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Over Time

Overtime is working in excess of usual working hours.This is just a simple definition.It omits to take into account the fact,

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In these patterns,I have used the square as the base & drawn some designs.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our republic is 60 today.

Our country is a republic meaning that the head of the state is an elected person .This is unlike UK, wherein the monarch( King or Queen ) heads the nation.

Have we achieved what was enshrined in our constitution ? The Directive Principles of  State Policy are directions meant to be followed in the governance of the country.But apart from giving token regard to the directions,nothing concrete has been achieved.Even the fundamental rights have to be protected by taking recourse to judiciary.This does not reflect well on our leaders & ultimately on us.This is so, as we elect our leaders.

The right to education is just on paper-schools are few & far between.We turn a blind eye to child labour,trafficking of women & children,corruption,etal.We seem to believe, that, if we let things be as they are,somehow they will get sorted out.

This is because,we believe that we must individually somehow shine amongst the billions- by money power,fame etc.So there is no team work.It is said that we have unity in diversity but it is a fact that we have diversity in diversity.Look around & see how we group ourselves as per our language,relegion,caste,sub-caste,& so on & so forth.

We shun physically challenged & mentally challenged fellow citizens but give alms to beggars who are handicapped.We want to absolve our guilt & hence take recourse to such acts.In fact,we should make things easy for such persons so that they can also make their contributions to society.

Moreover,we believe, that the Government should take all responsibility for nation building.The government is primarily in the task of developing a country but we as citizens are also duty bound to follow suit.

So,if we all did our jobs sincerely,we would assist in taking our country on the path of progress.Most of the times,we are watching other co-workers rather than doing our tasks.Some even feel that laying down your lives or joining the armed forces is the only path to patriotism.We must remember, that extreme patriotism is what later transforms into fascism .Moreover,in today's world, all countries are interdependent on one another & hence,fascism should never be allowed to raise its ugly head.

There is an English proverb," Take care of the seconds.The minutes & hours will take care of themselves." Similarly,if we all did what is expected of us individually & as a team,all will be taken care of.This is also one aspect of patriotism.We ought  pay our taxes correctly &  in time .India being a welfare state,all our infrastructure ,subsidies etc are funded from the collected taxes.Ordinary people who are in service pay their taxes.It is time professionals , businessmen,netas,  also paid their dues   in time.

So,let us all take an oath today to be sincere to ourselves .This will automatically translate into sincerity towards one & all including our Bharat.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Charity for free !

Being philanthropic is a duty for all of us .We must do our bit as we have a decent life- for not having to struggle as the have nots do on a daily nah, an hourly basis.Nowadays,there are many options to choose from -we can buy things from NGOs,serve at NGOs, forward a link etc.

I try to buy some clothes at khadi stores of KVIC ( Khadi & Village Industries Commission) regularly.Khadi is a natural fibre & so very comfortable for summer wear .Moreover,it is reasonably priced.People who prefer other clothes can still buy khadi -they can opt for kahdi hand towels & bath towels which are very absorbent & easy to dry.One can also buy stuff like honey,incense sticks ( agarbattis,dhoop sticks ) at the khadi bhandars to  help the industries who manufacture these items.So instead of buying such items elsewhere,it is advisable to buy such things at the khadi bhavan.I  prefer to buy white & black churidaars &  salwars of  khadi as I am perennially in need of these.The idea of buying khadi clothes is that I am responsible for the employment of at least a person for some days.

Similarly,one can adopt any handloom or handicraft  -by doing so ,you get value for your money & the transaction also generates employment for artisans who make a living by making the said things ! This also is philanthropy but costs the buyer not even a penny.This is so, as the artisan is paid for by buying his crafted items.Moreover such buys keep many of such crafts alive -many a crafts have vanished as there is no one to buy them.I recall the Mahatma's letters to Rajkumari Amrut Kaur, India's health minister in Nehru's cabinet wherein, he urges her to wear khadi silk sarees so that others will emulate her & khadi workers will remain employed .Khadi silk is very lightweight & lovely.It can be easily worn by all especially ,the senior citzens as they feel that other silks are too heavy for wearing in old age.

