigmatic founder offer him sage advice. The samudra manthan (a major episode in Hindu mythology), a slightly dim secretary and a sinister boss play their part in ensuring justice is finally served but in an unexpected manner. 

The novel quotes frequently from the ancient Hindu scriptures and stories that the protagonists use to justify their actions. The treatment of the elderly in society is a major theme. 

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About the author

In Rajiv Mittal's own words:

"I was born in Chennai, India in the early nineteen sixties. I am an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a CPA from Australia. I now live in Melbourne after a stint of several years in the Middle East. 

Writing was a vague aspiration. It became reality thanks to a stranger who said I reminded him of the main character from Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. He quoted from it, ‘Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.’" 

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Abortions versus Condom Ban

1.6 crore abortions a year in India : 81 % at home : Study is a headline in Times of India dt 12th December, 2017 on its front page .Also on the front page of the Times of India , is  another headline   No condom ad on tv from 6 am to 10 pm –Govt .

The government seems to be in denial about sex. Even though our population keeps growing exponentially. One of the reason as pointed out by the study many people don’t know how to use condoms the right way. The study by IIPS, Institute in Mumbai also stated that nearly 50 % of pregnancies are unintended .This means that there is an urgent need for better contraceptive tools  like condoms & family planning methods as opined by Dr Chandra Shekhar, the main author of the study at IIPS.

The study revealed that nearly 1.6 crore abortions took place in India in 2015. Figures must have definitely risen by now in 2017 This is nearly 50 % more than the Government figures of 7 lakhs per year since last 15 years. The study discloses that one in 3 pregnancies in India leads to abortions .And the number of abortions carried out in public facilities  is nearly five times more than the Government figures .This is extremely alarming.

Government is in denial about abortion figures & now it seems to be in denial about sex as well. Since there is no sex, condoms will be not publicized from 6am  to 10 pm ? And the ban order seems to suggest that it had to be brought about ,as companies were telecasting graphic  adult content for advertising condoms which government claims is unsuitable for kids. Since , sex is adult activity, condoms are  advertised using adult themes. And moreover if such ads are stopped, more kids will be born as condoms are a choice for contraception.By stopping these ads in the suitable time slot, the choices to public for safe sex are being denied. Kids are the output of sex, not the input.
What the government fails to understand is that if abortions can reach such high figures , its because candom ads are so few & far in between, that their impact is grossly inappropriate ( pun intended ) .The advantage of using condoms against family planning methods are many . Condoms are one of the most easily used contraceptive tools.  Firstly, what condoms do is temporary  whereas many family planning methods are permanent .Though  some family planning methods are reversible as well  .Yet, temporary methods may require invasive procedures which many will rather not opt. Family planning methods require intervention of the doctor whereas condoms can be brought at pharmacy & other stores .The study revealed that 8 1 % abortions were carried out at home by methods like taking medicines which are available at the counters . Though this is extremely dangerous trend, it follows , that the Indian public would prefer using condoms rather than opt for family planning methods. This could be because in India, tradition & religion forbids the people from openly asking & going in for  condoms & much less family planning methods. That’s why, sex education is a must at schools. Our netas are against sex education. And so it follows that they are against condom education via the ads on tv.

 For women ,condom usage prevents unwanted pregnancies & hence, abortions which could be life threatening. For men & women both , wearing condoms prevents AIDs & other sexually transmitted diseases.  In fact, the population of those affected by HIV in India is third highest in the world.With so many advantages,  why should condom ads be banned ? Deodarant ads & even toothpaste ads look &  even sound like porn in action. And yet, such ads are viewed by all without any hesitation.  On second thoughts, the government seems to believe that each woman must give birth to more than two children as our netas have been screaming . Though, the general public may disagree  , yet what gets banned is what the government wants to ban. After all, did not the public vote for the government to come to power ? Hence,  the government can ban what it wants .After all in a democracy, government is by the people, of the people & for the people.

