Thursday, November 6, 2008

Water problem & maintainence.

The building where I stay has been facing acute water shortage for the whole of October & the problem persists now as well.

During the Diwali week,there was a meeting of the society committee to take stock of the situation.All hell broke lose & one member even tried to assault another,one person ended up resigning though he wanted to submit his resignation for some other reasons- to coerce others to pay heed to him.After that, the water shortage has not been solved. We are hearing rumors that committee members are being changed faster than you can blink- the members of committee who are there in the mornings are no longer members in the evenings !

Yesterday,as I went down to pick up my kid from the bus,I saw two water tankers coming inside our building compound- both were dripping water.Then ,I realised that it was money that was dripping & not water ! So much for solving of the water shortage.Incidentally, on the water tankers which are privately owned,one can clearly read what is written "On MCGM duty" MCGM stands for Muncipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.What did you say collusion meant ?
Every tanker costs more than 1500/-& very soon the maintainence may be hiked to more than the already hefty amount of Rs.3500/ on a monthly basis.
Rahejas is a big name in the buliders lobby in Mumbai.One of his projects is the ACROPOLIS in our area.Not only is it very highly priced ,the maintainence he is seeking today is Rs.10000/- on a monthly basis.So,if I buy a flat at the Acroplois,I will have to resort to begging to pay for my food ,etc because all other money will go towards the maintainence only.Then,you can say for sure, that beggars really earn well - they can only afford such swanky addresses like Rahejas.On second thoughts,if the water shortage continues like this,our maintainence in this building may only go as high as Rs.10000/-.So why buy a flat from Rahejas when I am being fleeced to a similar amount here ?

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