During rakshabndhan,I go to a local NGO which employs & trains physically challenged persons in making bags,uniforms,jewelery cases,rakhis,etal.I buy rakhis from this NGO .As I have to buy rakhis - I might as well buy from an NGO- I am killing two birds with one stone.I am being philanthropic as also getting my need fulfilled.It does feel great !

I used to buy greeting cards from an NGO in a moffusil where I had been posted.It was working with tribal children.Now,in this age of the net,I have another option .I can  be green   & opt for e -cards.I have come across a site -The Hunger Site.I can send an e-card from this & associated sites related to breast cancer,animal rescue,child literacy,child health ,rainforests,et al.The e card sent by me is free & generates funds for the various causes.I am doing charity for free ! I fully agree with the saying " The best things in life are free ."My emates,I am sure,  are thrilled, to get e greeting cards from me wishing them on birthdays & other occasions.I am not earning now & such sites help me in doing my bit for others.

I would like to mention one more can go to the site & play a game. There are various subjects-English (vocabulary &  Grammar),Art,Geography( Countries & Capitals),Chemistry ,Maths ( Algebra & Multiplication table ) & Language learning ( Spanish,Italian,French & ,German).The game involves choosing the correct option from multiple answers.Each correct answer donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme to end hunger worldwide.Moreover,one can play as along as one likes.There is no signing up needed.You can just go &  start playing therby assisting in feeding the hungry millions! So this is international charity sitting at home ! Moreover,you are testing yourself on the various subjects & improving them as you play the game.Don't you agree that this is too good to be true ? But believe me,it is indeed true.

Recently,I took part in voting for NGOs on a social networking site .The NGO getting the maximum votes was going to win millions as funds.It hardly involved any efforts from me & hence a lazy person like me participated.

You can also email links of such sites & any  cause worthy of your attention to your emates to spread the word around.Here,I would like to state that Sunitha Krishnan is doing exemplary work to end human trafficking & sex trade.The link to her NGO prajwala is

There are NGOs which will pick up your used bicycles  & other stuff & donate them to others who are in urgent need & can't afford to buy.So all this is pro-green .After all ,the used things are being recycled.The west will go green with envy as in our nation we recycle all things- food,clothes,utensils,plastic,glass etal.Let all join in  the recycling & make  the movement stronger.

You will all agree that there are numerous choices for serving others in today's age .This will give us joy which will last & last.So please make a beginning.It is never too late to start a task as magnanimous as this one !

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Movie magic

I love movies .Though now it has become very expensive to go & watch it in theatres sorry multiplexes,wherein you feel like you have spent a fortune .Yes, a fortune -the ticket cost,plus  a snack which is invariably prices above 100 bucks .Also,let us not forget about the transport cost of getting to the theatre.So,it is rather advisable to get a CD & watch it on your computer  or on the idiot box .Nowadays, the films get to be telecast very fast on the television .So that is more economical.

But the big screen effect is missing from the tiny screens of the computers & the idiot box.Yes,this is true even of the lavish Home theatre systems which were being promoted by numerous brands.For that gigantic screen effect ,it is a must to visit the cinemas & experience the magic.

As the screen opens up in front of you ,you tend to become a participant.It si as if you are standing there watching all that is going on & enjoying every moment of it.In fact,you feel as if you are living it yourself.The scenaries are breathtaking.Even if some place you have visited is being shown ,you feel you never looked at that place in such details.In films depicting stories of ages gone by,we feel we are reliving history.Films also make us aware of a lot of things- of modern science in sci-fi films, of people whom we would like to know more like Gandhi,etc.The Richard Attenborough film on the Mahatma is a classic which taught the youngsters that there was indeed a man who managed to achieve independence through non-violence.

Some films also are quite ahead of their times & make us think on futuristic ideas.They force us to think about  different perspectives .Many films also depict stark realities driving home the point that we all should change for the better.Some films are based on romance,others on comedy,still others on relationships,on politics et al.