India has a huge young population  .Unemployment rates are high. Skill India has been unable to make significant dents into the problem of unemployment .And mobile phones & internet make porn easily available to the  youth including teens. The young are going to experiment with sex come what may. Its better that they have safe sex rather than sex which leads to dangerous health & social problems  .Safe sex is possible through condoms .The ads on condoms will make the youth aware of a tool which can provide safe sex. Absence of condom ads from 6 am to 10 pm on tv will defeat the purpose of safe sex. This is the time slot when the Indian population is watching the idiot box. Telecasting condom ads on tv from 10 pm to 6 am, will defeat the purposes for which condoms are being advertised.

Banning porn in this digital age is nearly impossible because of the internet. Hence, the mad step to ban condom ads. The results will be catastrophic as there will be a rise in unplanned pregnancies &  obviously ,abortions majority of them illegal.

Many young couples may want to wait for some time before they beget children And condoms fulfil this need ,as they are easy to use .This awareness about condoms is possible through advertisements . And stopping ads on condoms is like leaving couples with no option but to beget children even if they are not ready for kids.This will lead to social as also health problems. And an added risk  of rapid population growth.

Unintended pregnancies lead to another problem .Sometimes, the foetus may be underdeveloped or there could be some other health problem/s,And many times, such problems get detected so late in the pregnancy that legal abortion is impossible. And this leads to illegal abortions with its inherent risks.

As per  Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, in force at present in India, foetus can be aborted up to 12  weeks with approval of a doctor. Between 12-20 week foetus, approval of 2 doctors is needed .Foetus older than 20 week cannot be aborted as per the act.

Many women who approached courts to have their pregnancy terminated late(more than 20 weeks )  into the pregnancy had to return disappointed as the courts refused to grant permission to do so. Because that meant going against the Medical Termination Of Pregnancy Act. This act is now going to be amended to allow for termination of late pregnancy. Using condoms is a possibility that such pregnancies could have been avoided. And for that, condom ads need to be telecast and aired on tv s it has a wide reach in our nation.

The government has been promoting beti bachao , beti padhao programme. Condoms ensure safety for girls by preventing unwanted pregnancies & therefore abortions. As per WHO report 5 women die on an hourly basis in India during child birth.  Therefore condom  ban is  against beti bachao , beti padhao . Perhaps this has happened because one arm of the government has no idea what the other arm of the government is doing. Or maybe, the different arms of the government are working on cross purposes.

The government, in fact ,should go aggressively for condom drives to popularise condom usage That’s why the government should reverse the condom ban & instead promote condoms for safety .This is another way to save the daughters of India. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Spotlight : My Singapore Fling

Blog Tour by The Book Club of MY SINGAPORE FLING by Sudesna Ghosh

Sudesna Ghosh

Blog Tour by The Book Club of MY SINGAPORE FLING by Sudesna Ghosh


Meet Dipa Basu. She’s a 30 something modern Bengali woman living in Kolkata and a successful writer. After many relationships and breakups, she’s decided that love is a waste of time. She’s always had these phases where she’s been obsessed with different things; like one where old men in dhotis appealed to her. But this time she’s crazy about men with British and Australian accents. She travels to Singapore for a few days, on a quest to have a fun, meaningless fling. Her trip is full of surprises. Will Dipa have her Singapore Fling?

Read an excerpt:

I woke up as the plane landed with that comforting thud. I grew up with that thud. It’s a welcome – and a reminder that a long hot shower isn’t too far away. So I grabbed my suitcase with crazy anticipation in my system because this trip was all about a good change. It was my chance to set things right in my boring 30 something year old life. Romantic love was overrated. I’d had enough of that crap. Time for some unemotional fun. The girls had attempted to analyse me saying, “Dipa, you are sensitive, emotional, and all about feelings. Are you sure about a fling?” I was sure. Sure I cried during most movies. Yeah, I couldn’t stand animal cruelty or injustice to the poor. But this was meant to happen.

