Monday, June 28, 2010

Hair style

I have short hair now. It was different when I was at school.I had long hair & would tie them up into plaits like any other school girl .But I always wanted to cut my hair.I even took a pair of scissors & tried to snip my hairs at the forehead on both the sides.I have always suspected that I started this trend of having hairs falling on the sides of foreheads .But since I was too young to be honored,some one else walked away with the credits !

I was scolded for being  creative  with my own hair .Really,at home,nobody appreciates any imagination no matter how innovative you are ! But once you get famous,all at home will give interviews as to how they always knew in their heart of hearts that their ward,brother,sister etal is a creative genius ! Success attracts sycophants- one too many !

When I went to college,I was put up in a hostel .Since,I had taken care never to learn to make plaits,I took the only way out.I cut my hair up to shoulder level length.I would just tie a ponytail as I knew nothing else about hairstyling.I have always felt uncomfortable about leaving my hair untied.

Later,in college,I progressed further & went in for a bob cut.There was no stopping after that.I have always kept short hair since then.I have tried the shortest cuts that are possible.Sometimes,I did feel little embarrassed about a cut which had made my hair almost negligible but in days,hair grows back.So  now,a bad hair cut does not bother me.

There are many advantages of having short hair.One needs less shampoo.One feels cool as hair makes you sweat more & you tend to loose your cool ( that is if you have it, in these stressed times ).So tresses make for stress.Moreover you need all sorts of accessories for keeping hair in place like clips,bands,hair pins etal.So you see,it is more expensive to maintain long hair.Cutting hair regularly makes it grow thicker & the hair looks voluminous & bounces ! Split ends can be done away with only by trimming hair periodically.

One thing you all must have noticed is hair which falls on the floor whilst combing makes a lot of mess.It combines with grime & leads to lot of litter.The same hair strands also choke our toilets etal.So ,short hair makes these problems smaller compared to longer strands of hair.I know, that we all take care so that hair does not get into our bathrooms & and floor but it does get there,isn't it. ? So short hair will reduce the mess to a great extent.

Short hair can be combed & set in a jiffy compared to long hair .So,one saves time on getting ready.I feel that I am in control as I have short hair .I don't feel vulnerable -yes ,my hair cut makes me believe that I am a savvy woman-in tune with the times.

My daughter has been clamoring for long hair .I have told her that as long as she combs her hair properly,she can do as she pleases.She will realise surely that short hair is the way to go in this age of short cuts to success !

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