Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fit to bobbitize.

The recent gang rape, of a girl in a moving bus, in Delhi, has ignited a  debate for the way to punish such offenders.The alternatives are death sentence,life imprisonment ,chemical castration & bobbitization.

Death penalty is an option though not suitable.It is costly -death penalty is rarely given.When given,the accused will go to all lengths, to procure a lesser sentence.This will delay punishment, thereby putting pressure on our already clogged Judicial system.The accused will approach High court,then Supreme Court & the President, for pardon.All this time ,the accused will be in custody, on the taxpayer's money.It is a colossal waste, that a felon /s  as barbaric as a rapist/s will be ensconced in jails, while the victim /s has died or is suffering physically & mentally as also  being   socially ostracised..And for demanding death penalty,more investigations,more defence lawyers,more bureaucracy is needed.It is too expensive an affair.Moreover, after the final refusal of the Presidential pardon ,getting hold of a hangman, is another task which is getting difficult if not impossible.Payment to the hangman, is also an issue After the hanging ,handing over of the body to his family is another matter to be dealt with .And the death penalty is too simple, a punishment, for an inhuman crime such as rape.

Life imprisonment is a big NO.No such criminal /s who have raped should be imprisoned for a lifetime. It is unfair for citizens, that their hard earned money is used to pay up for the judicial custody of rapists till the rapists are alive & kicking ! Our courts have started specifying life terms to more than 14 years .This is again, a drain on our  Exchequer.  There is no guarantee, that life imprisonment will continue for lifetime of the rapist/s .The accused may be let off earlier for good behavior or  medical or other grounds..Studies have shown, that a  majority of rapists will rape again when they move back into society.Medically unfit accused have all the ability & fitness to violate women.Our jails are overcrowded & minimally guarded.The accused rapists may rape others in the jails itself.This will lead to greater problems.Moreover ,the rapists may escape custody & be free to commit crimes again.

Chemical castration is an option being favoured as it costs Rs 2000/ per injection.Chemical castration is a therapy in which drugs are administered via injections to reduce libido.Studies have shown that while 3 % of sex offenders who are chemically castrated, will repeat rape/s as against 97 % of sex offenders who are imprisoned will rape again. And chemical castration is cheap- it costs nearly Rs 2000/- per shot.The problem with this punishment is that this shot has to be repeatedly administered.How will that be done ? Either the offender/s have to be monitored perennially or the offenders must be lodged in jail.In that case,the therapy does not work out cheap.If the offender/s are let off after the initial shots,how to give them the next shot/s ? Our police force is very  hassled & more  involved in protecting VIPs.Moreover ,locating offender/s in a highly populous country such as ours is tedious & costly.It will be a time consuming affair .Within that time ,it is highly possible that the accused would again commit rapes & other sexual crimes.

Bobbitization is the ideal punishment.Bobbitization is doing away with the penis of the offender/s. If the organ refuses to exist,there can be no repeat offence by the offender/s.Bobbitization is cutting off the penis.This term Bobbitization  gained notoriety after a housewife ,Lorena Bobbit severed her husband's penis in a fit of rage, after years of infidelity, in 1993.This happened in Virginia ,USA.

Bobbitization is a fitting finale, to an act as cruel as rape.It is cheap -can be done by anybody.No special training is needed.So no question of selecting candidates for being employed for bobbitization. Many will offer their valuable  services with their precious time to perform such noble tasks ! Good samaritans will  get their own instruments as well. A simple instrument or weapon like knife can be utilised to achieve bobbitization. After bobbitization ,the offender/s can be let off - he cannot commit rape again.So the expense of lodging in jails,monitoring ,etc is done away with  The offender can be bobbitised with an instrument which need not be disinfected.This will deter him & prevent others from such inhuman crimes.Moreover ,if the resultant infection is severe enough ,death will naturally follow.There are more positives for bobbitisation. A little brutality, will go a long way, to prevent & deter rapes, as compared to the brutality of rape/s visited on the victims.Moreover ,an offender can be bobbitised anywhere-so no establishment costs ! How come nobody thought of it before Lorena Bobbit ?

In India,one rape happens every 54 minutes as per the State of World Population report. Bobbitization will prevent as also deter such rapes.So many unwanted pregnancies result from rapes & gangrapes. Bobbitization will ensure that such pregnancies will reduce.This will, in turn, stabilsie if not reduce our high growth rate.The severed penises can be utilised for medical research.This may lead to mind boggling discoveries   of  therapies to make male libido virtually non -existent !

Bobbitization serves a dual purpose- it will deter potential offenders as also prevent repetition of rapes.This is what any punishment must aim at. Hence bobbitization, is the only punishment for the sexual offenders.It is infinitely better than chemical castration,death penalty & life imprisonment even in economic terms.It will be akin  to  family planning, with a twist !

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