Thursday, March 5, 2009


Downstairs, in our society,boys play football n even cricket.Elder men n women also come n sit in the park.boys kick the ball quite hard -so much so, that it does hit a person sometimes.just the other day,it hit 1 elderly lady-she was stunned n the boys went n said sorry, but, one boy's mom came down & started asking that lady if she had no kids of her own as she was firing at the the kids got the message that kicking ball n hurting anybody is ok.i think,one shud b sensitive 2 others.that mom who defended the boys will realise this, when she gets old r mayb when she is hit.unfortunately,v hav such egoes that v fail 2 understand the person who has a different viewpoint.this v can c all around us in all spheres of life.moms n sons think, that playing downstairs, is a birthright or maybe they hav got a license 2 play that way, hurting others.elders think otherwise.even ladies n gents of my age can get hurt with the ball but then, v may suffer less as compared 2 the elderly.actually,the boys need 2 b told 2 b careful whilst kicking the ball n oldies also need 2 take care.

last year ,my mom, was hit by a ball which was being played in the swimming pool in the society premises-the playmates in this case were college students.they apologized but in a manner which gave a feeling that they cared a damn!

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