Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bhavishya ? !

I attended a fair on the weekend- it had all tarot card readers,palmists,aura readers,hypnotists,crystal healers as participants.I went to the place partly out of curiosity & partly to  assure myself of my future.Not that I have any assurance of the vartamaan but still,I went.I had this nagging feeling as I waited for the bus, that maybe I will get more restless & more worried by the answers I receive but still ,I ventured to go there .

The bus took an enormous time to arrive & the journey was also pretty long with traffic blockages enroute.Moreover,I rarely travel to that part of the town.Still,I managed to ask a few passengers on the bus about the place & was accordingly directed to get down at the particular stop.I had to then walk for some distance.But the site of the event was nowhere to be seen.I was now doubting the people who had given me directions but very soon,I had arrived at the venue.

I was told to follow the cars parked by the side & I went along the route to enter the exhibition.I paid for my entry & was shown in.It was quite crowded.All had cubicles which had been set up -there were two to three persons operating  from a cubicle.In one cubicle there were more than 5 to 6 persons.But such case was just one or maybe two.

The crowd made me smile that all others who had arrived there were as insecure about the future as me.So,ir was quite reassuring, that we all think similarly !I walked around to ascertain how many people had set up shop.Then ,I went around looking for a chum.I spotted her & waved to her.She acknowledged but was busy reading tarot cards for a lady.I kept myself busy by looking at the numerous stalls more deeply.One sardar was being hypnotised.Later,I saw him talking to the hypnotist.

There was aura reading also -it was quite expensive & though I was quite eager to try it,the idea that my pocket will get lighter made me give it up.My middle class attitude always triumphs,no matter whatever my level of desire about anything ! I saw one palmist sitting idle.OI asked her about her going rate & she said,"Rs 500".I nodded as I wanted to be sure that this was the best deal on palmistry before I offered her my palm ,for reading that is ..Then,I was delighted to learn that there was another palmist offering the same service at less than half of  the said price.So,I decided to opt for the economy palmistry.Many people think alike & so there was quite a queue at her stall.I was amazed to learn that though people may dress up better than me ,but when it comes to the basics of frugality,everybody aligns with  the cheapest !

Anyway, my turn came & I showed my palm to the reader.She made some remarks & enquired if I wanted any specific query to be answered.I asked whateverI felt was needed .It is really surprising that we confide all to a palmist,tarot reader without blinking a bit even as we feel that we must to solve our problems ! We trust such persons so very completely ! I have a lot of faith in all such readings & maybe that's why ,I am like this-never harboring any secrets from such persons.But,I observed, there, that people were in hush hush discussions with all the various numerologists,tarot readers,rune readers etal.The palmist was done with me & I paid up & left to look up my friend.

She was free & I requested her to do a tarot reading for me.She did but the cards revealed things which were on expected lines.I was not pleased but then life is like that only.I wanted palatable replies though I knew my karmas left no such scope .So,I had come to the venue to search for answers which I already suspected.My fears just got confirmed. I got more confused ,nothing else.

We are reluctant to share our fears & our inhibitions about others -very close people with our friends ,relatives but this same reluctance vanishes when we spot a plamist & we reveal all hoping against hope for any resolution that may come about ! So,we all are equally  vulnerable, after all.We are just looking forward to answers  to secure our future against odds that might crop up !

But in all this ,we often forget the present,isn't it ? If we lived in the present ,doing what was needed ,there would hardly be any need to go to a futurologist.But then,we are not  so wise-we just keep worrying about tomorrow .So,let us stop visualizing about the next day & live life well today !

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BK Chowla said...

This is my first visit.
Ver interesting.
Will come back.

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