I feel that watching a film once in a while is better than going shopping.Shopping is generally a useless exercise as we tend to go overboard .We shop for things which we will never use & then such things occupy space in our matchbox sized houses.Moreover,we are unable to discard them as we remember the exact amounts we have wasted in buying them.Yes,unfortunately our mind stores all such information to remind us how indulgent we have been though at other crucial moments,our memory fails us .

When we watch a film,we enjoy it & the memory of it lingers on diverting our minds to relax.Shopping is an exercise in stress & the money spent  is rarely ever  completely utilised.So,every time, my daughter's exams get over,I take her to a movie.We bond together & it is a treat ! My husband reluctantly agrees, as it has reduced my kid's shopping sprees.

Though I do feel that multiplexes have robbed the poor of watching movies in theatres,I still vote for the movie magic.I hope & trust that somehow ,the bottom strata are also able to catch a movie or two in the vanishing cinema halls once in a while.After all,they also need to relax -though a luxury in these times,they also have a right to relax.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rangolis drawn today.

The one on the left is asymmetrical for lack of space & more horizontal.The one on the right is like a square & more in symmetry.

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Chief Guests ,VIPs,& others.

Last week was the annual day at my daughter's school.My daughter was a participant in a fusion song which was being performed at the function.It was going to be a dance on the fusion song- many Hindi film songs were going to be sung one after another .The children were to change steps accordingly.

The function was scheduled to start at six in the evening.All the  participants had  been told to report at five-one hour before the program.By the time,I managed to get myself & my kid out of the house,we were late.My kid had dressed herself & also applied her own make up .She trusts herself more than me in all these things.We reached the venue at around half past five.Many children had arrived with parents in tow.Some were late just like us. My daughter joined other co -participants in a ,classroom & I went to join a friend who had come before -in time.We sat on chairs like all other parents waiting for the program to begin.

We took turns to get up & go & enquire if the kids needed water & eatables.The school gave snacks in packets for participants.The kids just handed the packets to us as they were nervous to eat them before performance.

We looked at our watches.It was half past six & there was no sign of the chief guest.Slowly but surely,the sun had set & still, there was no chief guest.By now,the kids had emptied half of the snacks & an equal amount of water.They also had visited toilets -very reluctantly -taking care to see that their costumes did not get soiled in the toilets.

It was half past seven & we could sense that the Chief guest had finally arrived with many others following him.All heaved a sigh of relief.There was a prayer dance as the first performance & then there were boring speeches praising the Chief guests,their wives -in fact, their entire retinue, sorry ,entourage for arriving late ,nah for having arrived !

I & my friend were thinking aloud about the youngest kids who were to perform at the venue-they are just six years old.They must be so uncomfortable -in their costumes,having donned them more than two hours ago .But our guests of honour had no qualms about making children wait .

Some years back,some children had fainted whilst waiting for a Chief Minister in  north India but no lessons have been learnt as yet.Maybe a death or a major tragedy might open eyes.That may also not lead to anything except a lot of noise with a repetition again after some time.

Chief guests,VIPs et al seem to opine that unless they arrive late,their importance will somehow banish .That by their untimely arrival ,their audience would  vanish never crosses their minds ! VIPs will arrive at IST-Indian Strectchable Time -the streching depends on the importance of the person.More important the person,more time will be streched by the time ,the VIP makes an appearance if at all that is.At times,they never show up.

The guests of honor would have us believe that they are so busy that they find it difficult ,almost impossible, to attend to mundane matters like Annual days ,inaugurations,meetings etc.If that is so,why agree to attend sorry be the centre of attention at such events ? But they will always try to crowd their appointments like this  & delay everything possible.The aam janta  in fact, have no time -they somehow mange to squeeze in time for functions as they are sincere in all relations -they attend school functions,attend other ceremonies etc all in time.It is not that they have 48 hours in their day & our VIPs have only 12 hours at their disposal.In fact,for VIPs life is much more easy as their presence or name suffices to get a lot of work done for them.As against this,the common person has to struggle to establish proof of existence at an election booth ,at office, at the bank -in fact at every place.

