Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PET Pandal is a Dazzle !

This year's Ganpati pandal simply dazzles ! It reflects the lights so superbly ! It also signifies the hard work & creativity of Ms Pithawala ,Ms Harsha Punjabi,many collegians,& others who slogged nights away to get that look ...of the pandal that is !

                                          The Gajanana idols in the dazzling pandal.

The Ganpati pandal is a green effort.Pet bottles have been used to get that shimmering effect & it shows ! The pet bottles were cut out.The bottoms of the bottles were used to make the roof of the pandal.The rest of the bottles  (with the bottoms cut out ) were hung together vertically to  make the three walls of the pandal.

On the boundary walls of the two sides of pandal,broken pieces of compact discs have been stuck up.The result is shiny rainbow hues, on  the edges of the two sides !

There are two windows -one on each side...right & left side.The windows have flowers  cut out from bottoms of  green bottles.There are colourful  bangles   suspended horizontally below the flowery bottoms.

                                          The landscaped garden.

Landscaped patches of green on both sides of Gajanana idols add to the beauty of the pandal.Tyres have been painted in yellows,red,orange,pink & blue .Painted bottles  in colours of  yellow & red hold up glass tops on which pet bottles hold virtual flowers & leaves  in myriad shades !

A large pet bottle with its top is lying horizontally.It has a slit on the top, wherein coins & notes can be dropped as dakshina. The cash collection can be viewed anytime nah all the time ,  as the pet bottle  is transparent ! Wishing, that our government takes a cue & goes in for transparency !

                                                                      The Hundi
A large pet bottle with its conical top cut out doubles up as a flower basket for the puja at the Ganpati pandalThe red  tops of the pet bottles have been stuck together on a plastic sheet to make a platform on which puja paraphernelia is kept.Discarded cloth pieces are stitched together to make a thick quilt on which the priest can sit to chant prayers . Every detail has been thought of & every item has been recycled ! Actually upcycled ! Upcycling  is making use of waste & transforming it into useful & environmental friendly product !

                                         The tops make up the puja paraphernelia platform

A square chandelier is hung  just in the middle of the roof.It is made from pet bottles.Top conical portions of pet bottles have been cut & stuck together & hung upside down.Bottoms of some more pet bottles have been cut in floral patterns & hung upside down to make for hanging chandeliers ! When the light falls through these hanging chandeliers,it gives a cascading effect ! Two of such hanging chandeliers make for perfect symmetry !

                                                             Hanging chandelier

Plastic spoons with their handles removed have been stuck on all sides of a large pet bottle whose top conical part has been cut out.The result is a lamp shade in the centre of which is hung a bulb.The effect of the light through this lamp shade is dazzling ! Two such lamp shades hang from the roof...one on each side.

                                                Spoons on  Pet bottle make a lamp shade

The spoon handles have been stuck into thermacoal balls .The handles are pointing outwards from a golden coloured thermacoal balls hanging from the pandal roof ...one on each side of the Ganesh idols.

                                         Thermocoal glasses form igloo roof  & green top flowers  

On the roof just at the pandal entrance,igloo shaped decor can be seen.It is made from thermacoal glasses stuck together ! Five such shapes on the roof add to the beauty of the pandal ! At the entrance ,is hanging a jhalar & it is bang in the middle of the entrance ! It is an inverted plastic basket with plastic knives,spoons all hanging through the basket !

                                          The jhalar @the Pandal entrance.

The whole pandal is bathed in a blue light...the colour has a calming effect.Moreover as everything is plastic ,the effect is scintillating ! Particularly,in the night ,the pandal looks stunning ! 

 Plastic is a great pollutant & as this PET pandal has shown , plastic can be used creatively  & how !
Kudos to all who made this pandal ...as eco friendly as it can be ! The best part is that, even when it rains,no damage will be done as this  upcycled pandal is rain proof ! Lord  Lambhodara himself, has inspired the makers  towards this Plastic Eco friendly Trendy pandal ! This work is so inspiring -trust this will inspire all to make the best out of waste ! This will assist in reducing pollution & thereby clean up the environment.Moreover, a thing of beauty such as this Pandal is a source of joy !


janaki nagaraj said...


Vasudha Rao said...

Thanks,Janaki !

medha said...

Amazing work done by the ladies and their team.....this is really a matter for the TV news !Way to go!

Vasudha Rao said...

Rightly said,Medha.I was inspired to write this blog post.
TOI team visited last night is the news.

sonu punjabi said...


Vasudha Rao said...

Thank you,Sonu Punjabi ! I was inspired to write about the creativity of the people who made this pandal.

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