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About the author

Sudesna Ghosh

Sudesna or Sue is the author of short stories, two nonfiction books, and now a YA novella (Just me, the Sink & the Pot, and a collection of short stories (The Adventures of Ernie Fish), a romance (My Singapore Fling) and kid lit (The Cheesecake Thief & Other Stories).

When she isn't writing or reading, she is busy being a good parent to her adopted cats.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Book Review : Right Behind You by Neil D'Silva

Right Behind You is a collection of thirteen horror stories by the King of Horror, Neil D'Silva.

I have read his Pishacha earlier & it impressed me .And I was sure, this anthology would be quite awesome. And I was right !

The cover of the book is impressive .It shows a person, whose eyes are horrified at the image behind. And the image seems to be something eerie with two holes for eyes and another for a widely opened mouth. All this in turn, is seen in the rear mirror of a vehicle .Behind the mirror, there is  a full moon & branches of a tree  against a dark night .

The book has 180 pages & 13 tales. The book starts with acknowledgements by the author. He has thanked his family & friends for making the book possible. Next is the reasoning about why the author penned a short story collection .

Some stories are short & some are long. All are interesting with varying plots & twists.

The author makes use of simple every day things like footwear, toiletries,etal & weaves horror stories around them.He narrates how urban planning of concrete jungles is  a tragedy.And in that,  he narrates a tale which rings so true !

In one story, grown up adopted adults go to meet their biological parents.Do they get to meet them ? Do they ask, why they were given up for adoption ?

In another story, set in a hostel, someone is very strange & keep to himself. And it creates the horror gently but surely .In a village, someone keeps begging for food & yet, the method of begging sends shivers down  the spine & how !

In one case, wife goes missing & husband is obviously upset.Where is she ? This is gory !

Some tales are set in urban set up. A child who thinks that there is a ghost in the roof who comes down. And another, where a three headed monster stalks people.

The effects of sounds in the tales creates the eerie atmosphere, so apt for horror. The reader is on the edge .And this makes it very thrilling !

In a nutshell, this book has an excellent collection of short horror stories which pushes  the reader begging for more ! 


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Book Blitz : Darkness There - But Something More.