Cutting back to the school,the Chief guest at the Annual day apologized & said that he had arrived only half an hour late .Now,this  was yet another shock for all of us ! The chief guest seemed to state that half an hour late is a small price to be paid for having him as the Chief guest ! Really,how pretentious can anybody get ? Some people -in fact all VIPs have this impression about the importance they enjoy.They flaunt it as a license to demand respect.They can never command respect anyway .So,the Chief Guest was trying to brainwash us all into believing that half an hour late was better in some degrees.

The entire group sitting with the Chief guest were being endlessly served tea,snacks, fruits & they seemed to be devouring it all.I failed to understand as to how any person beyond 50 years could eat everything .Mostpeople who get to be Chief guests do so in their advancing years when lot of health problems have already set in.Yes,in this case also the VIP was above 50.Even his group members were of the same age group.

The function ended at around midnight but the cronies of Chief Guest had already left much before that.The vote of thanks was also accommodated in the middle of the performances to suit this exit.The next day was declared a holiday as " the kids had worked hard & deserved a respite ."I understood it to mean that the Chief Guest had felt guilty & this was his way of making up.But ,I am sure, all of you would opine that  what we all need  is a respite from the numerous & various guests of honour to get on with our routine- well  in time !

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The British Council Library.

In my college days,I was a member of the British Council Library.I was reminded of this by a column in Mumbai Mirror which stated that the British Council Library has gone online now.

Back in those day,there was a long waiting list to get membership.I awaited my turn & became a member.I used to go  there once a week. I had developed a taste for Agatha Christie's murder mysteries but was never able to get any of her books.This was because ,the Library had a rule that fiction books cannot be reserved.Only non-fiction books were allowed to be reserved.I spotted quite a few biographies of   Agatha Christie but all books penned by her were forever in circulation !

But, this allowed me to browse through other books.That's how ,I read plays by Oliver Twist ( The importance of being Earnest),Jerome K Jerome ( Three Men in  A boat ) ,etc.I had read an extract of Three Men in  boat whilst ,I was at school.My English teacher had told us that the book made delightful reading & I had been wanting to read it ever since.I read the book & loved it.Oliver Twist had  great wit was evident from his books & I liked his books as well.I read some more books by him.

I then started looking for Yes Minister by   Sir Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn.This was because ,Yes Minister was being shown on the idiot box in those days.I was  unable to follow the English spoken in the  televised  series . Hence, I wanted to read & laugh at my pace, unlike the canned laughter, which accompanies the soaps on television.

I could not  locate the book.This continued for some days.Finally,I asked the librarian about the book.She told me that I could reserve it by submitting a note.But I protested," Only non -fiction books are allowed to be reserved." She replied," Yes,this is allowed." I gave a note for the book .I got it after 10 days.Just goes to show that the British Council regards "Yes Minister " as a book based on facts ! I also went on to read "Yes ,Prime Minister " by the same authors .I had to again reserve that book as well.

I have loved both the books & whenever ,I feel,I go through them again & again.My brother has gifted me paperback versions of the books.The satire & sarcasm is irresistible.I  have laughs galore whenever I read them.They are modern day classics !

So,whenever, you do get a chance, to read the said books.Just  remember, that the books recount the actual events of the Government of Britain.This is what ,I have concluded from the lending rules of the British Council Library.

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These were done yesterday but posted today as I had written a blog post yesterday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bhavishya ? !

I attended a fair on the weekend- it had all tarot card readers,palmists,aura readers,hypnotists,crystal healers as participants.I went to the place partly out of curiosity & partly to  assure myself of my future.Not that I have any assurance of the vartamaan but still,I went.I had this nagging feeling as I waited for the bus, that maybe I will get more restless & more worried by the answers I receive but still ,I ventured to go there .

The bus took an enormous time to arrive & the journey was also pretty long with traffic blockages enroute.Moreover,I rarely travel to that part of the town.Still,I managed to ask a few passengers on the bus about the place & was accordingly directed to get down at the particular stop.I had to then walk for some distance.But the site of the event was nowhere to be seen.I was now doubting the people who had given me directions but very soon,I had arrived at the venue.

