Thursday, January 8, 2009


When I went down 2 meet my building acquiantances- females, the talk was- the death ofthe 47 year old man in the bulding on sunday.he had died of heart attack.All ladies were telling that v all better go in for health chekups. they opined that v may feel normal n healthy but u never know what is happening inside ur it is better 2 go n get chek ups done.some of these acquantances r doctors n they were opining that except angiography no test can reveal arthrosclerosis ! now that is a revealtion but then u can't go for angiography like as if it is a routine test -it is quite expensive n painful.

the person who expired that day was not suffering from any known health problems.he had in fact reduced his weight by 2/3 kilos by brisk walking.his wife is a person who swears by yoga n if such a family can hav such atragedy,what about others ? hence the talk about chekups.

Dr shikha sharma in her weekly column "Wellness " in Brunch,the sunday magazine of hindustan times,Mumbai edition talks about trinity of health- correct nutrition,exercise n emotional well being ( spiritual health).even if 1 of these 3 fails or is not ok,then health suffers.I am sure that i agree wih this.

I think v shud go 4 alternate methods of healing if allopathy does not work - homeopathy,ayurveda,unani,naturopathy,herbal, one doctor put it so well when he said that as an allopath,he can only treat an infection,nothing more.For all else, it is perhaps better 2 look elsewhere.

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