Sunday, February 22, 2009

Amma's health

Last weekend ,I was in Pune as Amma had been diagnosed with decrease in vision in her right eye.The doctors said that her optic nerve has been affected n retina is swollen- also cataract has set in. her blood pressure has also shot up considerably which led 1 dr. 2 comment that the vision has been affected due 2 increase in bp. But the blood tests,xray did not lead 2 any conclusions about the cause of decrease in her vision.

I went 2 pune, so that, i cud b with my parents 4 some time- also Harini has 2nd saturdays off n as her school annual day celebration was scheduled on the saturday evening,there was a possibility, that even Monday, may b declared a holiday.Monday was a holiday n v returned on monday noon.

My visit did not lessen my mom's eye discomfort.It just convinced me, that, i visited her when she was unwell.Actually, by doing this,i felt i did my duty, but did i ?

Harini was busy playing n fighting in equal measure with Trisha n my bhabhi n my brother indulged me by taking me out 2 various food joints- the binge far exceeded whatever weight i may hav lost by walking here on a daily basis.I am binging 4 no reason except, that, i may never get that chance again- i tnink, i am being extremely greedy- when will i ever control ? not that, i want 2, but, then, it cud lead 2 obesity n related problems -also, i am not so strong willed ,that, i will go on a diet-excercise, i shud control now, rather than binge in excess, n regret at leisure later.

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