I was told to follow the cars parked by the side & I went along the route to enter the exhibition.I paid for my entry & was shown in.It was quite crowded.All had cubicles which had been set up -there were two to three persons operating  from a cubicle.In one cubicle there were more than 5 to 6 persons.But such case was just one or maybe two.

The crowd made me smile that all others who had arrived there were as insecure about the future as me.So,ir was quite reassuring, that we all think similarly !I walked around to ascertain how many people had set up shop.Then ,I went around looking for a chum.I spotted her & waved to her.She acknowledged but was busy reading tarot cards for a lady.I kept myself busy by looking at the numerous stalls more deeply.One sardar was being hypnotised.Later,I saw him talking to the hypnotist.

There was aura reading also -it was quite expensive & though I was quite eager to try it,the idea that my pocket will get lighter made me give it up.My middle class attitude always triumphs,no matter whatever my level of desire about anything ! I saw one palmist sitting idle.OI asked her about her going rate & she said,"Rs 500".I nodded as I wanted to be sure that this was the best deal on palmistry before I offered her my palm ,for reading that is ..Then,I was delighted to learn that there was another palmist offering the same service at less than half of  the said price.So,I decided to opt for the economy palmistry.Many people think alike & so there was quite a queue at her stall.I was amazed to learn that though people may dress up better than me ,but when it comes to the basics of frugality,everybody aligns with  the cheapest !

Anyway, my turn came & I showed my palm to the reader.She made some remarks & enquired if I wanted any specific query to be answered.I asked whateverI felt was needed .It is really surprising that we confide all to a palmist,tarot reader without blinking a bit even as we feel that we must to solve our problems ! We trust such persons so very completely ! I have a lot of faith in all such readings & maybe that's why ,I am like this-never harboring any secrets from such persons.But,I observed, there, that people were in hush hush discussions with all the various numerologists,tarot readers,rune readers etal.The palmist was done with me & I paid up & left to look up my friend.

She was free & I requested her to do a tarot reading for me.She did but the cards revealed things which were on expected lines.I was not pleased but then life is like that only.I wanted palatable replies though I knew my karmas left no such scope .So,I had come to the venue to search for answers which I already suspected.My fears just got confirmed. I got more confused ,nothing else.

We are reluctant to share our fears & our inhibitions about others -very close people with our friends ,relatives but this same reluctance vanishes when we spot a plamist & we reveal all hoping against hope for any resolution that may come about ! So,we all are equally  vulnerable, after all.We are just looking forward to answers  to secure our future against odds that might crop up !

But in all this ,we often forget the present,isn't it ? If we lived in the present ,doing what was needed ,there would hardly be any need to go to a futurologist.But then,we are not  so wise-we just keep worrying about tomorrow .So,let us stop visualizing about the next day & live life well today !

Friday, January 8, 2010

Aaajcha raangolya

I thought,why not use Marathi title written in English script ? If there are errors in spelling,pl tell me so that I can correct the same.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


NRIs are a very  pampered lot.This is my observation & I will prove, as you read this blog post.

Of course,the government has given lot of incentives to non residents as they earn valuable foreign exchange for the matrubhoomi.But even ordinary people look upon NRIs as a different species ! Whenever my NRI friends are back in town,some of the acquaintances will chat them up without even saying a curt hello to a fellow resident who is besides the NRI ! By this, they mean to show that they are of the level of NRI.Moreover,some of such upgraded residents will keep pestering the NRIs about their return  year,month & day.The anguish they express makes one wonder, that they are missing the NRI  so very much .Appears, that they miss the NRI more than the NRI misses the home country ! Moreover, they will keep asking the resident Indian about the visiting days of the NRI whenever they meet the resident.Really,this gets  too much on the nerves !

The NRIs are also a quirky lot - the moment they land in India,their main grouse is that their throat goes for a toss ! One can easily spot an NRI -the one with a mineral bottle is generally an NRI.Now,who will tell them that they themselves are responsible for the pollution which is the cause of the throat infection ? The NRIs will travel in cars & taxis whenever possible in India which leads to increase in pollution which subsequently results in increased pollution levels .At all times,some NRIs are visiting -so this cycle continues.The lesser mortals do use means of transport but they are public means & hence cause less damage.

