Monday, January 25, 2010

Charity for free !

Being philanthropic is a duty for all of us .We must do our bit as we have a decent life- for not having to struggle as the have nots do on a daily nah, an hourly basis.Nowadays,there are many options to choose from -we can buy things from NGOs,serve at NGOs, forward a link etc.

I try to buy some clothes at khadi stores of KVIC ( Khadi & Village Industries Commission) regularly.Khadi is a natural fibre & so very comfortable for summer wear .Moreover,it is reasonably priced.People who prefer other clothes can still buy khadi -they can opt for kahdi hand towels & bath towels which are very absorbent & easy to dry.One can also buy stuff like honey,incense sticks ( agarbattis,dhoop sticks ) at the khadi bhandars to  help the industries who manufacture these items.So instead of buying such items elsewhere,it is advisable to buy such things at the khadi bhavan.I  prefer to buy white & black churidaars &  salwars of  khadi as I am perennially in need of these.The idea of buying khadi clothes is that I am responsible for the employment of at least a person for some days.

Similarly,one can adopt any handloom or handicraft  -by doing so ,you get value for your money & the transaction also generates employment for artisans who make a living by making the said things ! This also is philanthropy but costs the buyer not even a penny.This is so, as the artisan is paid for by buying his crafted items.Moreover such buys keep many of such crafts alive -many a crafts have vanished as there is no one to buy them.I recall the Mahatma's letters to Rajkumari Amrut Kaur, India's health minister in Nehru's cabinet wherein, he urges her to wear khadi silk sarees so that others will emulate her & khadi workers will remain employed .Khadi silk is very lightweight & lovely.It can be easily worn by all especially ,the senior citzens as they feel that other silks are too heavy for wearing in old age.

During rakshabndhan,I go to a local NGO which employs & trains physically challenged persons in making bags,uniforms,jewelery cases,rakhis,etal.I buy rakhis from this NGO .As I have to buy rakhis - I might as well buy from an NGO- I am killing two birds with one stone.I am being philanthropic as also getting my need fulfilled.It does feel great !

I used to buy greeting cards from an NGO in a moffusil where I had been posted.It was working with tribal children.Now,in this age of the net,I have another option .I can  be green   & opt for e -cards.I have come across a site -The Hunger Site.I can send an e-card from this & associated sites related to breast cancer,animal rescue,child literacy,child health ,rainforests,et al.The e card sent by me is free & generates funds for the various causes.I am doing charity for free ! I fully agree with the saying " The best things in life are free ."My emates,I am sure,  are thrilled, to get e greeting cards from me wishing them on birthdays & other occasions.I am not earning now & such sites help me in doing my bit for others.

I would like to mention one more can go to the site & play a game. There are various subjects-English (vocabulary &  Grammar),Art,Geography( Countries & Capitals),Chemistry ,Maths ( Algebra & Multiplication table ) & Language learning ( Spanish,Italian,French & ,German).The game involves choosing the correct option from multiple answers.Each correct answer donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme to end hunger worldwide.Moreover,one can play as along as one likes.There is no signing up needed.You can just go &  start playing therby assisting in feeding the hungry millions! So this is international charity sitting at home ! Moreover,you are testing yourself on the various subjects & improving them as you play the game.Don't you agree that this is too good to be true ? But believe me,it is indeed true.

Recently,I took part in voting for NGOs on a social networking site .The NGO getting the maximum votes was going to win millions as funds.It hardly involved any efforts from me & hence a lazy person like me participated.

You can also email links of such sites & any  cause worthy of your attention to your emates to spread the word around.Here,I would like to state that Sunitha Krishnan is doing exemplary work to end human trafficking & sex trade.The link to her NGO prajwala is

There are NGOs which will pick up your used bicycles  & other stuff & donate them to others who are in urgent need & can't afford to buy.So all this is pro-green .After all ,the used things are being recycled.The west will go green with envy as in our nation we recycle all things- food,clothes,utensils,plastic,glass etal.Let all join in  the recycling & make  the movement stronger.

You will all agree that there are numerous choices for serving others in today's age .This will give us joy which will last & last.So please make a beginning.It is never too late to start a task as magnanimous as this one !

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BK Chowla, said...

I am in agreement bwith you and tahnks for sharing info.

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