Saturday, January 23, 2010

Movie magic

I love movies .Though now it has become very expensive to go & watch it in theatres sorry multiplexes,wherein you feel like you have spent a fortune .Yes, a fortune -the ticket cost,plus  a snack which is invariably prices above 100 bucks .Also,let us not forget about the transport cost of getting to the theatre.So,it is rather advisable to get a CD & watch it on your computer  or on the idiot box .Nowadays, the films get to be telecast very fast on the television .So that is more economical.

But the big screen effect is missing from the tiny screens of the computers & the idiot box.Yes,this is true even of the lavish Home theatre systems which were being promoted by numerous brands.For that gigantic screen effect ,it is a must to visit the cinemas & experience the magic.

As the screen opens up in front of you ,you tend to become a participant.It si as if you are standing there watching all that is going on & enjoying every moment of it.In fact,you feel as if you are living it yourself.The scenaries are breathtaking.Even if some place you have visited is being shown ,you feel you never looked at that place in such details.In films depicting stories of ages gone by,we feel we are reliving history.Films also make us aware of a lot of things- of modern science in sci-fi films, of people whom we would like to know more like Gandhi,etc.The Richard Attenborough film on the Mahatma is a classic which taught the youngsters that there was indeed a man who managed to achieve independence through non-violence.

Some films also are quite ahead of their times & make us think on futuristic ideas.They force us to think about  different perspectives .Many films also depict stark realities driving home the point that we all should change for the better.Some films are based on romance,others on comedy,still others on relationships,on politics et al.

I feel that watching a film once in a while is better than going shopping.Shopping is generally a useless exercise as we tend to go overboard .We shop for things which we will never use & then such things occupy space in our matchbox sized houses.Moreover,we are unable to discard them as we remember the exact amounts we have wasted in buying them.Yes,unfortunately our mind stores all such information to remind us how indulgent we have been though at other crucial moments,our memory fails us .

When we watch a film,we enjoy it & the memory of it lingers on diverting our minds to relax.Shopping is an exercise in stress & the money spent  is rarely ever  completely utilised.So,every time, my daughter's exams get over,I take her to a movie.We bond together & it is a treat ! My husband reluctantly agrees, as it has reduced my kid's shopping sprees.

Though I do feel that multiplexes have robbed the poor of watching movies in theatres,I still vote for the movie magic.I hope & trust that somehow ,the bottom strata are also able to catch a movie or two in the vanishing cinema halls once in a while.After all,they also need to relax -though a luxury in these times,they also have a right to relax.

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BK Chowla, said...

There is a very strong lobby of the multiplex owners.They are dictating the revenue sharing with the producers and distributors.
In Delhi,a ticket is priced at Rs 175/.It costs over Rs 1000/ for a family of 4 to see a movie.

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