Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sapne suhane.......

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Dreams make  us  optimistic -fill us  with hope for a better future.Many scientists were able to invent their dream product as they visualised it in their dreams.The solutions just emerged out of their various thought processes in visual form.Many writers,poets were able to complete their great works as it all appeared in their dreams as they slept away, tired, trying to find that perfect story.

Many of us day dream - not just dream.This is good, provided, we take some steps towards the fulfillment of those dreams.I have dreamt many times of various scenarios.In a majority of them ,I am the protganist. Basically being a very insecure person ,I dream about my success in numerous fields .The others do get fringe benefits, all ,solely because of my success.

I once dreamed about  becoming  the first woman CEO, of the company, where I was employed.This started a trend & in my welcome address ,I spoke of how from then onwards,men will have to struggle to head the company as women had broken the glass ceiling & will just head for the sky ! I will continue to win the CEO of the year award, for decades !

I once dreamed about starting an NGO which will provide legal aid to women & children ,the poor & the downtrodden.Slowly & surely,the NGO will try to employ the poor ,the downtrodden & women in some forms of employment like tailoring ,cooking,basic computing skills,etc..An in house  school would be started, to  educate the kids.My NGO work will pay off as my old frail self will receive the Nobel Peace Prize !

Another dream is of becoming a writer, who is able to challenge ideas,perceptions & change them completely.I once dreamed about becoming a writer who writes novels,shorts stories,articles etc.I would be mobbed at all places - in bus stands,railway stations,on stage etc.I will be in such places, as my money will be for charity & I am a simple down to earth person.My novels will be made into films which will be super hits ! The final triumph will be getting  the Sahitya Academy award !

I once dreamed about becoming a politician, who becomes the Prime Minister of India .I would try to make Bharat, a safe country, for women where women can walk freely without fear.That Bharat will be devoid of gender inequality & the birth of a girl child will be celebrated with gutso ! Criminals will be dealt in a time frame with certain punishments.No one will be spared, no matter, how high the placement in terms of money ,power or stature.

I just have to work towards all the aforesaid dreams.I am sure,very soon ,one person is going to win the highest honors in corporate  affairs,literature,peace & public life.That would be me !

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