Thursday, January 7, 2010


NRIs are a very  pampered lot.This is my observation & I will prove, as you read this blog post.

Of course,the government has given lot of incentives to non residents as they earn valuable foreign exchange for the matrubhoomi.But even ordinary people look upon NRIs as a different species ! Whenever my NRI friends are back in town,some of the acquaintances will chat them up without even saying a curt hello to a fellow resident who is besides the NRI ! By this, they mean to show that they are of the level of NRI.Moreover,some of such upgraded residents will keep pestering the NRIs about their return  year,month & day.The anguish they express makes one wonder, that they are missing the NRI  so very much .Appears, that they miss the NRI more than the NRI misses the home country ! Moreover, they will keep asking the resident Indian about the visiting days of the NRI whenever they meet the resident.Really,this gets  too much on the nerves !

The NRIs are also a quirky lot - the moment they land in India,their main grouse is that their throat goes for a toss ! One can easily spot an NRI -the one with a mineral bottle is generally an NRI.Now,who will tell them that they themselves are responsible for the pollution which is the cause of the throat infection ? The NRIs will travel in cars & taxis whenever possible in India which leads to increase in pollution which subsequently results in increased pollution levels .At all times,some NRIs are visiting -so this cycle continues.The lesser mortals do use means of transport but they are public means & hence cause less damage.

 Because of imaginable & unimaginable ailments, mostly the latter, that may affect their well being , NRIs refuse to eat out at ordinary joints but will gladly do so at starred establishments ! So if you are entertaining them ,you ought to have deep pockets !

NRIs are constantly harping about the pollution free , disease free & clean environment abroad.Also,they tend to overuse electricity,water ,etc -in fact all perishable resources whilst they are in India.I wish,they could spare a thought for their country & not leave huge carbon imprints ! I met an  NRI  friend ,the other day.She is here on a visit from Australia.She was lamenting that her kids have completely forgotten Hindi. I reminded her, that, she should stop bothering as she never shifted base to Australia to learn Hindi ! But my sarcasm was lost on her & she continued to grieve.One of my  Aunts commented the other day, that her NRI bahu has started organising haldi kumkum & other social events for Indians in USA .My Aunt was happy to note that the  daughter in law had suddenly remembered her Indian culture which she  always shunned while in India.

Most of my NRI friends tell me that though they would like to carry many things from India,they are unable to do so.This is because,there is a limit to the luggage they can carry on the flight.By this,NRIs are trying to inform you that only light weight items can be gifted to them.Also,such articles should occupy minimum space.Some such things can be gold ,diamonds,platinum etal !

I love my NRI chums as I miss them a lot.I gossip non -stop whilst they are here.I hope & trust,they will return at the earliest so that we can chat away the days when they are here.I am sure,they also get nostalgic while they are abroad .That is what makes our relationship so warm .May it stay that way & get stronger by the day !

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Secured People to People lending - P2P Lending said...

It is not the NRI friend or relative who is sought after!It is the perception that once a person becomes an NRi he is very 'resourceful"and so a useful contact. This is true of any person who is blessed by Mahalaxmi not necessary an NRI.
Nevertheless for whatever an NRI has to endure abroad(racial abuse and loneliness etc) ,the welcome and love showered back home by his dear ones is like a shade of banyan tree in the killing heat of a desert! He also understands that even if in some cases the affection may be fake if at all, he will not get it abroad even if he were to pay for it!So he keeps on returning to his abode bac home!

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