Thursday, November 21, 2013

All play ,no work.

A survey report  stated "Indians choose money over holidays".The Times of India reported this in their newspaper dated today ! Well,the TOI did this, as Indians ditching holidays for work is news to all of us especially, to those, who were surveyed !

The survey states, that, a whopping 85 % Indians were pleased with their jobs even though their jobs allowed them no  time for leisure or holidays.The survey omitted to state that work, for a majority of the Indians is one big holiday ! So who takes holidays or breaks in a holidays ? Well ,when one is enjoying leisure & that too a paid one ,why take a vacation & lighten  the pocket /s  ?

In any workplace in our nation,employees are on extended  breaks,...tea,lunch,nap to name a few.If indeed Indians worked without breaks ,all work would have got done many times over ! Reality check : anybody & everybody will tell you ,how many times they have to go repeatedly  for every single task like aadhar card,passport,bank account details,insurance policy etc.Mind you ,this is not just the public sector.The private sector's forays into insurance & banking etc has made us realise that private sector is one up or maybe many steps above  the public sector in terms of discourtesy,customer dissatisfaction,complaints & many more things !

In offices around our country,employees  opt for power naps to get set for overtime .Why over time ? Because salary is paid for office attendance  & therefore to get work done ,overtime needs to be paid ! All work gets piled up as all are busy with innumerable tea breaks,lunch breaks,etc.Why should  any employee enjoy vacation when he can earn double or three times salary, by doing overtime ? Indians are willing to exchange paid leave for money ! That is the reason for a corrupt India.Not only are we corrupt in terms of money,we are corrupt all over...our mind set /s,  which makes it all the more difficult nah impossible , to imbibe or even appreciate any new idea/ s.

Offices send employees for training to places away from their work places.These are another type of paid holidays ! During training ,the persons trained get up ,eat breakfasts spreads & take naps as they attend training sessions. The trainers get paid handsomely for tolerating sorry wisthstanding the slumber of the class ! After the employees are back from training sessions,they are thrilled to put up inflated bills for payments ! Even though many times,many employees may have travelled in a group,all will put up separate bills thus overcharging their employer ! The work which has got piled up due to absence of employess who were attending training supposedly ,will be completed by doing overtime ! New methods of modus operadis are discovered as many people get trained .After all ,team work pays rich dividends in the form /s  of inflated Travelling Allowance  bills !

Moreover, how can we Indians ,take vacations from work when we are enjoying work nah office ambiance ? The workplace has so much to electricity which runs the air conditioners,the fans,the lights,the laptops,computers etal. In some offices ,some sites are blocked.Hence, employees seek such workplaces which allows free unlimited access to all sites on the net ! At our home/s,we choose to install, the most efficient power saving devices be it the air conditioner,the fan etc,In office ,since we are simply enjoying ,we care a damn ! So we misuse it, to the maximum.Not only, will the air conditioner be on ,the fans will on full speed, to keep our heads cool ! Employees undertime by using office phones for long chats regarding everything but work ! The net is used to chat up friends,relatives & rarely   for mundane office work ! Some people type question paper sets for testing their kids.Some women are busy knitting sweaters in winter to keeps fingers nimble .Then they get so nimble that they refuse to do work in office.Some cut & clean vegetables.Still, others are exchanging recipes,tips & so many other things .Please do not be under the impression, that this is indulged in, by the ladies only  .The amount of undertiming by men, will lead to interesting revelations about cooking ,knitting & amp; other skills of Indian men ! Whoever said ,Indian men do not like housework....they love it .Men will undertime by arguing,discussing  housework, so that the undone work has to be done by getting paid for overtime ! So undertime & overtime are complimentary & supplement incomes !

The survey also revealed that Indians refuse to take vacations as they want to be part of every major decision taken in their workplaces ! Now ,that is so, that  decisions can be attacked,argued against  ,etal so that it gets nullified ultimately  &  that too immediately !If they went on leave ,how will they ever know which   decision /s to protest against ?  Indians are extremely  argumentative & hence,  there is no need to do any work as  decisions( if any )  have been discarded  !

We take vacations provided it is funded by LTC( Leave Travel Concession ) & how ! Senior executives were recently caught in LTC scam which came to light as someone had the ingenuity to travel Delhi to Jaipur via Sao Paulo ( in Brazil ).As the scam unfolded,it was clear that MPS were involved as well ! Just goes to show, that we are a dissatisfied lot, as we want to claim LTC for a world tour/s nothing less  .Next time on ,we will demand LTC  on our Mars mission & other intra planetary travels !

It has often been said that in  IT industry &  call centers ,all are extremely busy working through nights etal.If this is so ,why are so many employees on the bench ? Or maybe,they are  nocturnal species who work only at nights !

When employment is all play ,who needs  vacations  in India ? ! This  happens only in  India !

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