Book Blitz: Darkness There - But Something More: An Anthology of Selected Ghost Stories by Dr. Santosh Bakaya and Lopamudra Banerjee
Print Length: 182 pages
Publisher: The Blue Pencil
Publication Date: June 30, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English
Genre: Paranormal
Who has not been intrigued and enthralled by the spirit world, ghosts, other-worldly beings, or in other words, the paranormal? Ambiguous presences around us, whether in the form of orally narrated stories by our grandparents, or in the form of haunting, riveting supernatural stories in books and movies have held us in their spell, engaging, alluring us even to this date. In fact, the prominence of paranormal investigators, ghostbusters and others documenting the other-worldly in today’s age overpowered by science and technology only points to the fact that we crave to push our boundaries as rational beings and delve into the phenomena which we cannot define or explain tangibly.This anthology of 30 selected ghost stories by authors dispersed all over the globe celebrates the spine-chilling thrills and sense of awe and bewilderment of this very inexplicable world inhabited by the other-worldly beings. Come, experience the cataclysmic, weird, and at times, benevolent spirit world and you will never have a dull moment in this roller-coaster ride!
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Dr. Santosh Bakaya
Recipient of the international Reuel Award for literature [2014] for her long poem, Oh Hark!, The Poet Laureate Award for Ballad of Bapu, Oh Hark! And where are the lilacs? [2016 Poetry Society of India, Gurugram, Haryana, India] , The Universal Inspirational Poet Award [2016 , Pentasi B friendship Poetry and the Ghana Government ] and the Incredible woman of the year Award, 2015 [Incredible women of India blog] Santosh Bakaya, an academician –poet –essayist –novelist, has made her mark both in prose and poetry. Her three mystery novels, [The mystery of the Relic, The mystery of the Jhalana Fort, The mystery of the Pine cottage] for young adults, were very well received in the 1990s.
Flights from my Terrace, her e-book of 58 essays, published on Smashwords [2014], now has a printed version [Authorspress, Delhi, 2017]. Ballad of Bapu, [a poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi, Vitasta publishers, Delhi, 2015], and Where are the lilacs? [Authorspress, Delhi, 2016] have received international laurels.
Her poems have figured in the highly commendable category and poem of the month category in Destiny Poets, a U K based poetry website. Her poetry has also appeared in Learning and Creativity- Silhouette magazine, in Incredible women of India, in an Australia based e-zine, Mind Creative, In Brian Wrixon's Anthology, the online magazine Episteme, published from Mumbai and Setu , a bi-lingual journal published from Pittsburgh , USA, GloMag ,Different Truths and, all very popular international e-zines.
She has co-edited UMBILICAL CHORDS: AN ANTHOLOGY ON PARENTS REMEMBERED, published by Global Fraternity of Poets, Gurugram, Haryana and Darkness there but something more – a collection of ghost stories. [Blue Pencil] Under the Apple Boughs, her second compilation of poems, is her most recent book [Authorspress, 2017]. In July, 2017, an Award for Literary Excellence was conferred on her by Bharat Nirman, an international NGO.
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Lopamudra Banerjee
Lopamudra Banerjee is a writer, poet, editor and translator, currently based in Dallas, USA. She has a Masters' degree with thesis in creative nonfiction writing from the Department of English, University of Nebraska at Omaha. Thwarted Escape: An Immigrant's Wayward Journey, her debut memoir/nonfiction novel, (Authorspress, 2016) has received Honorable Mention at Los Angeles Book Festival 2017. The manuscript has also been First Place Category Winner at the Journey Awards 2014 hosted by Chanticleer Reviews and Media LLC, USA. Her literary works have appeared in numerous journals, anthologies and emags.
Her fiction has been featured in Silhouette I & II anthology (Authorspress), among other places. She has received the Reuel International Award 2017 for Poetry and also Reuel International Award 2016 for her English translation of Rabindranath Tagore's novella Nastanirh (translated as The Broken Home) instituted by The Significant League, a renowned literature group in Facebook, and the book is available in Amazon Kindle. Her debut poetry collection 'Let The Night Sing' has recently been published by Global Fraternity of Poets. Also, her collection of selected stories by Rabindranath Tagore in English translation, 'The Broken Home and Other Stories' has recently been published by Authorspress.
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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Book Blitz : Prem Purana

Book Blitz by The Book Club of PREM PURANA by Usha Narayanan

Book Blitz by The Book Club of PREM PURANA by Usha Narayanan

Print Length: 272 pages
Publisher: Penguin Random House India 
Publication Date: September 18, 2017
Language: English
Genre: Romance 

No one is untouched by love, not even devas and asuras, kings and nymphs. And when they face life’s unexpected tribulations, their love also undergoes trials. Read how Ganesha took myriad forms to please Riddhi, Siddhi and Buddhi, how Ravana shared an unbreakable bond with his true love, Mandodari and how Nala and Damayanti’s relationship was tested till almost nothing remained.

Tormented by passion, wracked by betrayal, torn by the agony of separation, love in its many splendored forms is the origin of these incredibly endearing stories of Prem Purana.

It would be great if you can add this book to your TBR

Usha Narayanan had a successful career in advertising, media and corporate communications before becoming a full-time author. She has written several books, including 'The Madras Mangler', a suspense thriller, and 'Love,Lies and Layoffs', a Harlequin romcom. Her latest is 'The Secret of God’s Son', the sequel to her bestselling book,'Pradyumna: Son of Krishna', both published by Penguin.

When she’s not juggling travelling, writing and interviews, Usha reads everything from thrillers to romances, provided her cat isn’t fast asleep on her Kindle. 

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