Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ice cream !

I read an article by Vir Sanghvi in HT Brunch dated 23rd May,2010, on ice-creams .I was inspired to write my take on this delicious dessert.

When I was a kid,a visit to the dentist was a sure shot way of getting to eat ice-cream. The dentist would advise that we keep the gum cold so that it pains less & ice -cream was recommended  as the antidote ! We all loved to eat it.We continued to eat ice creams as we grew up.I had a friend who would tell me that at marriages & other social functions,she would just gorge on ice creams ! I used to wonder as to how could anyone like ice - creams so much ? But I am wiser now, having fallen for them absolutely !

After marriage,I think my love affair started - with ice creams, that is.As I had heard as also read that one should have affairs to keep interest alive in the marriage,I thought,why not give it a try ? So,I started this open relationship with ice - creams ! But I like only colored ice -creams. I do eat vanilla as well but only when I am left with no other option.The reason is I feel vanilla is just like frozen milk & I detest milk.I am averse to chocolate ice -cream as I am unable to understand as to how anything that is bitter can taste good with any ice-cream ? I can see many disapprovals as you read this.My kid just loves chocolate ice-cream.I have tried umpteen times to make her develop tastes other than  chocolate  but drawn a blank so far.

I recall eating a banana split ice -cream which was so big that I felt, that my tummy was going to burst any moment but thankfully it did not.But the incident left such an impact that till now,I have stayed from the said ice- cream.I did enjoy some sundaes after that.But by & large I stick to ice- creams having two to three flavours & not an assortment of flavours.

Ice-creams are a good investment .All guests relish them -old as also young. ! Moreover,in a tropical country like ours, ice- creams provide coolness & sweetness in combination which is so very irresistible.They are healthy as they are made from milk  in combination with fruits & nuts.So,as I progressively age,I defend devouring ice-creams to replenish my falling calcium levels !

This year is said to more hotter than many years gone before & that is why I have started keeping  ice -creams handy in my refrigerator.Even if no guests come,I can always eat them as dessert or as a snack or when I am feeling low.It perks me up immediately.

I have also begun enjoying gelato -frozen dessert though in the suburb,wherein,I stay ,gelato outlets are absent.Gelato has another plus going for it as it is low fat. I do feel left out, when the gelato maufacturers announce new flavours & charge a pittance on the first day for the same.I wish there were more people like me to savor gelato & other ice-creams on a fortnightly  basis . It will be what the generation next calls  " cool " - literally !One more thing - my marriage has grown stronger & withstood this extra marital affair.

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