Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ice candy !

The other day,we all( my brother & my family ) went to see a flat in a building which is almost ready for occupancy.I had visited it earlier with my dad.The flat is very spacious ( 2000 sq. feet area- superbuilt up area )-with a hall, three bedrooms with attached toilets & balconies attached to all the rooms.There is also an area for hanging clothes also.I have found the flat huge -but then, my budget hardly has space for such a big flat.The security guards & other clerks posted there for directing buyers & other visitors make it a point to let all know that all flats have been sold except two on the first floor.There is no ground floor -the building has a parking area down & up there are flats.

Also, we are told, that already the price is quite low -that is as far as the builder is concerned,so no negotiations as far as price is concerned.All this just makes it beyond our means to buy it.One staff posted there in particular seemed to look mockingly at me as if he wanted to say ,"You seem to come here just for window shopping".

After,we had seen the flat & said our oohs & aahs  we made our way home.It was the peak of summer. On the way,I felt very hot, as it was nearly noon.I spotted an ice gola man selling ice golas & sherbets on his handcart . I decided ,that I must have an ice gola.As I sipped on the sweet syrup on my ice gola,I saw a familiar face walking in my direction - I smiled( I could do nothing else anyway )as I recognized him as one of the staff from the building ,we had just visited.Seeing me eating an ice gola,his suspicion about my buying a flat there just got confirmed !How can anybody afford a flat in that building if she can only pay for an ice gola ?

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