Monday, December 11, 2017

Book Review : Right Behind You by Neil D'Silva

Right Behind You is a collection of thirteen horror stories by the King of Horror, Neil D'Silva.

I have read his Pishacha earlier & it impressed me .And I was sure, this anthology would be quite awesome. And I was right !

The cover of the book is impressive .It shows a person, whose eyes are horrified at the image behind. And the image seems to be something eerie with two holes for eyes and another for a widely opened mouth. All this in turn, is seen in the rear mirror of a vehicle .Behind the mirror, there is  a full moon & branches of a tree  against a dark night .

The book has 180 pages & 13 tales. The book starts with acknowledgements by the author. He has thanked his family & friends for making the book possible. Next is the reasoning about why the author penned a short story collection .

Some stories are short & some are long. All are interesting with varying plots & twists.

The author makes use of simple every day things like footwear, toiletries,etal & weaves horror stories around them.He narrates how urban planning of concrete jungles is  a tragedy.And in that,  he narrates a tale which rings so true !

In one story, grown up adopted adults go to meet their biological parents.Do they get to meet them ? Do they ask, why they were given up for adoption ?

In another story, set in a hostel, someone is very strange & keep to himself. And it creates the horror gently but surely .In a village, someone keeps begging for food & yet, the method of begging sends shivers down  the spine & how !

In one case, wife goes missing & husband is obviously upset.Where is she ? This is gory !

Some tales are set in urban set up. A child who thinks that there is a ghost in the roof who comes down. And another, where a three headed monster stalks people.

The effects of sounds in the tales creates the eerie atmosphere, so apt for horror. The reader is on the edge .And this makes it very thrilling !

In a nutshell, this book has an excellent collection of short horror stories which pushes  the reader begging for more ! 

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