Saturday, February 21, 2009

My novel "Rangoli "

I have put my novel online -the site is ""Nowadays,v hav 2 market ourselves-our talents ,our skills et al-hence, i hav emailed the link of my novel 2 almost all on my email list.i hav sent reminders also, but then maybe, everyone is so busy, that, they neither have the time nor the inclination 2 read a novel by an ordinary person like me.another factor cud b the fact, that, 1 has 2 sign up at the site before they can comment n r rate the book.but 1 can read the novel by cliking on link-no need 2 sign up 4 is the link

I hope many go n comment as also rate my novel, so that i may finally c my novel in print.
1 former colleague commented that the novel read like my story- i quipped, that as no one will write my story,i had 2 write it myself !

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