 Because of imaginable & unimaginable ailments, mostly the latter, that may affect their well being , NRIs refuse to eat out at ordinary joints but will gladly do so at starred establishments ! So if you are entertaining them ,you ought to have deep pockets !

NRIs are constantly harping about the pollution free , disease free & clean environment abroad.Also,they tend to overuse electricity,water ,etc -in fact all perishable resources whilst they are in India.I wish,they could spare a thought for their country & not leave huge carbon imprints ! I met an  NRI  friend ,the other day.She is here on a visit from Australia.She was lamenting that her kids have completely forgotten Hindi. I reminded her, that, she should stop bothering as she never shifted base to Australia to learn Hindi ! But my sarcasm was lost on her & she continued to grieve.One of my  Aunts commented the other day, that her NRI bahu has started organising haldi kumkum & other social events for Indians in USA .My Aunt was happy to note that the  daughter in law had suddenly remembered her Indian culture which she  always shunned while in India.

Most of my NRI friends tell me that though they would like to carry many things from India,they are unable to do so.This is because,there is a limit to the luggage they can carry on the flight.By this,NRIs are trying to inform you that only light weight items can be gifted to them.Also,such articles should occupy minimum space.Some such things can be gold ,diamonds,platinum etal !

I love my NRI chums as I miss them a lot.I gossip non -stop whilst they are here.I hope & trust,they will return at the earliest so that we can chat away the days when they are here.I am sure,they also get nostalgic while they are abroad .That is what makes our relationship so warm .May it stay that way & get stronger by the day !

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I have tried something new .They are not that nicely drawn.

I seem to be getting repetitive.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Kuup Manduuk

I am blogging today about the frog in the well syndrome.Yes, that is what the title means.A frog believes that the well is the only world as it resides there.It has no idea whatsoever of anything that lies outside the well.

There are quite a few persons who do not feel the need to interact socially.This leads to varying situations.Some get jittery when & if they attend a social function like a wedding,a get together etal.Others may try small talk but realise that they are not updated about anybody there & so withdraw.Moreover,they are unable to make anybody agree to their point of view on any topic.Some also keep to themselves as they would like to believe that they are the best & know everything.Still others refuse to interact except with  their own kith & kin & maybe from their own caste etal .This is because they are under an impression that their caste or sect is the chosen one & interacting with lesser mortals is below their dignity.

Yes,in these times also,there are such people -existing & very real ! But they will be overtaken at all places if they do not acquire socail skills.They will end up depressed even if they are rolling in money.If a person is highly skilled at his job but a zero at social newtworking,then for some time ,his skills may manage to keep all others quiet but later,all will joke about the lack of his emotional quotient.

I have observed that brahmins are particularly prone to this social insensitivity.I can speak for brahmins as I am one of  them. It is said that change has to come from within, instead of being imposed from outside.

Many brahmins though very ahead in many fields refuse to leave behind their caste affiliations.They carry it around as a medallion.They will shun all others however talented the others may be.Moreover,they have this superiority complex  erroneously carried forward from the ancient texts.The fact, that God took various births in different castes ( the Dashvatar)  has not yet percolated  down to their senses.As a Hindi film song goes,"Is lok ko hi apna na sake,us lok mein bhi pchataoge..." meaning "unable  to adapt to this world,you will repent in the next world as well..."

Some places also seem to encourage such orthodoxy & casteism .I feel that in Chennai, all brahmins try to outdo each other in orthodoxy.As to their actual faith in all that they do is quite questionable,at least at  pretention,the Chennai brahmins are immensly adept.

