Monday, June 7, 2010


Humor can be defined as something absurd,comical or inconsistent which makes us laugh.There are many situations in which such things do happen & we start laughing non -stop.We do laugh at people or situations  but it is better to keep sensitivities in mind .

I have taken to laughter in a big way  & that is why this post.I feel that since life & everything associated is a big farce,it is better to take it all lightly.That is why my blog posts have a few sprinkles of absurdity which can at least evict a faint smile if not a full throated  laugh.The other day,I was traveling & glanced at a shop called " Loot ".I told my friend that the shop is named that way for shoppers to come & loot the shop as the shop would have us believe that they offer huge discounts. But then you know, who is being looted !

I accompanied a friend to a Hospital.At the reception,it was written,"I came here on a stretcher.I went home walking.I hope to run soon ."They just forgot to  add  that he was hoping to run away from the doctors or the Hospital or maybe both ! Another caption there caught my eyes.It read " Help us to be environment friendly."Now,this is just too much of an ordeal- that you pay so much for treating your ailment & then you have to to be pleasant to the staff so that in turn, they will be nice to you.!

I went to watch a film on politics .There was this scene, in which the leader is exhorting the people, that despite   her family members being assassinated ,the public( read voters & supporters ) has kept mum .So,the neta screams " Will you now atleast stand up to this torture ?" I told my hubby that the politician was indulging in mass hypnotism. And lo ! The mesmerized  crowd yelled  back ," We are with you ."Magicians could learn all such tricks about Indrajaal from our netas.Nobody knows it better than them as they have decades of experience having perfected  them in election after election !

Laughter is healthy.It perks you up & makes you forget your troubles.After a good dose of humor,you are up to take on the drudgery of another day.That is why,there are so many laughter clubs which have sprung up .I have a neighbour whose antics & dialogues keep me laughing more than once daily & that's why I have refrained from joining these clubs.To give you an example,she came to borrow a plastic bag.I was quite surprised that she did not have one.She then explained that she had good ones & as she was carrying some things  to her sister,she better give a shabby bag .She trusted me to have lots of such bags.She said that if she gave a good bag , her sister would never return it.Obviously ,I gave my ugliest bag-I don't want to lose her faith  in me which is so absolute !

One may encounter funny situations anywhere.Once,I went to a shop for buying vegetables.I heard the shopkeeper telling a buyer ," The oranges are really good.Buy them before they are sold off."The buyer quipped back," Yes,I will-  the last time I got them from you,I never felt the need to buy lemons ! Oranges served that purpose."In my law college,one of the professors used to  comment," Students will submit blank answer sheets but expect two marks for neatness !"

I avidly watch many  comedy shows  on the idiot box .I am indeed spellbound by the creativity of the writers who manage to pack in so much laughter in ordinary situations ! I especially like the weekend show wherein the female host laughs out loudly.Her laughter keeps resounding in my ears & peps me up.Many times,the humor carries a message as well.So,we get to see satire & sarcasm as well !

Who can forget comedy films like Half Ticket,Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi,Khubsoorat,Hera Pheri,Phir Hera Pheri,Munnabhai MBBS,Lage Raho Munnabhai,3Idiots & many more ! For two to three hours we are smiling if not laughing

I also read columns in dailies which take a humorous view of events.A big scam  or scandal brings out the best in the columnists & makes me laugh out loud ! Khushwant Singh  always includes a funny poem or a joke in his articles which is contributed by his readers.I believe that books like  " Yes Minister " ," Yes Prime Minister ", are classics full of wit & sarcasm.Books by P G Wodehouse are  full of absurd situations which make you break into smiles one to many.

I try to share  jokes,witty comments,etc on the networking sites as also vide emails.Life is so full of stress that unless we have these doses of fun ,we might just fade away !

I am slowly learning to laugh on myself as someone has rightly said that the best joke is when it is directed at one self.That would be politically correct as well- in tune with the times !

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