Saturday, June 12, 2010


Trust is belief or faith.In these times,it is getting more & more difficult to trust anybody .But we must trust ,otherwise it is difficult to get on with life.

We should learn to have faith in ourselves of being able to  at least survive the daily chaos if not overcome the hurdles.For this, we must be positive & trust the Almighty .It is true that one gets only as much pain as can be survived by that person,neither more nor less.Moreover,if we do not get what we aspired for in life,God has something better for us.Yes,it is nearly impossible to think that after so many  disasters,something better is there on the horizon.But we must have faith, as the darkest night gives way to a brightest  morning after a few hours.

At work,we must believe, that our subordinates can also deliver as good as ourselves, if not better.Then only, is it possible to delegate jobs.If we suspect that others will mess up ,then we will ruin our health by increasing our stress levels.We must also have faith in the ability of our boss to give us at least a   raise & promotion .Bosses are rarely magnanimous but there is no harm in having a feel good attitude.At least,it will boost our self esteem -maybe, for a while !

One of my ex-colleagues used to leave her son with her parents .She had complete trust in  her parents.Not once,did she ever question her parents about his food,studies,or other aspects of well being.They continued to look after him till he started attended college.Today,the son is comfortably employed.

As against this,my neighbour  stays with her inlaws.She was working on a small time job.Her child was in the company of her in laws.But she would regularly call up her child to ask about its lunch,snacks etc.The result is  that the child trusts no one except the mother.This has led to many scenes at home but she continues on her job & her inlaws have become only baby sitters for the grandchild & nothing more.This may have greater repercussions as the child will never learn to trust anybody in life.This has made the atmosphere at home very tense as well.

If we are unable to have faith in ability of others to take care of our dear ones,then either we must make other arrangements or look after our loved ones ourselves.When we keep harbouring suspicions ,it leads to a lot of heartburn.We are hurting others .We are questioning their love & affection for us .There is a sense of betrayal which will affect the environment  at home.

Marriage stands on a strong foundation of faith.Many hubbies are very possessive about their wives & suspect their better halves of having flings.In this age of high stress,many wives have no time or inclination for affairs with husbands,so extra marital affairs look impossible, isn';t it ? Moreover,it is said that flirtatious behaviour makes a relationship stronger.This is highly doubtful as the extent of flirting is  inverse to the trust the partners have between them.

Friendship is a relation that is also prone to betrayal but I feel that we don;'t break with friends as easliy as we do with others.I think ,in this relationship lies key to all our  other kinships.That is why,on the  social networking sites,all, are only  friends -your spouse,your kids,your parents ,your in laws,your colleagues,subordinates as also bosses & even yourself !

A doha  by Rahim  "  Rahiman dhaga prem ka math toro chatkai ,tute pe phir na jude,jure gaanth pari jaaye."It means,"Rahim opines that a relationship is like a delicate string of love -please do not break it.If it breaks,it cannot be mended. It may be repaired by means of a knot but the knot remains,that is ,the same sweetness will not be there.

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