My relatives who stay in Chennai are a living proof of all that I have said.They want their food prepared in the Chennai way- haldi added to cabbage bhaji is a big No.They will just not eat it.They can only eat one sweet-that is payasam ( kheer) Anything else like gajar halwa has them in fits ! They relish beans,cabbage,bhindi,white pumpkin,aloos,etal but all cooked in the manner it is cooked there.Any thing prepared innovatively & in a different way means that they will just leave it on their plates-all wasted.They detest cauiliflower,drumsticks,onions,garlic etc.Even red pumkin was left untouched as it is gassy ! I do read a lot on health & foods but I have yet to come across this bit of  ( mis)information .My nephew is forbidden to eat onions as it will make his tongue thick & be an impediment in reciting shlokas.Just goes to show that for their version of dharma,they are committing gross adharma .Telling lies is an adharma -oniuons provide minerals.Telling such lies to wean a child away from a vegetable will have greater ramifications.The child will learn later that it was a lie & then may refuse to believe even other real truths .It will ultimately lead to rebellion which may flabbergast all .

My niece has  got so used to the sholkas being recited by her brother at Sandhyavandanam,that she  also recites them at times.Her brother chides her,"You should not be reciting."I scolded my nephew & informed him,"Look,there is nothing like girls cannot recite-in early days in ancient India,even girls had thread ceremonies performed for them.Later,some male chauvinists forbid such practice & this continued."Of course,he is skeptical about my remarks but atleast,he will think about it.It is very difficult to extricate him from all lies he has been fed about, male  brahmin superiority .

My niece wants to cut a birthday cake on her birthday like all kids of her age.But this is disallowed, though her cousins ( boys ) cut cakes .The reason,"It is not in our culture to cut cakes & blow out candles."Her father has offered to prepare mysore pak which she can cut like a cake ! Though,I find the idea quite ridiculous,I am pained that even a simple wish of a child is unfulfilled as her dad & uncles want to be the vanguard of culture.Culture ,as per their understanding is singing shlokas,bhajans,satsang etal-it does not include any books other than scriptures,& school textbooks,no drawing ,no dance,no drama,no music, except in praise of God,no films,etc.So which culture or whose culture is sought to be protected is unclear to me.I am  very much be in favour of Culture being unprotected rather be protected by such narrow minds.Culture is a very dyanamic entity-it has to progress imbibing modern thinking & values.If it remains stagnant,it shackles us all.But the same fellows gamble their hard earned money by investing in shares. Does this gamble figure in their  brand of culture? Maybe it does-akin to Pandavas who gambled  away their dear wife who was  then  rescued by Krishna,the Yadava.  So much for protection & preservation of tradition !

The thread ceremony of males is actually a masquerade to showcase male chauvinism.A male who wears the sacred thread will not eat leftover food.In these days of high food prices,the women of the house will eat all leftovers as men post thread ceremony will not eat them.I chided my nephew & told him that as he was wearing the sacred thread,it meant that he was man now.Hence,he should quit calling his mom every now & then for toothpaste,soap,socks,uniform,books,school bag,so & so forth.But then,I recalled that all males in boyhood scream for their moms to dance  attendance  on them & after marriage,the mom's job is taken over  by their wives.After all,it is a question of male convenience & comfort,nothing else -with or without the sacred thread .

One more thing -all this orthodoxy needs a lot of water for practicing it.On second thoughts,the water crisis in Chennai is brahmin made ! They should think of switching  to  the hand sanitiser as water levels are dwindling more than ever before now.

My nephew & neices are all fearful of everything-even a simple task like locking the toilet door scares them .This is because they have been indoctrinated to dread  the wrath of the Almighty if they ate onions,cut a cake,saw films,visited any place other a pilgrim centre etc.Obviously,the mind is conditioned by fear to do things which otherwise,would be questioned.I dread to  imagine how all this will shape up as they grow up & search for jobs or choose a profession.They would like to stay with their parents only as they have fear of moving out of Chennai.So,they may lose better oppurtunities .Even marriage may become a burden as a wife is only meant to be an  unpaid servant.Clinging to such forsaken ideas will continue to make them remain the frog in the well.

Coming to think of it,girls are not kuup manduuks as they generally leave their homes at marraige to go & stay with husbands,inlaws etal.So the men are the kuup manduuks.

I have heard that Trichy ,Comibatore are ways ahead of Chennai in terms of being bound by tradition .I have yet to confirm that.I will have to look for a more satirical title for that .Any ideas ?

Friday, January 1, 2010

New rangolis !

Wishing you all a happy new year with new rangolis !
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